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Ron Paul Was Robbed (Again)

Written by Gary North on February 10, 2012

Ron Paul came in third in Nevada. Here is the most libertarian state in the USA, yet he came in third.

I’ve been there, done that. The Congressional election was stolen from him in 1976, but he could not prove it. That ended my time on Congress’s payroll.

Do I think he was robbed in Nevada? Is the Pope German?

First off, this was a very small election, so getting the results should have been easy. Yet for some reason, the Nevada State Republican party took 3 days to give us a final count of only 32,894 votes.

Does this make sense?

One clear trend in this 2012 election is that Ron Paul’s support is much larger than it was in 2008. For example, when you compare 2008 to 2012 vote totals, Ron Paul has increased his support in each state, significantly.

Ron Paul Vote Increase in 2012 VS. 2008:
* Iowa UP 119%
* New Hampshire UP 210%
* South Carolina UP 385%
* Florida UP 86% (He didn’t even campaign in Florida)

Now here is the part that makes no sense at all: Ron Paul who took second in Nevada in 2008 with 6,087 votes, only increased his support by 1.4% to just 6,175 in the 2012 results, despite all of the excitement, all the money spent, which was a lot more. In fact, the Paul campaign had brochures and volunteers almost knock on every door in Nevada this time around. . . .

On January 31st, a FutureMoneyTrends.com staff member and his family were in Henderson, Nevada, at a rally. At this rally over 1,200 people showed up. Let’s say that out of that 1,200, only 1,000 were from Nevada, that would mean out of the entire state of Nevada, at just one of his many rallies over 3 days, 17% of his supporters showed up. If we assume that most of the 1,200 were from Nevada, then that would bring that number up to 20%.

Are we the only ones that are looking at this and scratching our heads?

The one caucus that was on live TV that was held special for Jews and Seventh Day Adventist was covered by CNN. Ron Paul won this one in a landslide, again we find this interesting because if Ron Paul is winning very religious people over in a landslide, we are willing to make a Las Vegas bet that he won the non-religious Las Vegas residents by even more. For people who just want to mind their own business and do their own thing, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, Ron Paul is really their only option.

Pat Buchanan seemingly had several primaries stolen from him in 1996. Arizona was the most obvious case. So, this is business as usual in the Republican Party.

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4 thoughts on “Ron Paul Was Robbed (Again)

  1. Mike Knight says:

    Odd that a big Libertarian State would keep electing a corporatist police state hack like Harry Reid. I think it's biggest election fraud State in the union.

  2. harbinger says:

    Read "VOTESCAM" by Collier & Collier. It shows that election stealling was a well oiled machine when Nixon was president. Imagine how advance it must be by now.

  3. Bruce M Winthrop says:

    Well here we go again. Politics is a very dirty game.
    They don’t want Ron Paul because he would go by the law. Gee. That would mean that we would get our country back and the goverment would shrink. Now that would be
    wonderful. We need to get rid of Dept of Education,IRS,Federal Rewserve,homeland
    Security and the Patriot act. Way back when we never needed these outfits.

  4. I much prefer Ron Paul as the President of the United States. Unfortunately, the GOP/RNC will never allow this to happen. They, like their DNC counterpart, have successfully manipulated the votes and ignored the one candidate who would put this great nation back on track. The Electoral College will not cast their votes for Paul–frankly, I think some of those delegates are bought and paid for because of their past history in going against the will of the people. It's past time to dump the current two-party system and it should be illegal for communists to be on the ballot. Sure wish the Constitutional Party was nationwide; unfortunately, they are still struggling to be listed in every state in order for their candidate to appear on the ballot