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Cops Confiscate a Reporter’s Cell Phone

Written by Gary North on February 6, 2012

From 2005 until 2008, I lived just across the state line below Memphis. The difference between Memphis and Horn Lake, where I lived, was not always visible when you crossed the state line. There were not always signs, “Welcome to Memphis.” There was no state line sign except on the freeway. But there were clearly differences. Crime was one of them. So was law enforcement. My son lived in Memphis. There were horror stories.

The police in Horn Lake had a good reputation locally. The police in Memphis did not.


If you are on a public street and take pictures or video of Memphis Police with your cell phone, you could end up in the back of a squad car and your pictures could be deleted.

ABC 24 News photographer Casey Monroe said that’s what happened to him Sunday morning. Police never charged Monroe with a crime, but this could happen to anyone with a cell phone camera.

Monroe said police went too far outside Thai Bistro Restaurant in downtown Memphis that morning, and that they violated his rights.

As police were giving the restaurant’s owner, Loy Bouaphaypengerprachan, a ticket for parking illegally, Monroe went to see what was going on and started taking pictures of the parking ticket fiasco.

The owner told abc24.com, “I think he was doing what a regular citizen would do if they see a situation that’s happening they’re trying to evidence.”

Monroe said he was “just trying to document the situation going on.”

Although he was on public property, Monroe said he was told by police, “‘you can’t be taking pictures of us.'”

Monroe was put in the back of the squad car. When he was released, he said he realized one of the officers had deleted all the video and photos he took.

According to attorney Ross Samson, “There’s no law out there that said officers can grab your phone and delete what they want at will,” adding your phone is your personal property.

Cameras weren’t allowed inside when Monroe went to Internal Affairs, but the photographer said, “I feel they had no right to delete my pictures and video on my personal property and company property.”


Across the United States, the police’s war on cell phones is escalating. This is a sign that we are losing our liberties. It is also a sign that we are in a position to fight back.

Hooray for YouTube.

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9 thoughts on “Cops Confiscate a Reporter’s Cell Phone

  1. Let's keep those cameras rolling against the GESTAPO RENEGADES!! I have great respect for the police who do their JOB! It's the THUGS who don;t who should be recorded and PROSECUTED!!

  2. The screws are tightening around all American citizens! This current govt is the most vile, evil and reprehensible govt we've ever had. We have an illegal POTUS, there's a putrid odor emanating from Washington, D.C. that reeks of death, collusion, thuggery, and anti-freedom thieves from what once used to be our hallowed halls of Congress! Our govt is out of control and is so anti-American it can't even be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 anymore! They've done this on slow burn for many, many years, but now that the criminals are in charge in D.C., they've really stepped it up.

    If you think your govt is there to protect you, then you've drank the kool-aid. 9/11 is the most egregious example I can think of as to the lengths these evil bastards will go to abolish your freedoms and for them to continue on in their criminal enterprises. We can continue to fight all these little fights they put before us daily in courtrooms across the country and yes, we'll win one here and one there, but the one thing you can't ever do, is have that Trojan Horse Obama show up in a court of law to be vetted like he should have been in the first place. You see, Obama is above the law. He can be subpoened and all he has to do is stick his middle finger at the judge and the court and not even show up and he wins his case! You, however, Mr. American citizen, you try that one and see what happens. You'll experience the full weight and mighty power of the law come crashing down on you so fast it'll make your head spin and you know it!

    This is the result of the criminals in charge now. The illegal POTUS, the AG Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, this whole administration is above the law. They don't have to answer to you or me, they ARE THE LAW now. They make the rules as they go along. Don't like it? Don't bother petitioning them, or writing, or faxing, or calling, because you're nothing to these people. You're just an itch they have to scratch once in a while. I used to do all of that and I've come to realize, it's a total waste of time. Their plans for you and me are already in place. Eventually, when the whole thing comes crashing down on America, well they've got that covered too. Those FEMA camps are just waiting for the right moment. You'll notice now that Americans across this great country of ours can be accused of being terrorists with no jury, no trail, no habeus corpus, you get nothing! When enough of these so-called terrorists reaches a certain point, then you'll be welcomed at Camp FEMA! I know, I'm a kook and I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Fine, so be it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see won't we? Hang in there America, the only thing that's going to maybe save this country is to do what they want to do to us — arrest them, hold them in confinement for trail (at least we'd be willing to give them a fair shake), show the evidence and then lock them up and throw away the key. Watch how soon our country gets back on track to what our Founding Fathers gave us and died for – FREEDOM!

  3. Get a lawyer and go to the nearest US attorney's office and charge the offivers with depriving you of your civil rights under cover of law. Title 18 section 242, United States Code. Then file sui in a state court and stand back and enjoy the fireworks

  4. SumerianMan says:

    They are deliberately trying to piss people off to the point of armed resistance, then they will have prima facia evidence to present the US Supreme Court for not just more gun control laws, but actual weapons confiscation, this is the ultimate goal! Most officers don't even realize the part they are playing when they are given a free hand to pull this kind of crap, as it comes from an authority much higher up than they realize, can anyone say DOJ? This kind of BS will continue to happen until it becomes a war between the people and local police, then the DOJ and DHS can say "see, we told you so, America is a battlefield and we were right to enact the Patriot Act and the NDAA", then they will start the confiscation process with the blessing of the liberal bleeding heart democrats and RINO's running this country today. Just another very good reason to vote Ron Paul..

  5. Mayflower Decendant says:

    If a police officer is doing his duty properly than he shouldn't have any problem being video taped or photographed. If he has a problem then you know that he knows he is in the wrong.

  6. SumerianMan says:

    Everything you say is right on track. It is a real shame the rest of the populus can't see what's going on under their noses. If we can't get Ron Paul elected to at the very least stem the tide of this co-ordinated slavery we and this country are screwed. There will be no other choice but revolution. Hey, come to think of it, with the right phone calls and a little bit of money, we could probably get our government to supply arms & ammo to the cause!

  7. The "alphabet thugs" were just waiting for someone like Obama.

    Where they should be fighting the administration and upholding the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold …. they are slobbering like rabid dogs for more power.

  8. This corruption in government in a nation that eludes to be under man's law, when actually We the people are still "One Nation under God"! It is NOW more than ever WE need to be in prayer to God Almighty, asking for His guidance in these times! We know from reading God's word and though His Holy Spirit. That Spirit is in the founding documents of this nation. God IS still in control! Take time to read His word for direction in your lifestyles. The book of Revelation spells out what is to come. If we truly believe He still lives within us as a nation under God, then we need to act on His word.
    Jesus had compassion for those in sin and repented and came to know Him. To those who denied the hypocrisy of their belief (the Pharisees) Jesus spoke truth to their assumed power. They (Pharisees) hated Jesus for Him speaking truth. Are we Nieves to believe they won't hate us for speaking truth to power.
    I for one know as one who tries to follow His word, that Christ also turned over the tables in the temple when the money changers came in for the sake of greed. There are people in the armed services who are dying for freedom and there are people in the police forces that understand being public servants. Problem is that the government is teaching the new applicant's that we serve them, which is a lie since the fruit of our labor pays their wages.
    Again, we must pray for guidance and strength to persevere in Gods will! David did that in defeating Goliath, and there are many other stories that come to mind of God working thru His people.
    God bless America, land of the free (in spirit) home of the brave!

  9. jim28threg. says:

    What is the real shame is these local – state- and judges turning into the useful idiots. Simply itty bitty puppets of the NWO . Subjects that will be forced to give up their parents children and grandchildren to the fires of depopulation when their heros complete their take over plans.
    Maybe some day these EMPLOYEES OF THE PEOPLE will learn their job is to SERVE AND PROTECT. But then most are frustrated school house bullys trying to give someone the impression that they really are a man instead of a little mentaly deficient turd!