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Government Controls on Smoking in Your Own Car

Written by Gary North on February 8, 2012

The federal government is always tightening the screws on our liberty. Today’s horror story is this. The government wants legislation to make smoking in your own car illegal. It’s “for the children,” of course

What is the risk? The government offers no figures. “Above zero.” This statistic would make all activity potentially illegal.

It’s about power. It’s about promotion. A bureaucracy must hire more people. The more people it hires, the hire the supervisors rise. The more pay they get. Up, up, and away!


In the first national estimate of its kind, a report from government researchers says more than 1 in 5 high school students and middle schoolers ride in cars while others are smoking.

This kind of secondhand smoke exposure has been linked with breathing problems and allergy symptoms, and more restrictions are needed to prevent it, the report says.

With widespread crackdowns on smoking in public, private places including homes and cars are where people encounter secondhand smoke these days. Anti-smoking advocates have zeroed in on cars because of research showing they’re potentially more dangerous than smoke-filled bars and other less confined areas.

The research, from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was released online Monday in Pediatrics.

The study is based on national surveys done at public and private high schools and middle schools. Students were asked how often they rode in cars while someone was smoking within the past week. The most common answer was one or two days. The smoker could mean other kids or parents; the study didn’t specify.

A CDC fact sheet suggests even small amounts of secondhand smoke can be risky.

“There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke,” the CDC says. . . .

Measures banning smoking in cars when children are present have been enacted in a handful of states and proposed in several others. The study authors say similar bans should be adopted elsewhere.


You can see where this headed.

For more information, click the link.

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13 thoughts on “Government Controls on Smoking in Your Own Car

  1. This is not going to end till the people rise up & put a stop to this. First the government subsidizes them to grow tobacco & then they want the smokers to pay for everything so they up the prices & then they decide where they can smoke. It is all about power & what is it going to take before the people wake up & realize they do not give a darn about you or me or the children. We are in deep trouble folks

  2. I am not a smoker and like the clean air from laws about smoking in buildings (which has always been a fire hazard, anyway).
    However, this is going much too far; next they'll be policing the homes for smokers. My daughter smokes (I wish she didn't, for her own sake) and when she smokes in the car she opens the window a little so the smoke won't come my way. Also, they all respect me enough not to smoke in my home. Their are many smokers who are considerate.

  3. Myrtlelinder says:

    It should not be necessary to have such a law. The dangers of smoking is common knowledge. If you have a non smoker in the vehicle, you should be considerate enough not to smoke. If you are alone in your car or if there are only smoker in the car, it is nobody else' business if you smoke. Government, butt out!!

  4. The government learned long ago that once they take something away then they can come back later and sell you a permit to do what you could do freely before.

  5. If smokers would be thoughtful of others and not smoke in public, then laws would not need to be passed to ban smoking in public places. If smokers would show love for their kids or other passengers who are minors by not smoking in cars, then laws would not need to be passed to ban smoking in vehicles. Smokers act selfishly and irresponsibly by smoking in the presence of others. Since they have proven that they cannot control themselves, laws are enacted to control them. Sad that it must come to that, but that's what happens when people do not control themselves. I don't hear people (other than smokers) complaining about non-smoking laws in airplanes; what's the difference with a vehicle when there is a passenger – especially a minor passenger? I'm all for the government staying out of people's private lives, but smoking is not private unless you are completely alone in an enclosed location. Again, smokers have chosen not to control themselves, thus they have chosen by default to be controlled by others.

  6. Thee is No POSITIVE proof that you can suffer from illnesses caused by "second hand" smoke. Given all the Anti-smoking bans passed against indoor smoking, smoking in restaurants, bars and else where, this anti-smoking nazis SHOULD be able to show a large drop in cases of lung problems among Non-Smokers. Where are the statistics to back up their claims?

  7. Mayflower Decendant says:

    Becareful how you rise up! They are trying to cause as much chaos as they can, ie.. supporting the occupiers, attacks on Christians, attacks on the everyday citizens and the allowing of illegals. When they can "proclaim" that the uprisings are getting out of control, rather they really are or not, then they will put marshall law into full effect and they will stop the 2012 elections!
    How Soros' takes down Governments:
    Take control of the media… check
    Cause has much chaos as possible… check
    Pull his money out of the economy… check
    Do it in an election year…. check
    If elections come out wrong for him declare fraud, the loser becomes the winner, and they won't let another election be held!
    Where are almost there!! Be prepared!!
    May God Bless us All!

  8. We smokers are too ashamed of the habit to fight back.

  9. wizzrdofaz says:

    First of all, though I am a non-smoker of cigarettes, I do smoke cigars, but only outside. This just another symptom of a government gone made. One last thing, the word is higher, not hire. Please proofread your text. A spellchecker wouldn't have caught this misuse of the word. Things like this should not happen in a nationally viewed publication, internet or otherwise. It makes us all appear undereducated on not educated. The fact that no one at your publication caught the error is a black mark. We have to be smarter than they are, not dumber.

  10. Communism at it's finest… The gov needs to get OUT of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Relax, people. It's one thing to pass a law and another to enforce it. Since there are not enough police to prevent murders, never-mind someone smoking in their car, I don't think it will be a major problem. We have laws against talking on cell phones while driving yet I see people doing it all the time. It's just another stupid law.

  13. I for one will inform them to kiss where I can't and i don't mean my elbow.