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Preparationist Sent to a Mental Institution, Guns Are Confiscated

Written by Gary North on February 15, 2012

A good old boy in Tennessee has had his guns confiscated. Why? Because the government says he is a mental defective and is a threat to himself.

His physician says he is suicidal. I see. He is spending time and money preparing for a life-threatening breakdown in society because he is suicidal. There is nothing like suicidal impulses to persuade someone to sacrifice present lifestyle for the future.

This happened shortly after his appearance on a National Geographic show on preparing for crises.

Fortunately, there is YouTube. The authorities have a tough time covering up this sort of thing. He made a video. The next day, he made another.

He has hired a lawyer. Maybe he can get back his property.

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47 thoughts on “Preparationist Sent to a Mental Institution, Guns Are Confiscated

  1. Love this old boy, hope his attorney gets his guns back.

  2. They won't let us have them in the FEMA camps.

  3. jeff martin says:

    This is a gross denial of this mans Constitutional and civil rights!! The Federal government is continually overstepping their role in this Republic and it must stop!!

  4. "Preparationist has Guns Confiscated and Sent to a Mental Institution"… When I saw that title, I said, "Why would they send guns to a mental institution"? Hell, I figure up to and including 10 assault weapons and two or fewer bazookas and/or grenade launchers or man-carried ground-to-air missiles, nobody has the right to even doubt your sanity. Now, in the case of the leaders of a country that needs more than 200 nuclear warheads and multiple delivery systems, not to mention a lot of other hardware, you might start wondering if the people we let take over 'way back when might be not quite right in the head…

  5. this guy needs all the help we can give him, why? in nazi Germany, when they came for the jews I wasn't jewish so I did nothing, when they cam for the christians I did nothing because I wasn't Christian. Now they're coming for me and there's no one left!

  6. This case also illustrates the unholy alliance between the medical industry and government. Sardie told his physician that if he ever became incapacitated by illness he did not want to be kept alive by extraordinary means. His wish to not be hooked up to tubes in an ICU after the quality of life is gone is the basis of living wills that millions of Americans (myself included) have in our files. The doctor wrote in his report that based on these sentiments he determined Sardie was "suicidal". So Sardie has now joined Andre Sarkharov and millions of other dissidents who are labelled mentally ill if they don't want to live in a police state. How very Soviet-Union we have become.

  7. senior viking says:

    He looks like he'd be a good friend and neighbor.
    It isn't right what happened to him.

    I hope he's victorious, this isn't what America was suppose to become.

  8. Sorry, but this man, like the others on the show, is a moron.

    I have nothing against people preparing for potential future disasters, but to go on a show and tell the whole world (i.e. show off) is pretty stupid — if the goal is to be prepared for anything (including gov't tyranny). Yeah, let them know who you are, where you are, and what you have.

    Anybody ever heard of staying under the radar?

  9. Doug Smith says:

    If stupidity was grounds for government persecution and denial of due process and constitutional rights you, me and 95% of the population would be on a government controlled funny farm. Everyone makes errors in judgment from time to time.

  10. Mister Sardie is a test case for how to stop the Obama declared " terrorists " from preparing for the real disaster being manufactured by the Obama Administration. Anyone BUT Obama in November.

  11. This is a typical communist ploy used against citizens that the govt considers a threat. See http://www.fhu.com and scoll down the page, and on the left side is a link that talks about communist brainwashing. It give a rundown on (I think it's called 'psychopolitics') how the Russians when they were the old Soviet Union taught their students about brainwashing. It's mind-boggling! After reading that, you'll understand just how evil those communists were and are.


  13. garylee123 says:

    Are HIPA laws only for show? Seems like the gov't has a lot of info on individuals that are not allowed by their own laws.

  14. God bless you, but if Gov Barber in Mississippi can expunge the records of murderers in MS, why can't a supposedly Conservative Gov to TN remove the 'charges' against an innocent citizen? I would say his future 're-election' would be based on what he does / or '/ doesn't do with this case. I've seen it before, in MS with a friend who was falsely accused of a Fed charge, totall innocent, accused by a LIBERAL. So, this is the same. . . I'd want everyone to flood Gov Haslam's office with emails and phone calls to get him to intervene or know he's out of office after one term.

  15. evermyrtle says:

    You have described Americans perfectly. This is exactly what we have been doing and we are about to reap the results of our keeping quiet and not speaking up when we saw things that needed to be stopped. We have not learned, we still shrink back and "try not to cause trouble" What make us think we are cause trouble, the trouble is there and we need to do something about. If we do not disagree with the wrong that is going on, we are agreeing with it. We need to know that an do something about it. "SPEAK AND ACT."

  16. He''s right about his "Rights'. He has a US Contitutional right to bear arms, he apparently didn't have a past record of any offenses, he's accused by one person, the first Dr, who broke his Hypocratic and legal responsibility in the Dr/Patient privilege, and should have a complaint filed with the AMA on this failure to keep confident that patient conversation. I'd do that immediately!! He has no history in violent behaviour against himself or anyone else, except maybe 'bambi'. There is no law at this time (God forbid O'Bama gets in again, that might change!) against deer hunting or rabbit hunting or dove hunting. This could happen to anyone who is accused without 2-3 witnesses to protect them. If this happens to him, it could happen to any of us!!

  17. Terry marcum says:

    I knew this would happen. If Obama care is passed and found to be constitutional they will use the health care angle to take your firearms. You better cache your stuff know.

  18. When I saw the promos for this program on National Geographic I told my son that these people participating would end up on some sort of presidential "hit list" because Homeland Security in their infinite wisdom stated that even people that have more than 7 days of food stored in their homes is considered a possible terrorist (I think that is everyone in the country except those that live in a metropolis and don't have the space). I wonder what HLS will do about the Mormons that are required according to their religion to have TWO YEARS worth of food stored. Just watch, canning jars and lids will have to be licensed and/or monitored. If Obama gets reelected, we're really screwed.

  19. we are now all at risk – all owners of silver and.or guns. Best to keep quiet and hide,

  20. I wish they had taken Jared Loughner's guns away.

  21. Doctors are not your friends… I had a hard time breathing one time…I went to the Damn doctor.. he said I was depressed… A-Hole….. I couldn’t breathe…. I said no, turns out I was having Asthma and allergic reactions…. He wanted me to go to counseling, turns out that was HIS specialty…. Ever notice the damn question doctors ask about guns, smoking, drinking, married life etc…. Big Brotha’ is watching…

  22. Isn't this PRECISELY what the Soviets did to dissidents?
    Sent to a mental hospital to shut them up?
    The marxist Usurper in the WH is copying totally the marxist Manifesto.

  23. The NRA also refused to help me back in 1989, I thot it was me but I see they are equal opportuniy discriminators.

  24. it's far easier for the government to take out its resistant citizens one at a time, door to door, in the cover of night than by open conflict by day! What 's a resistant citizen? One who disagrees with the Administration and politically correct thinking!
    Who's going to come running for his neighbor when government SWAT teams show up unannounced at 3 a.m. when everyone else is asleep?
    Who's going to mount an armed defense for a single neighbor? They'll be labelled as misfits and removed slowly, one at a time, until the public has been effectively disarmed and imprisoned.

  25. the proper response is 'how is that relevant" or "any of your business".

  26. What are they going to say about the new show "Doomsday Preppers"? Will they do the same to these people?

    Folks, we are on the precipice of a totalitarian regime, of losing everything that the generations from the Founding Fathers to the Greatest generation fought for.

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    Do you think we are here?
    I do.

  27. falconcrest says:

    Been there, done that. Just last October I was misinterpreted by a police officer and the next thing I knew I was being transported to a hospital for evaluation. Then I was transported to a mental hospital where I was held for six days. After I finish going through the paperwork from those two facilities I will look for a lawyer. Good luck to you as you fight this. I hope you set a precedent as I may need it to help me. Your Second Amendment right to "keep and bear arms" has been violated. I will also pray for you as I am a Christian, too. I don't believe in committing suicide either but I wasn't believed.. Misinterpretation can sure mess up a life.


  29. Maybe Andrew Olivere, the doctor, may have to leave the state for what he has done. A cardiologist forcing a patient to be institutionalized. He knows nothing about psychiatry but declares he is mentaly defective. Maybe he is bucking for a position on Obama's DEATH PANELS.

  30. Maveth is acting like an elitist. He thinks that just because David speaks slowly and does not have a very large vocabulary, he is a moron.

    Hehhhhh. I wonder if God will have a better opinion of David than he does of Maveth. OF COURSE HE WILL.

  31. Laws are only enforced on the pions. The elitists are exempt. (Insider trading by Congress!!!!!)

  32. Maybe the governor of Tennessee is not as conservative as he claims. He is probably part of the Bilderberg group. And just like Romney and Obama, they say one thing and do the EXACT OPPOSITE.

  33. Ashton Carter – Weapons Czar
    Leftist. Wants all private weapons in US destroyed. Supports UN ban on
    firearms ownership in America. No Other “policy”.

  34. Actually,the OSS,parent of the CIA,used to do that during WW2.

  35. Patriot Diva says:

    They couldn't convict him of a crime, so they conspired to have him committed. I hope this doctor has his license taken away.

  36. What attorney? A banner on this poor fella's video says that Mr. Harris has refused to take his case, and no to send any funds to him.

  37. Fubert Bar says:

    Another example of unbridled power in the hands of despots.

  38. Yeah, he can get himself an attorney – to undertake malpractice actions against the physicians who so egregiously screwed the pooch in his medical management.

    The involuntary commitment of any patient requires that he pose an imminent risk of harm to himself and/or others, and it’s clear that in this particular patient’s case, no such assertion can be supported.

    Between compensatory and punitive damages, this fella stands to get himself a boatload of money by going after the doctors – and the government thugs who injured him further – simply on the basis of attorneys’ eagerness to take such cases for a percentage of the monetary damages collected.

    Unleash the tort lawyers!

  39. Yeah, the OSS used involuntary psychiatric commitment as a means with which to hold and silence those whom they considered security risks during World War Two.
    It was typical of the “expedient” measures undertaken under the regime of Franklin Delano Roosevelt throughout his criminal reign.
    The “psychiatrization” of allegedly criminal tendencies – not crimes themselves but tendencies – is also the basis for the permanent incarceration of “sex offenders.”
    Not just violent rapists who’d repeatedly assaulted people, mind you, but men who “offend” by being diagnosed as having sexual paraphilias.
    But – hey! – everybody hates “pedophiles,” don’t they?
    And we all “believe the children!” too, don’t we?
    Remember the McMartin pre-school trials and the rest of that “satanic ritual abuse” noise that had the lamestream media slobbering and squealing and yelping back in the ’80s?
    Oh, you don’t? Well, that’s what the government goons want, isn’t it?

  40. Well, it’s “relevant” and “any of [the doctor’s] business” because performing a complete H&P (and all that stuff about “guns, smoking, drinking, married life etc.” is most definitely part of what’s called your “social history”) is vitally important in any patient’s assessment.
    What’s objectionable in Rebel‘s brief account above is that the doctor in question failed to develop further information in pursuit of a differential diagnosis that scrupulously ruled out conditions like “Asthma and allergic reactions” before proceeding to a psychiatric dx.
    That, boomer8, constitutes a very credible – and definitely actionable – charge of medical malpractice. Violation of prevailing standard of care in the evaluation and treatment of a patient presenting with Rebel‘s symptoms, even as he’s so briefly described them.
    And I’m a primary care physician who is not professionally disposed to feeding the Plaintiff’s Bar.

  41. You should watch the videos before writing. He says his guns were not confiscated. His right to own a gun was. Which I do not believe is true. He was held for evaluation and released as sane. That is very different from being declared mentally incompetent. It still sucks our nation has gone down the tubes and become a fascist dictatorship. Sadder yet no one does anything about it, the only candidate for president complaining about the loss of rights is Ron Paul.

  42. Don't complain here, you are preaching to the choir, you all need to be passing this phony, Nazi style infringement story along to your elected representatives (state and federal). If they don't hear from you, they just assume everything is fine with the sheep.

  43. I am a 100% disabled veteren with PTSD. I am authorized free fishing liscens {get this} but not a hunting liscens for the rest of my life because they do not want the responsability of me having a fire arm in my hands.

  44. 13 years ago, my vindictive ex-wife falsely accused me of being a drug dealer, just to cause me great trouble. The police raided my home and I was locked up for a few days. They found no drugs, but they did find my gun collection, which I was told was "evidence" that I was indeed a drug dealer.. They confiscated every gun, including a couple of collector's items, total value about $10,000. Later, the police concluded that I wasn't a drug dealer after all. I applied for the return of my guns. I was told that they had all been destroyed! I was never compensated for their loss. We live in a police state. Do EVERYTHING in your power to avoid ALL contact with the police. They no longer protect your liberties. They are just Gestapo agents and Goons.

  45. Jules641 says:

    Who is going to make it "stop"? This Administration, call it the Federal government if prefer, has" continually overstepped their role" and it really surprises me that nor one person on the face of this earth has stopped it/him. Sheriff's are the highest Law in the land, why haven't they made any arrests for Treason?? I just don't understand it!!!

  46. I totally agree. I have seen the way this party operates its testing of things it has on its mind to do. There were a few schools in low population conservative areas, which did not pan out. The key is to not let someone know you are a survivor or preparing as then you have lost the ability to move freely. He has done something that was heroic…he was speaking out to get others the message. With that comes problems, which he has now. Move quietly and under the wire.