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Police Beat Woman, Steal Her Cell Phone’s Video Card

Written by Gary North on February 1, 2012

Police are scared of citizens with cell phones that have video capability. Citizens can record what the police do. This woman claims that she was beaten by three police officers. The police took her cell phone and removed the card.

This made it into the local newspaper and onto local TV.

The police are saying nothing. They are hoping this will blow over. I don’t think it will. A lot of people own cell phones. They will notice.

Here is the description of her condition: bruised face, bruised arm, bruised lips

Lewis’ husband, Sebastian Prevot, was taken into custody Friday morning and charged with resisting arrest. Houston police declined to comment on his case and said the incident report would not be available until Monday.

On the phone, Prevot said he did not stop far enough behind a stop sign. Prevot said he was pulled over then beaten in front of his northeast Houston home. Lewis, who was inside, came out armed with her cell phone. She said she recorded video until officers took her memory card.

Local activists are filing a formal complaint.

You would think that police departments would stop this sort of thing. At some point, cell phones and cameras will be so cheap that families have two of them: “One for show, and one for YouTube.”

We are still a free society. The nooses are tightening, but we can still fight back. The tools of this battle are getting cheaper. At the local level, we still have the ability to resist. But, for now, be prepared to be beaten up and the video card removed by force.

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108 thoughts on “Police Beat Woman, Steal Her Cell Phone’s Video Card

  1. “What they did is violate her first amendment rights,” said Deric Muhammad, a community activist.

  2. HPD had better count their blessings that Marvin Zindler is no longer around!

  3. One word: Eye-fi.

  4. jim28threg. says:

    Time for the midnight rider -publish the names and address of these police officers so all the people know. Picket their homes and let the children know.

  5. These fine officers should be so proud of what they have done; beating up a little girl. The sad truth is this sort of thing happens all the time, the public only learns of these incidents when stupid cops are involved, the smart ones avoid witnesses

  6. Well it looks like – s e i g – h e i l – time, the day of the 'bro wn shi rts' is arriving!!!

  7. I was taught as a child that the police were there to help us. I was to go to a policeman when in need. Now, however, we don't even know which one or ones we can trust. Who in the world is training these "police" and who is hiring them?

  8. They think thay are god because they ware a uniform kids now days hate them and so do the older ones all they are doing is making it harder on themselfs It will get so if one is hurt or needs help we will walk away from them and there will be more cops killed from ding alings because of storys like this they better go back to the old ways and get rid of the bad ones or god help us

  9. Stealing the woman's cell phone video card is a crime, just like stealing anything else. I wouldn't want to be one of these Officers. If the cops follow proper proceedure they should not be afraid of being recorded. Just arrest suspects by the book and any videos will work in your favor. Midnightrider, publishing an Officer's personal information is against the law in most States.

  10. John Galt 2012 says:

    The solution [at least from a technology point of view] is very simple. Do not store video to your phone. There are services that allow you to record video to a remote site somewhere on the internet so even if your phone is confiscated, the recording remains and may be retrieved at any time. Such is the situation facing a friend of mine here in New Hampshire. He originally was charged with felony wiretapping for recording a routine traffic stop. The charge was later lowered to a misdemeanor which in my understanding was done to benefit law enforcement because the standard they had to meet was lower.

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  12. I hope she sues them for $1M+! The police are suppose to serve & protect, not beat up innocent people ans steal their belongings! This is outrageous!

  13. Patriot Diva says:

    If any of you do not believe the above post, please read at least one of the following books:
    "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, "The Unseen Hand" by Ralph Epperson, "The Hope of the Wicked" by Ted Flynn, or "Brotherhood of Darkness" by Dr. Stanley Monteith. Then you will know why Ron Paul's supporters are so passionate, having a sense of urgency about them. He is the only candidate who not a part of the elite's schemes. You owe it to yourself and your family to inform yourself about what's coming our way if we don't take action now.

  14. Nobody cares what a person named mohamud says, or thinks !!!

  15. Wait to see evidence before saying "anyone" is guilty of all charges.

  16. American Thinker says:

    Yesterday several TSA agents left objects they thought might be pipe bombs sit for hours at JFK airport without following up or reporting the objects. My though was who are these idiotic agents and who is training them. The fact is that many of them are immigrants who do not understand our culture, or care.

    Now our police are going to the same school of big governement and zero accountability.

  17. R Paperbalots Jr. says:

    Would this Woman want help from over the boarder ? Like Zorro perhaps ?

  18. This story is going global.
    The police have become the bad guys.

  19. senior viking says:

    I wouldn't have expected this to happen in Texas.

    Hey – you Texans, get it together. Clean up your PD's and restore your good name.

  20. Also the 4th Amendment; Unreasonable search of our person and house. Sounds like they are acting like Obama to me. Obama thinks he is above the law.

  21. Unfortunately Texas is not immune from police corruption. I live in Smith Co., here there is even a book called "Smith County Justice" that detailed corruption here some thirty or more years ago. Those fingered in the book, it is rumored, formed an organization to buy all copies up when they go up for sale. I have a copy that was given to me a couple years ago. Then there is the sheriff, who is finally retiring, that has a lot of rumors going about the county. Here the sheriff is usually chosen during the primary, due to no other party challenger, since I have been here. There are judges here that collude with the prosecuters to get people to settle for worse than they can get under the law because they have no representation so they do not know better. Can not get a public defender if you own a car. So these guys get raped by the system because one can not go without a car. Some shady stuff going on in these parts, even to the death/elimination of a deputy that threatened to his partner to go to the Texas Rangers. There are a lot of rumors going on here, way to many for them to be totally unfounded in my opinion.

  22. libertyor death says:

    I cannot believe some of the things said about this couple (not mentioning names). People of all colors, my message is we need to join together, or we will fall together. As long as our Government keeps us fighting against ourselves we don't stand a chance. This couple was black, it happens all the time to all colors. I hope this couple hauls their sorry butts to court and wins big time. This should never happen in this country. Big cops taking on a small woman and stealing from her. We do have a 1st amendment in this Country, and it is backed with the 2nd amendment. You lose what you don't use, and they want to take all of our freedoms. One party, two wings of the same party. All they want is total control of all of us.

  23. libertyordeath says:

    Pat I agree as far as the husband is concerned, but when police confiscate(stole) from his wife they were totally in the wrong. Governments, local, state and federal are constantly adding cameras to watch us but expect us to shut up and not go against them. They work for us, we don't work for them. If someone does something wrong, they should be arrested, not beaten. The constitution was written to restrict governments and keep them off our backs, not the other way around. Everyone, take photos and videos of the police as often as we can. All anyone has to do is google police brutality on youtube and you can see how much of this stuff is going on everywhere. Uselesss, senseless beatings and intimidations on us all, all of the time.

  24. Remember Rodney King. The public learned what happened to him because a citizen with a handicam recorded the incident. At the time some of "America's finest" commented that, if they saw a citizen filming them, they would shoot the citizen.

  25. It's not a search when she is holding it up in front of her..it's in plain view.

  26. When they resist as it states her Husband did….what do you do..just walk away

  27. gimmieagun says:

    to community activist ! stop block voting for democrats arn't you all smart enough to know that it is the demo's that have destroyed your first amendment rights and all other rights you thought you had! silly people! we are all about to get a wake up call and our way of life destroyed by socialcommies in the white house so keep them there until all that CHANGE IS COMPLETED then you shall know the truth and it will be too late………….

  28. just devils advocate here, but was there witnesses to say this happened? or is she just claiming she had video? good way to get the police to drop the charges when you cant prove a negative, that they never took it.

    Im not saying there wasn't, but it IS a possible scenario.

  29. actually the whole article goes on to say that after careful examination, they were determined NOT to be a danger, but because of what they looked like and their construction, they were kept anyway. the issue happened because that shift neither disposed of them or passed on the info to the next shift who COULDN'T tell they were harmless.

  30. Our government (dictators) are dropping all pretense of working for us, or of following the Constitution. The old rule has been tested in court again and again: WHEN IN PUBLIC, YOUR FACE IS PUBLIC! Cops can hate people with cameras until the cows come home; I don't care. They can get ulcers and drop dead in anger, I don't care. The FACT is, citizens have an absolute RIGHT to photograph and record THEIR EMPLOYEES while they are working. When police are on duty, they are working for US! Their time is our time, and we have an absolute, non-negotiable RIGHT to photograph them. That is whether the police like it or not. These cops need to be fired, and this woman is entitled to compensation from them – NOT FROM THE DEPARTMENT, BUT FROM THESE COPS PERSONALLY – for her humiliation and injuries. If I'm on the jury, that is EXACTLY what she'll get! As for you cops reading this, settle down and remember WHO YOU WORK FOR! This is not (yet) a police state. We tell YOU what to do, you don't tell US! Always remember, YOUR TIME IS MY TIME! If you don't like these work rules, then find other lines of employment.

  31. The attitude from both cops and the general public has become an attitude of "us against them". I can't think of one cop that I like or trust anymore.
    No I'm not a felon,never been in jail, and not a crook or druggi. I'm a 64 year old white male living in a very small town where the cops think they are supreme.
    I was pulled over last year because my car looked SUSPECT. That's what the cops told me as they ran all my paper work and read me the riot act for having a pistol on my front seat (legal in AZ, our 2nd amendment is still alive here). They asked me all kinds of questions that were none of their business.

  32. These gutless, treasonous cowards are pretty good at beating up women and arresting children for playing tag or selling lemonade, but the people have had more than enough. These cowards need fired and charged with assault and jailed, where they might find someone who will be more than willing to accomodate them.

  33. I guess Obama's NDAA is coming into action.

  34. Tom haven't you been paying attention to the news? Our very own President isn't obeying the laws. So I really don't think Midnightrider is subject to trouble. Besides, the midnightrider is on our side. Be very thankful of that fact.

  35. t the risk of sounding out of touch, who is the Midnight Rider?

  36. That should be , “At”

  37. chillchild says:

    Picket their homes.!..you are as bad as they are, maybe worse because you believe two wrongs make a right. Just trample all over Liberty at every turn and call it justified. I feel sorry for you. You fell into the trap.

  38. MontanaMEL says:

    Houston, TX is NOT the town it use to be…by a long shot!!..
    The Mayor is QUEER and proud of it…rubs it into the rank and file of worker's ever change she gets!
    The "State" of TX may be a rightous place to live and work, but Houston is a cesspool.

    BUT…such actions do deserve an immediate response…She should have got in the trunk of the car and grabbed her DESERT EAGLE and put them face down in the gutter until a supervisor arrived…CITIZEN's arrest for common criminal action!
    AND..if they tried anything…geee, touchy trigger, eh?… NO BODY ARMOR STOPS 44 MAG's…

    Besides…what's with her oldman??.. Ball less ??… Let them touch on finger on my wife, and it's over..on the spot!

  39. It may not classify as an unreasonable search but it certainly is an unreasonable SEIZURE.

  40. It's very encouraging to see so many people see this for just what it is. People need to wake up to what is happening in this country before it is too late, if it isn't already. This must no be allowed to go on with the responsible parties not held accountable for their actions.

  41. Let's wait to see if there is any basis for believing her allegations before we start declaring our freedom to be endangered. Since none of us were there, we don't know what this lady did or did not do. We don't know what the cops did or did not do. All we know is that this lady claims that she was assaulted. If she was, those responsible should be prosecuted just as any citizen should be but let's not jump to conclusions and say the sky is falling just yet.

  42. jeanniemac says:

    Some veteran police officers have said that, since the lowering of standards in acceptance of recruits, unqualified people are being a gun and authority. At one time,candidates had to be vetted all the way back to grammar school, and pass psychological exams. Now, they hardly have to know how to read. Some candidates with minor criminal records are on the force. The police must hire only thoroughly investigated recruits, with no criminal records, and a good reputation.

  43. ok and because of the actions of 3 officers you left wing pamplum puking welfare receiving anti govt"occupy wall street" terrorists are willing to paint ALL law enforcement as a bunch of thugs. Well when your kool aid gets ripped off dont be a bunch of hypoccrtes and call the police.

  44. And,the answer is; http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/the-chan… By the way, we are NOT, NOT, NOT part of the "sovereign" movement. Drop me a note, rd6475@hotmail.com

  45. Yeah roiht-I'm gonna wait because the minute I read this I said-blacks! Let's see what develops before loading comments.

  46. The judicial system in Texas is among the most incomprehensible in America. It has been overwhelmed with liberal judges far too long.

  47. Ready to Fight says:

    I will tell you strait up any police officers that would do these things is not a police officer by any means and if this was attempted on me make no mistake about it I would beat the living day lights out of that so called police officer. I would not stand for this and by the way we the people are allowed to defend our self’s I recommend you all do the same!!
    Time for the second American Revolution people, stand up and FIGHT!!
    Lock & Load!!

  48. Our greatest threat comes from ourselves for not stopping these transgressions from corrupt, lawyers, judges and law enforcement agencies.

  49. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    Bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam. That's the sound you will hear when the community let's loose all its' AK-47s, M-16s, shotguns, rifles,etc. at the police the next time the police step up their brutality.

  50. Have you been observing the patterns here in America with the authorities? Crime is still rampant despite the government's unsubstantiated statistics. The police are having more and more unprovoked confrontations with ordinary Joe, law abiding peaceful citizens. The Occupy Crowds are all over America and doing for the most part exactly as they wish unopposed. The drug dealers are still peddling. The gangs are worse than ever. Breaking and entering is on the rise. So our law enforcement types are out trying to catch speeders to raise revenue. For speeding they will persue you for 500 miles, shoot at you and kill you. For running a stop sign you could lose your license and go to jail. Rob a bank or murder someone however and you are probably not even going to be incarcerated.The police are after REVENUES. They are not out trying to prevent or solve crimes.

  51. deprofundisclamavi says:

    Looks like another batch of polics thugs out there that are moral sub-equivalents of the camelmounter Islamofascist terrorists.

  52. The prob;em with the lawsuit is, ITS TAXPAYERS MONEY!!

  53. Richard Partridge says:

    Want to know what Nazi Germany was like, or the Soviet Union? Just take a look around you. The Common Law (People's Law) has been replaced by Statutory Law (King's Law). Under the Common Law a crime consisted of doing damage to another person or his/her property. Under Statutory Law, a crime is whatever the rulers say it is. That's why our country has more people (and a greater percentageof the population) incarcerated than any other coun try on Earth.

  54. As one with a background in law enforcement, I offer the following:

    If first reports are accurate, the Houston police have a serious problem. Re: the man in question – police don't arrest a person for not stopping far enough behind a stop sign. That's a traffic offense and gets a citation. If he did, in fact, resist the officers' attempt to stop and cite him, reasonable force was justified – but we don't have a witness to the whole thing so far, and the video his wife made was taken from her. The cops will likely come out with a story to justify their conduct.

    That this tiny woman was beaten by officers in the attempt to take the phone card is unpardonable – unless she put up a serious fight, which seems unlikely. Again, there are no other witnesses. Again, the cops will tell their story publicly – eventually.

    Some states have laws that prohibit citizens from making video recordings of police or public figures – laws that are currently being criticized by many and man, eventually, be declared unconstitutional. I don't know if Texas has such a law. If it does, Texas residents must work hard to get it repealed. If not, the officers should be charged with battery and theft.

    HPD isn't commenting on the incident because there's an internal affairs issue and the investigation has probably not been completed. Another logical reason is that they want to get their stories straight before they go public so they don't stumble over their own lies. That's also a credible concern – depending on how long they manage to delay a public statement. They should not be allowed to unduly delay some sort of statement.

    If the story ends up essentially as presented, two victims of police brutality deserve both support and justice. I don't dismiss the possibility that the matter went down as the woman described. I once observed a county sheriff deputy pull over a car driven by an old Mexican man for no apparent reason, pull him out of the car, bounce him off the hood and trunk of the car, generally rough him up, then stuff him back into his car, return to the patrol car and drive away. This was consistent with the behavior of SOME local officers, and not that unusual in that area. When law enforcement people forget that they're hired by the people, "to protect and serve" the people, they need to be corrected quickly, firmly and, in a case like this, severely. One hopes that both the man and his wife get top-notch legal representation. Filing complaints via the police internal affairs division is just the first step.

  55. True. That is why any payout would likely be much smaller. When individuals break the law and in so doing violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens, the individuals should be personally liable.

  56. Yes, I agree with Chillchild. NO ONE has the right to come to my house uninvited. If you have a beef with the officers' behavior, then file a complaint, picket the station house, picket the mayor's office at City Hall and sue whomever. Other than that, you can hold your breath and kick rocks. NO ONE has a right to come to my house uninvited.

    Plus, you want to involve the kids? You come to MY house and confront MY kids, you're going to get more than your feelings hurt.

  57. And,the answer is; http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/the-chan…. By the way, we are NOT, NOT, NOT part of the "sovereign" movement. Drop me a note, rd6475@hotmail.com

  58. And,the answer is; http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/the-chan…. By the way, we are NOT, NOT, NOT part of the "sovereign" movement. Drop me a note, rd6475@hotmail.com

  59. The trick is – don't let the jack-boots SEE you taking the video.

    Thre's not a cop in this country that I would trust.

  60. bobby nealey says:

    You better care next time it could be you and don't come back with that crap about how good you are. There are two kinds of law enforcement out there , one is the ones that want to do a good job and do it to the letter of the law; the other puts the badge own and like obama and holder thinks it puts them above the law. That they can do and treat you any way they want to once they get you in the police car or where they can't be seen .They think the judge will take their word over yours and most of the time they are right the judge could care less. And no this is not television or movies , this is 68 years of living and learning , I've known both types and friends of both types.

  61. bobby nealey says:

    agree and with out a warrent , they had no business touching her or her phone .

  62. sorry rich but it is a seize and when they check the card it is a search

  63. Another sign of the end times is that good becomes evil. It apparently is taking place with the Houston Police Department. I have been reading several articles about how Houston Police seem to routinely violate the Constitutional rights of the citizens they have sworn to protect. However, if it involves illegals from Mexico, the illegals can get away with anything because they are a privileged class in this country along with Muslims and homosexuals.

  64. this is one of the rare times I will support the black panthers that are trying to help unless they are all black panther related. If they are all related to black panthers, they may have instigated the resulting actions by resisting the police.

  65. I was threatened by the City of Orange Calif. to turn off my video camera in 2001. They were hassleing my son. When I told them what I would do if they did not leave, they left. I was already on my cell phone with the Sherriffs office demanding they send Officers to stop what the city Police were doing. The Orange Police were saying my son had backed a van into a fire hydrant and broke it. My son did not own the van, he did not have keys to the van and was not even there when the incident happened. I have seen police reports with at least 10 lies on them. No I wont trust the police ever. My Uncle was a Sherrif and the Sherrifs Dept all knew me as a responsible citizen. The Federal Courts have ruled that if an Police Officer is violating your legal rights, it is a feloney and you have the right to defend yourself with what ever force nesassary!!!!

  66. Lighten up you guys. The police did not just start beating on a motorist for not stopping at a stop sign. There are two sides to this story, and you net nuts are sooooo quick to criticize. And that little girl as one writer described her, is no little girl. I don't see any bruises on her face in that photo. This couple just sees a chance to get a cash settlement, and time has shown that Gloria Allred and ACLU type lawyers will press a suit in any situation, naming all they can think of in the suit, hoping to get a settlement. And for some of those lawyers, they also want a shot at fame.

  67. bobby nealey says:

    Sounds like you were one of those type officers.

  68. bobby nealey says:

    agree, two wrongs don't make a right

  69. Besides that, who is this Gary North writer character? This is NOT a news report, this is a slanted, creative piece of writing to agitate. And it looks like it worked on most of you. Look at his last paragraph: " We are still a free society. The nooses are tightening, but we can still fight back. The tools of this battle are getting cheaper. At the local level, we still have the ability to resist. But, for now, be prepared to be beaten up and the video card removed by force." NOW I ASK YOU READERS, does that look like a NEWS report? Hell no, and you know it.

  70. Should things get seriously out of hand with the "legally challenged" and others, the police will find they have no depth of reserves because a large portion of their logical allies, the armed citizen, won't back them up. Police cars make easy targets.

  71. bobby nealey says:

    This is not new there have always been good and bad officers out of a hundred probably 95 good 5 bad but it only takes one to make you distrust all .

  72. bobby nealey says:

    Be honest and don't throw them all in the same pot ,the 5% are making the rest look bad and if you don't report police abuse you are as guilty as they are .

  73. bobby nealey says:

    I agree , but by them taking the vidio they admitted their guilt, if they took the vidio.

  74. bobby nealey says:

    our tax dollars in action , what can you expect from government workers.

  75. bobby nealey says:

    sounds like you might be right and that could be bad for your health be careful anyone can have an accident .

  76. bruce brinkmann says:

    I also feel that Ron Paul may be our last hope at putting a stop to or at least slowing down this sort of behavior. It will only get worse.

  77. they violated several rights here…including illegal search and seizure. this bulls hit is way out of hand.

  78. bobby nealey says:

    Talk is cheap and actions can get you killed , you don't know what you will do till you cross that bridge.

  79. bobby nealey says:

    Like I said that has been going on for years, what you need to wake up to is what is going on in washington that is where you are looseing your freedom and if we don't wake up and get those progressive communist out this year we will not get another chance.IT WILL BE ALL OVER.

  80. Rod Spencer says:

    FYI, 00 buckshot is killer on police drones, there is no bag limit and they are easier to hit than a mallard!!

  81. bobby nealey says:

    Your best friend, brother, sister, mother , father , any one you know could and probably is in law inforcement, but you won't know till they retire and most of them will not admitt it it then. To many people want them dead .

  82. bobby nealey says:

    If they were resisting the police would want people to take pictures and where was their dash cam.

  83. bobby nealey says:

    Not to bright are you why don't you check the facts you have a computer and it's public record .

  84. So the jack-booted thugs are at it again.

  85. I wish I knew who they were… they would not be "active" Police any more… if they survived!

  86. Our Law Enforcement Officers need to be retrained from top to bottom on what the laws are in America under our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution as well as our State and Local laws. . . It seems to me that in many cases the individual police officers are making up their own rules ON-THE-SPOT and then trying to cover their actions up before it gets out to the public ! . . . That's not how things are supposed to happen in a Free Society ! . . Let's all continue to conduct ourselves as though we still live in a Free Country up until someone with the authority to do so tells us, straight out, that America is no longer a Free Society !!! . . And then we'll handle THAT when the time comes !

  87. When I was young they were great..you get into mess as a kid, they bring you home and tell your parents. Your mom and dad give you the third degree– thats it! No report, no file made. Now.. OMG the law is out of control. This is a example of how nice it was, they help people in our community. Not this, big I little you B.S. Where is Andy Griffith when we need him? Good ol Barney I miss those days!

  88. Actually, . . The general public is a little confused about Law Enforcement nowadays ! . . . On the one hand we have the regular, usual, as always police agents, . . and then on the other hand we have the "Oath Keepers" who have sworn to treat the U.S. Citizens with due respect and fairness and to not enforce laws which are un-constitutional and / or illegal based upon precedents from past court cases involving questionable actions by Law Enforcement and / or Prosecutors, etc. ! . . . This is what our enemies are doing to us ! . . Divide and Conquer ! . . Split and confuse the society and make them vulnerable from the INSIDE ! . . We need intelligent and wise leadership now more than at any other time since the founding of our Country. . . .
    God Bless America, . . Again !!!

  89. You're so right, liberty or death ! . . . Today whenever a crime is committed the first thing the police want to do is to review the security videos, . . if any exist, . . which in most cases now they do exist. . . However the Police don't want any video taken by a citizen with THEM as a starring role. . . . Heck, they've even got full color moving video cameras in the official vehicles now ! . . They've got 'em in the court houses, in their precincts offices, in the jail cells and holding areas and everywhere you look there's a camera that belongs to the government at some level ! . . . But the only place they want citizens to have cameras is INSIDE their own homes or businesses, . . NOT OUTSIDE !!! . . . Because anything outside might possibly catch a cop in action and that's not good for THEM ! . . .
    God Bless America, . . Again !!! . . . We're gonna need it ! . . .

  90. Well why not. Who’s going to stop them? Protect and serve or was it harass and intimidate?

  91. Obama just as well to when you consider no one in Congress is willing to bring charges against him just because he's black.

  92. If you are indeed connected with law enforcement, I would like to hear your hypothetical offering on the alternate scenario, i.e., that the violator was resisting and the by-stander was obstructing the arrest.

  93. Just to throw a few cold, hard facts into this discussion:

    The legal justification for arresting the “shooter” (filmer) rests on existing wiretapping or eavesdropping laws, with statutes against obstructing law enforcement sometimes cited. Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland are among the 12 states in which all parties must consent for a recording to be legal unless, as with TV news crews, it is obvious to all that recording is underway. Since the police do not consent, the camera-wielder can be arrested. ***Most all-party-consent states also include an exception for recording in public places where “no expectation of privacy exists” (Illinois does not) but in practice this exception is not being recognized.*** (My emphasis)…


  95. Prepping Preacher says:

    unfortunately, for Americans, incidents of this type will become more prevelent as the socio-economic conditions worsen in this country… when tshtf you can believe that many leo's will band together to become "the law" in their respective areas and will dispense what is otherwise known as vigilante law – only in their cases, with the pretense of wearing a badge… although they will not, the truth is they will need to step very cautiously in the coming hard times as people like this couple and those who are closest to them will not long forget and may not be so forgiving…

  96. This is the result of the dumbing down of ALL our job markets in this country. We have made all these job markets easier to get into for the last 20 years so we could play the Political Correctness game. I was a corrections officer in Florida when all that garbage started, and can tell you for a fact, that the rules were loosened to, what they said, allow more minorities in the programs. This of course is a bunch of hogwash, and if I were a minority would be highly offended by it because it basically is saying minorities are not "smart" enough to pass the tests. The evidence is now staring us straight in the face. These ignorant thugs would not be there if the rules were more stringent, as they used to be.

  97. How do we know her story is true. She shows her supposed wounds that happened the day before and I can barely see them. It is hard to base an opinion on the amount of information given.

  98. Southern Girl says:

    I would like to see the video. Seems no one here is giving the police the benefit of the doubt. Did her husband resist arrest? Did he appear threatening? He apparently did something to get their adrenaline pumping. Maybe the police were just doing their job. Because so many "community activists" are so quick to sue and point the finger and injustice, maybe they didn't have a choice other than to confiscate the video. If I were on the jury I would want to hear both sides. Just saying….

  99. Oh Well,
    Bienvenido a la Ustats Unides del Somalemerika

  100. yes look before we jump! I am a retired officer-would be the FIRST one to nail them! If indeed they are guilty! Just like that lady repoter in Ft. Lauderdale accusing everyone of handcuffing her etc! Turned into a full blown LIE.

  101. Don Duncan says:

    Witnesses or not, internal affairs will not find fault. This violence is systemic and out of control. The responsibility lies with all those who believe we need to be ruled (governed). When any group is given a monopoly of power, we all suffer because they will/can not limit themselves. We need to recognize our mistake and take the power back, i.e., abolish government. What is wrong with self governing? Nothing! In fact, it is our only way to achieve a civil society.

  102. Don Duncan says:

    All states are police states. Once a monopoly of power is granted, abuse begins. Noble ends cannot be achieved by creating a system based on force and not reason. The rulers claim we are governed by law and not men, but men make, enforce, and judge the law. The same men who benefit from ruling cannot be expected to limit themselves and evaluate their performance. They cannot be expected to tell us what is just and unjust. They are not objective.

    If we want a just society we need accountability. That can only be achieved by choice and competition. Competing protection agencies and competition in all services. This is achieved by eliminating the public sector. A free market is a fair market.

  103. Bud MacGuire says:

    Americans, we are entering into a post Christian America. Our policemen have not grown up in Christian homes. They know nothing aobut the Commandments or of Christian Charity, or of public service. They are officially autorized brutes; and on a day when real crime is slow they find someone else upon whom to exercise their brutality.
    What is needed is for every car and every home to be equipt with a video recording device so that the beast can be watched.

  104. As a contrast, I was driving a hire car just north of London England, when I must have done something wrong, as I hadn`t been in the country long.
    A cop pulled me over, and asked for iD, which I presented.
    When he heard my accent, he got into converstion, and exchanged views.
    After we had jawed for a while, he asked me where I was headed.
    I told him, and he said "Sir, I know a better way than that, follow me!".
    He then proceeded to drive out of his way, until we reached a quicker access to the Northbound Mway.
    Then he waved and drove off!!
    So you see, Cops aren`t all that bad! Just depends where you are!!

  105. I can not say much about this. All we have so far is her side and of course the activists version. Most of the activists are from the Muslim religion. They have an axe to grind with HPD. They have already crucified the police in the news. Before I give an opinion on who is right or wrong, I must hear from HPD. Surely they have dash camera footage. If not, shame on them for not having their own video.

  106. I agree. Sounds like his ego is showing, like we need saving. Think again.

  107. The police serve one function and one only. They are revenue agents for government agencies. In any U.S. city at any given time, more police are staffing radar points (usually speed traps where accident never happen) than are looking for criminals.