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How to Punish a Rebellious Child: Shoot a Video Like This

Written by Gary North on February 15, 2012

I have never seen anything like this. I hope I see more.

A rebellious teenage daughter posted a scathing attack on her parents. She is foul-mouthed.

Her father is a computer technician. He found out. So, he printed out the post. Then he set up a camcorder, pinned on a cheap lapel microphone, and shot this simple video.

It had over 23,000,000 hits in a week. Incredible.

Watch it. Find out why.

Parents have had enough. Too much, in fact. This parent finally spoke out for tens of millions of others.

Parents could stop most of this if they took action soon enough. The #1 step is simple: pull their children out of the public schools. They refuse. So, this sort of thing goes on.

Second step: cut their allowances to zero for a year.

Third step: cut off all access to electronic media for a year, other than Khan Academy for math and science. Monitor it. No bedroom gadgets that plug into the wall or run on batteries.

Fourth Step: establish work schedules and enforce them, day by day.

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32 thoughts on “How to Punish a Rebellious Child: Shoot a Video Like This

  1. Umm… why would you say that? Hits too close to your home???

  2. This guy did the right thing in shooting his daughter's laptop. He taught us all a lesson in parenting. The kids nowadays are a bunch of foul mouth brats that have no respect for their parents or anyone else parents. They have the idea that they should get their way and when that doesn't happens they throw a fit.
    Parents of America… the time has come to put these brats where they belong – in the sh…. house.

  3. You are an idiot, the guy was right on the mark. Judging by your name you are muslim. So by extention, under your shria law, you would have just killed her as an honor killing. Any muslim calling someone else Psychotic is simply laughable.

  4. He is right kids today are lazy and dont have any respect for anyone that becaus are goverment has put there noises in are busniss

  5. If you have seen the follow up on this, lots of people called the police and child protection services, both of which investigated the man and his daughter, found him to be completely sane, and he said that one police department has used his video as an example of how to control the behavior of out of control children. The police got so many calls they have gotten to just telling outraged people who feel his daughter life is in danger from him to just forget about it, he and his daughter are fine. And he mentions that he just laughs at those who have hysterically called the police and social workers and offers that he bets his daughter will come out of that lesson far better than the children of those jerks who felt her life was in danger from a hard love lesson. People who are afraid to discipline their kids end up with brats who never do well. His daughter will likely do better in school, go to college and not be living in his basement when she is 25 or more years old. She won't need to be on his health insurance until she is 26 because she cannot get a job. that is what you get out of tough love when you kids start getting out of hand, if you stop it you can reverse it. If you don't stop it, expect an adult "child" leech living off you as long as he/she can.

  6. He smokes cigarettes, wears a cowboy hat and owns a .45. Oh, the horror. The video is a bit over the top. He could have just taken the laptop apart and given her an empty case or better yet, taken Dr. Norths advice. I guess he wanted some fame. He will probably host a cheesy talk show before long.

    I am a cheapskate either way. I would have removed "the innards" from the laptop case and used cheap gun show ammo or reloads to make my video. Maybe that is what he really did. Computers cost money.

  7. Paul Trombley says:

    Maybe a child is so obstinate that he or she will take longer than a year to make permanent corrections to attitude and behavior. So I would change the second step to read as follows:

    Second Step: Reduce the allowance to zero until the child demonstrates deservedness and very low risk of recidivism.

  8. Right on, Dad! This should have happened long ago, when she threw her first tantrum in a store because she couldn't get the new toy she wanted. I fully support his actions. If she doesn't like it, let her file for emancipation. Then she'll discover how hard life really is out there.

  9. This guy needs to write a real How to Parent book. Never have read one myself but for those who need to, it should be his book.

  10. This guy did the right thing! Good for him. If more people actually properly parented their kids, instead of letting the kid rule the roost, these things wouldn't happen. My kids turned out good, but in thinking back, there's things I would do differently now.

  11. Good 4 U Dad! However, I wouldn't have wasted the ammo on the laptop. Instead, all the gadgets get confiscated.

    Chores? I am constantly reminding my 12 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son that they are residents in a house, not guests in a hotel. If they want to be treated as a guest then they pay like a guest. Otherwise, get busy and lift a hand picking things up and putting them away in addtiion to feeding your face, putting on clothes, etc.

  12. It is apparent that you have never raised children. He said point blank that she had previously been disciplined for acting out, and had been warned not to do it again. He also obviously cares a great deal for his daughter because he just went and upgraded her laptop, which he paid for entirely. Technically it was his laptop. If he chose to fill it full of gasoline and set it on fire, that would have been perfectly reasonable. So….instead of beating his child, he removed the source of trouble. Now she can begin to learn what it is like to live in the real world. Better she learn it now instead of after high school. Get a clue.

  13. The girl wants to get paid? For starters, she should pay the father for rent to stay at his house and for the food she eats.

  14. calypsoman says:

    This father was obviously frustrated and at the "end of the line" with his ungrateful and obviously irresponsible and immature daughter. Instead of destroying the computer he could have cleaned out the hard drive (he is an IT man so it is "free" for him to do so) and donated the lap top to a worthy someone who certainly needed one, deserved one and couldn't afford to purchase one. But I agree his daughter needed a lesson but I think he took the wrong approach. (I cannot say I would not have done a similar thing but I am not the one under the gun so I can think more rationally)

  15. Jack D Bear TX says:

    Geez, I felt guilty and like a bad parent when I hack-sawed their skateboards in half after several warnings about leaving them in the walkways of our home and causing falls. There was no facebook or cell phone frenzy in those days and perhaps this guy may have been a bit extreme but my action worked – the kids were devastated when the stupid skateboards disappeared and they "got" it first time. They were very appreciative when I lifted the curfew and let them have new boards…in short, it worked. I hope his punishment works too for the good of the entire family.

  16. That man does not need to write a book, because he waited until his daugter was 15 to finally discipline her. If a child is disciplined correctly at a very young age by parents who have learned the correct way to do it they won't get to the point of cursing their parents on facebook.
    And yes, I have raised two. But, and this is a big but, we educated them ourselves. We did not entrust their education to a government school. And we spanked them. We taught them what it means to be grateful. Today they are 18 and 23. They are truly wonderful to be around.
    I'm glad this guy finally got a backbone and I hope it's not too late. But a book by him is not going to be helpful.

  17. dasaardvark says:

    All the "clues" in the world pass right over a Liberal Damnfool's head.

  18. Best post up here Marjorie. You and Dr. North are correct, removal of the "children" from government skrools and homeschooling them is totally necessary!

  19. Absolutely on the removal from school and put in private approved by parent tutor's hands. The schools just teach the kids that their parents are stupid and lame, that the school is the only place they can get vailidation. Spare the 'rod' and spoil the child. Rebellion is as the sin of witch-craft. This kid's soul may have been saved because her father shocked her into knowing that behaviour means a loss of priviledges.

  20. You're right about the schools teaching this, or at the very least too many teachers have this liberal attitude. I worked in the school system in the Seattle area and was talking to a third grade teacher that told me how much he loved his job. I said it must be rewarding to watch them grow and learn. Imagine my shock when he laughed and said No! I love it because I can tell these kids ANYTHING and they will believe ME over their parents. That was thirty years ago and my first realization to what the education system was producing. Now look at what we have.

  21. I hope he has the sense to keep that nice gun locked up where his daughter can't get it.

  22. This was absolutely FABULOUS!!! This guy is calm, measured, and most certainly under control – yet with a clear, no-nonsense message. Can't help but wonder what Hannah's response was – the poor, overworked dear.

  23. Good job! The lack of discipline is the bane of society. Public schools aren't about teaching anymore. They're about unions, tenure, and pensions. Truly a sad state of affairs.

  24. ディレクター says:

    Terrible irony, that this ungrateful girl was named Hannah.

  25. violence is not the answer.

  26. Dahhhmn! Dad you Rock… this from a 54 year old woman who agrees whole heartly! Kids, get your heads outta yer wazzoos! I threw my sons computer on the floor and smashed it with a hammer (unplugged ya know). But I loved the 45! Truly killed yer daughers computer and her bad attitude (on line anyway) Girl, get yer own job and computer. Bwahahahahaha! P.S. This was over 15 years ago and it was a lap top. BTW My son just graduated college with honors. AND he spent 10 years in the Air Force and is now buying his own home. So This FATHER is on the right track.

  27. er a Desk Top… *doh*

  28. Celticwaryor says:

    That would not have had the impact that this guy set out to achieve.

  29. The adults who grew up thinking they were something special and are now making responsible Americans public enemy #1 They are the ones that cannot survive with someone doing it all for them. Most of the Czars fall into this category. Lost in the wilderness they would starve. Great parenting for an ungrateful child.

  30. I think what he did was wonderful. I have two grown kids that would not even think of doing such things when they were growing up. If they did, they did not get grounded, they got their butt's whipped. These people today that have kids, don't know the old golden rule "Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child".

  31. Good job! Keep up the good work. Don't let the kids rule the roost. They have to learn that they will have to earn a living & work. Things in life are NOT FREE.

  32. mary anne moshofsky says:

    parents who would shoot a perfectly good lap top…say all the same stuff and then donate the lap top to the v.a. or a grade school..maybe your kid's school. Leave the guns home. It just wasted your IT good sense