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States Where Home Schooling Is Skyrocketing

Written by Gary North on February 9, 2012

This blog site offers new information.

First, data are not carefully collected by the states. This is good. We need freedom, not statistics.

Second, four states show amazing growth, 2000-2009: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

There has been no consistent pattern, 2008 to today. But since 2000, there has been growth.

My first effort to generalize from this state data led me to conclude that as of 2007, eight states were seeing growth, six were basically flat, and three were seeing declines.  I also noted that for the most part the states that were seeing growth were “Red,” or Republican-leaning states, and those that were either holding steady or declining were mostly “Blue,” or Democrat-leaning.

This comes as no surprise.

You can see for yourself by clicking on the link below, which provides first the raw numbers by state, then this data in the form of line graphs, and finally the sources used in compiling this data, with links provided where possible.  I’d like to thank here my workstudy student Kathy Balmer who put all of this together for me:

State Homeschool Enrollment Data and Trends 2011

Most states did not provide data after 2008. “9 States have seen increased enrollments since ’08, most of them modest.  6 States have seen decreases, also mostly modest.  3 States have basically held steady.  Bottom line: not a lot of change since ’08.”

If you take the longer view, though, for the 15 states for which we have consistent data for every year from 2000 to 2009, twelve of them show increases over the decade, and four of them (FL, GA, NC, and VA) show profound, amazing growth.  Only three states (CO, PA, and WA) show declines over the same 10 year period, declines that don’t come anywhere close to matching the gains in the other states.  Bottom line is that to the degree that this data is reliable, it does basically corroborate the NCES data that shows continued growth in homeschooling.  Beyond that we can perhaps say that this growth seems to be happening most strongly in the Southeast.

This is a litmus test of freedom in the United States.

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11 thoughts on “States Where Home Schooling Is Skyrocketing

  1. This is so encouraging. I hope this trend continues. I started homeschooling when my husband and I were in the military, it was so much easier on the kids with all the moving around. I even homeschooled while both my husband and I were working, most people don't realize how much material kids can cover in just a few hours a day with one on one help from the people who care the most about their education and future!!
    And when you have pre-teen and teens helping the younger kids, it is amazing the progress they make. To top it off, it brings families so much closer and we had time to do so much together. We went on trips and to zoos and museums anytime we wanted to go, there is so much more freedom and your kids are exposed to other kids and adults and can take part in community activities and service to a much greater extent. All in all the social interaction is much more positive than schools where kids are judged and bullied.
    I pray more families take the joy, and challenge, of homeschooling!

  2. Jennifer D says:

    I live in PA and I have a theory why PA is showing a decline. There is a very well developed cyber school program in PA. Many, many families I know, including many Christian ones, are part of that program. Although they are homeschooling in one sense because their kids are home with them they are considered part of the government schools because the schools provide and direct the curriculum. It has been a subtle but clever way for PA to keep many students and thereby keep the funding, which really is what they are most concerned about.

  3. Mayflower Decendant says:

    I love the idea of home schooling and am hoping to do the same with my granddaughter when she is of school age. But Sweden is now prosecuting home schooling parents! They are being fined 3,200 a day if they dont' send their kids to the public school. So, be prepared it may come here soon.

  4. Very good. I'm all for home-schooling. Unfortunately, most of my family is not. They so mistakenly think that the "social" aspect and interaction is poor when home schooled. I have seen in our Church body, however, the fallacy of that idea, but unable to convince them.

  5. Also, one has to be really dedicated and not leave the whole think to a video or the children themselves. It takes patience and a lot of supervision.

  6. You need to make the decision for yourself and don't be guided by what others say or think. I homeschooled through the mid-90's and I got a LOT of that nonsense! All you need to do is show people the stats on homeschoolers that prove just the opposite! Suicide rates and depression among public school kids is at an all time high, mainly because the 'social ' interaction is almost all negative. Homeschoolers interact with kids of all ages as well as adults, and they are much better adjusted. Also, Colleges and Universities figured that out a long time ago, and currently court homeschooled kids because they take their studies more seriously and they have much higher grade point averages across the board!

  7. That is happening in a lot of European Countries like Germany and Denmark, where families are persecuted and their children taken away. The whole idea of forcing children to go to public schools started under Hitler, you would think the people would understand the reasons for that and work harder to change the laws, but it may be that the whole 'indoctrination' of kids for so many years has made them to afraid to take a stand.

  8. evermyrtle says:

    It is almost the only choice to Christian parents, today. We had better take advantage of it while we can. I is my opinion, drawn to what has been going on for the last 10 years that the opportunity will not last. We will come to the point where education will be completely forced according to the government. They will be taught what the govern thinks is necessary, and by whom the government will decide is proper teachers. GOD will have no place in their lives, if the government is heeded

  9. The observation is key " We need freedom – not statistics". Because of this fact, I am not concerned that the figures must be accurate, because this is secondary to the reality that homeschooling is increasing. I am also cautiously optimistic that the numbers shown here are grossly understated, because there is vested interest on the part of the system to downplay this trend, and because homeschoolers are understandably wary of standing out.

  10. It will then be the job of the people to not succumb to tyranny. If those who are homeschooling are persecuted or an attempt is made to force those children into gov't schools, it must be resisted by ALL patriots. Otherwise, we have surrendered the future.

  11. It will then be the job of the people to not succumb to tyranny. If those who are homeschooling are persecuted or an attempt is made to force those children into gov't schools, it must be resisted by ALL patriots. Otherwise, we have surrendered the future.