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Greens Get the Blues: The Earth Summit Will Fail.

Written by Gary North on February 15, 2012

This is good news. The Greens have pretty much given up on their Global Warming campaign. They see that politicians are no longer doing anything to get on board.

The hack into the emails of Great Britain’s number-one Global Warming propaganda center has crushed the movement in a matter of weeks. All that work! Gone! The voters don’t take them seriously any longer. So, politicians have gotten off the Global Warming Express.

The Greens had to scrap Global Worming in this century, because temperatures failed to rise. They changed the sales pitch to Climate Change. But that phrase implies that temperatures can go down. That undermines their political agenda: terrify the rubes about Global Warming.

After 20 years since the Kyoto agreement, nothing is agreed.

The Greens are in despair. Their agenda mandated international regulation. They are not going to get any.

We can forget about fixing the planet’s ecosystems and climate until we have fixed government systems, a panel of leading international environmental scientists declared in London on Friday. The solution, they said, may not lie with governments at all.

“We are disillusioned. The current political system is broken,” said Bob Watson, the UK government’s chief environmental science advisor, who chaired the meeting.

The panel, all winners of the prestigious Blue Planet prize, often seen as the Nobel prize for environmental science, were meeting to prepare a statement for the Earth Summit 2012, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June – 20 years after the original Earth Summit in that city.

The world has wasted the intervening years, the group said. Ecosystems are disappearing ever faster, the world is still warming, and two 1992 treaties, on climate change and species loss, have failed to achieve their aims. Governments, the group said, were largely to blame.

“Last time in Rio we had an unreasonable faith in governments. Since then we’ve lost our innocence in believing government was wise and benevolent and far-sighted. That’s been blown completely out of the water,” said Camilla Toulmin, director of the International Institute for Environment and Development, a non-profit organisation based in London.

“Essentially nothing has changed in 20 years. We are not remotely on a course to be sustainable,” Watson said.

“What’s most discouraging is a loss of feeling that government would help us,” said Harold Mooney, a veteran biologist from Stanford University.

No one held out much hope that the forthcoming summit would usher in a new era. Politicians do not seem interested. The 1992 summit lasted two weeks, attracted most of the world’s leaders and garnered huge headlines. But this year’s event will last just three days, and so far China’s president Hu Jintao is the only head of state scheduled to attend.

In short, the campaign has failed. The Global Warming movement is dead in the water without big government. It has lost big government.

We can see it in one photograph, one of the great propaganda stunts in political history. The target was Phil Jones, whose Global Warming, career collapsed within weeks of the publication of the stolen emails.



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15 thoughts on “Greens Get the Blues: The Earth Summit Will Fail.

  1. Patriot1776 says:

    Wow, really? Who would have figured? What in the world will Al Gore do with his eco-jet and no global warming threat to profit off of?

  2. Any company who buys phony "carbon credits" from Al Gore's scam, especially now , is really stupid. Global warming has never been anything other than a scam that made people like Al Gore filthy rich. There's a sucker born every minute, and he proved it.

  3. someone needs to inform Obama and his czars about this.

  4. "Since then we’ve lost our innocence in believing government was wise and benevolent and far-sighted." –Duh!

    Who are the real rubes here?

  5. Stats show that the world has been cooling since 1998. I had a 1998 vehicle that I wrecked 3 years ago with over 160,000 miles on it. Spun out on ice here in warm Arizona. Go figure!

  6. SusieLiberty says:

    Well – don't think for a moment that this Group has turned loose of their 'true Agenda'…which really never had anything to do with "Global Warming". Was a energy/resources/$$$$'s control from the get-go…meaning control of a Sovereign Country. Still pushing Carbon Credits; closing down Coal-fired electricity-producing plants; global tax for World Govt; a change of terminology to "Sustainable Development"; push to further implement Agenda 21….etc etc Where I live, our elec rates set to soar by 30%….

  7. Huapakechi says:

    I want to see the look on their faces when they can't charge the batteries on their $60,000 golf cart because the EEEeevil coal burning power plants have been shut down, new nuclear generating systems take twenty years to build, and the wind ain't blowing hard enough to spin their little windmill.

    TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

  8. In spite of all evidence to the contrary (blizzards, ice, etc) they are still claiming the planet is warming?? INSANE!!!

    Excerpting from the article:
    "The world has wasted the intervening years, the group said. Ecosystems are disappearing ever faster, the world is still warming, and two 1992 treaties, on climate change and species loss, have failed to achieve their aims. Governments, the group said, were largely to blame."

    And governments are to blame not the GW idiots!!

  9. The real reason Polar bears are diminishing in number is – its TOO COLD TO MATE!!!!! LOL

  10. Better question… Why is China the only head to appear when they are the worse polluters in the world??
    ie.. Bejing having to shut down all factory's for weeks and weeks before the Olympics just so people could see and breath! People wear paper masks everyday to protect their lungs… It's got to be one of the worse places in the world to live!




  14. ad astra per aspera says:

    But hey our enviromentalist potus didn’t approve the keystone pipeline so those oil sands won’t be refined here (where the epa has poloution controls) instead it is now going to China.Where of course the wind never blows to here!

  15. tHEgOVTiSnUTS says:

    UN AGENDA 21, Phony Sustainability and Your Local ICLEI Organization

    Like Dr. Gary North, the NWO also believes in acting locally. Like termites, the NWO has been taking over local governments throughout the United States through sneaky local "ICLEI" organizations which are under the UN Agenda 21 umbrella. They use dishonest group dynamics tactics such as The Delphi Technique to get their way (http://www.learn-usa.com/transformation_process/acf001.htm)

    The website below (Democrats Against Agenda 21) is a great resource for anyone who needs extensive information on UNAgenda 21, ICLEI, counterfeit "sustainability" issues, and HOW TO FIGHT BACK. It has videos, articles, books, more!

    Main: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/
    Example: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/governm
    Videos: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/videos….

    You can't beat something with nothing. See The Dogcatcher Strategy by Dr Gary North (eg, in the spirit of servant leadership, get involved in your local community), http://www.lewrockwell.com/north/north21.html.