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Economic Map: How Is Your State Doing?

Written by Gary North on February 2, 2012

Here is a static image of a great map. The real map lets you click on your state and find out how things are doing.

Where are things doing well? In the frozen North: just below Canada.

Where are they doing poorly? In the deep South.


Click the link to go to the interactive map.

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10 thoughts on “Economic Map: How Is Your State Doing?

  1. Patriot1776 says:

    I have to be very skeptical of this "data". If you look at the map, it shows all of the liberal, non-right to work states as ranking higher that the conservative, right-to-work states. The source of the data is all government measures with the recommended actions being to enact welfare and entitlement actions for government to help. I can't say 100% that the data is bogus, but it looks like something that obama would have presented in his SOTU.

  2. This map makes no sense. A complete anti-liberty hell-hole like New York is better than the south? BS… Any map that rates the ultra-liberal anti-liberty northeast as the best places in the country for economic condition is insane. Massachusetts is rated at the top? And this guy Gary North expects us to listen to his advice?

  3. Looks like doodoo.. Louisiana is actually doing well.

  4. Bill McCroskey says:

    I am not sure of the basis of the author's map. Recently moving from a light orange state to a dark gray (recent as in 3 1/2 years ago) my opinion is the 2 states I am familiar with should be reversed. Money, jobs (if you wish to work) no state income tax in Florida. Iowa, much fewer jobs (per capita) 8% state income tax, a few people with a lot of money and a shrinking middle class. Not the housing crisis in Iowa as in Florida as no one wanted to live there to drive prices up to start with, so if the map maker factored that in to his numbers somehow that point I will give him. That really isn't what this map purports to show in my opinion.

  5. Been there says:

    Wow! Is this map backward! Nothing untouched by spin anymore….sheesh!

  6. I too question where this information came from. If it's from gubmnt sources then I'd wonder who collected the info and how it was done.
    Trust but Verify is still a good motto!

  7. embeddedtester says:

    Georgia scored an 'F' for Businesses and Jobs? Is Atlanta no longer part of Georgia?

  8. embeddedtester says:

    Oh! But here's what "Georgia" can do to escape poverty:

    " … it should also create a state Individual Development Account program to help families build assets."

    "Expand Health Care Coverage: To address its high uninsured rate, which is one of the worst in the nation, Georgia should expand coverage to more low-income people by raising income eligibility thresholds for Medicaid and implementing procedures that facilitate enrollment and renewal of coverage in CHIP and Medicaid."

    "Create Jobs through Self-Employment: To help lower its unemployment rate and raise the small business ownership rate, Georgia should provide state support for microenterprise programs."

  9. Bill McCroskey says:

    I cut and pasted the following from the scorecard.assetsand opportunity.org for Iowa to improve their 12th place standing:

    Improve Job Quality: To address low average annual pay and benefits for workers, Iowa should increase its minimum wage and adopt policies that that enable workers to address family or health issues without jeopardizing their earnings or job security (end quote)

    Utopian idea masquerading as a state mandated heath care benefit (more mandated wages just in a different form) The minimum wage does more to keep entry level job seekers unemployed than anything (including lack of education) I can think of. I was a small business owner in Iowa for nearly 20 years and both of these ideas would cause me to hire less and make do with less employees.

  10. I agree. California is in the financial toilet as is Michigan and the rest of the blue states. We hear daily on the news how bad things are in Michigan. Looks like a government propaganda map to me.