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National Employment Data Base: Backdoor ID Card

Written by Gary North on January 30, 2012

A bill has been introduced by Congressman Lamar “SOPA” Smith of Texas. This bill, if passed, will create a national data base. By law, every employer will have to submit the applicant’s name, Social Security number into this data base. The data base will then tell the employer if it is legal to hire this person. This is from Casey Research, which is run by my old friend Doug Casey.

HR 2885, introduced in the House by the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) in June, sets the stupefying goal of verifying the identity of every job-seeker in the US. Let’s put that another way. If you apply for a job in the US, you will not be hired until you get a government stamp of approval.

Here’s how Smith would like it to work: The new law would require all employers to submit potential employees’ names, Social Security numbers, and such other data as the government may find pertinent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for authorization before an employee can start work. The data would then be vetted by E-Verify, a government-run database and employment identification verification system.

This is an assault on our liberty by the federal government. If passed, it will be an extension of the National ID card that the Department of Homeland Security will impose on the states in less than one year.

The DHS will also enforce this law, if passed. It’s a back-door ID card, despite official denials.

This bill, if passed, will add another layer of regulation on small businesses. With 8.6% unemployment, we do not need more regulation of business.

It would slow down hiring. That is not what desperate unemployed people need. They want work now.

Why is it the federal government’s task to decide who gets hired?

Private-sector employers will evolve into extensions of the government… a vast, national police force, if you will. It’s not much of a leap to see them eventually tasked with verifying whether employees are delinquent in the payment of federal, state or local taxes, in compliance with child support or alimony decrees, on a terrorist watch list, or convicted or even accused of a crime.

Originally, HR 2885 had a prohibition against using the E-Verify database for anything other than employment verification, but that was replaced by a new section allowing it to be used to “protect critical infrastructure.” That could affect everything from your right to fly to your ability to access public buildings… not to mention that the information is sure to be shared throughout the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Step by step, the federal government is creating a system of national surveillance. It will be more than surveillance. It will extend to our livelihoods.

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33 thoughts on “National Employment Data Base: Backdoor ID Card

  1. The data base already exists at the Social Security Administration and each tax return is verified against this data base in less than an hour from electronic submission to the IRS. Why do we require another one.

  2. One minute they are suing states because we want them to have an ID card. The next minute they want and ID card.
    Sounds typical.

  3. Supertad108 says:

    Umm, we don't, however they (gov) are running out of ways to tax (steal) our wealth. Yet another way to stifle the American dream and way of life. Let me be clear, the only wealth they are seeking to steal is from small business which is middle america and NOT the cronies AND definitely NOT their NON-INCOME earnings.

  4. It is called a Social Security Card. No card no work. E-Verify keeps out the illegals. No illegals mor work for Americans.

  5. E Verify doesn't work. Obama has a "bad" SSAN….so why in God's name do we think this will even work? And this guy is a Republican from TX?????????????????

  6. Bill McCroskey says:

    Where will the funding for this new 'business' come from? The writer cites more red tape for employers and this retired small businessman will tell you where the funding will come from, in some way or another be laid at the feet of employers (with a thank you very much) to other tax payers in some way also. Perhaps a small payroll tax on all wage earners ?? (government employees exempt of course.)

  7. Your personal information will NOT be safe on the Federal system; it will be hacked and idenity theft will explode. Your government, working for you.

  8. Cliffystones says:

    That's what gets me too. We want voter ID, they yell racism. Then they come up with this? I suppose the illegals will be "exempt".

  9. There should be identification to vote but oh no they can't do that so now they want an id card to work to make sure legal americans can't and illegals will get job. Oh but I forgot that illegals don't have to work. They just get everything handed to them.

  10. Brenda Choate says:

    E-verify should be enough. This is typical of Congress. Why have one rule when twenty will be better. And, by all means, let Homeland Security be the final stop. Since when has becoming employed an issue of Homeland Security?

  11. Marjorie Stanley says:

    Dear Lord…we need help! It is so scary to think America has gotten in such a mess…is it possible to recover our rights and freedom or has the die been cast? What will happen next? How are we going to get out of this bondage?

  12. How ironic! Our own alledged president can hide everything about himself and remain a complete mystery, but every American will have their entire lives plastered on a system that anybody can access. Who's going to verify that "somebody" along your lifetime path isn't purposely inserting false information?

  13. Patriot Diva says:

    My answer to Lamar Smith. NONONONONONOONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Once they implement this plan (which they will), then everyone will have the necessary ID to vote. Illegals are just SOL!

  15. How is this legislation going to stop illegals from using my valued SS number? What a sham… wanting to use SS numbers to co-ordinate all the data bases that use the SS number as the index.
    Three years ago, E-Verify was ruled to be insufficient because there was a .03 error rate. Now they want to use it?

  16. ah, but you miss the point. this is for those looking for work, not the ones who sponge of the ones DOING the work. if you are the ones they seem to be worried about the bottom half of the Liberal party, then they DONT WORK so it wont affect them, and it has nothing to do with voter fraud.

  17. BarleyWheets says:

    Another part of Revelation coming to light! The "Mark of the Beast" 666 .. IF the government has to approve you to get a job then for ANY reason they deside .you won't get the job. Maybe because of yur religious beliefs or political beliefs or any numerous of other ideas. At first light it sound pausible but when you look deeper you hopefully SEE how truely damageing this type of legislation would be!

  18. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    enter obaa's social security card number, no one should hire him, since is a fake # from a dead person.
    Depending on which SS# he used to register to be on state's ballots.

  19. According to Biblical prophesy, the way the Abti-Christ and cronies control the population is to force them to have numbers either in the foreheads or hands to show that they are “allowed” to work and make a living. Those who oppose the tyrant will find their number blackballed. Those who refuse to take the number when it goes from ID to personal branding, will also be forbidden to work or even buy or sell. They will become homeless and starve. According to the Bible, those who take the brand upon their bodies, have aligned with the anti-Christ and are headed to Hell with no hope of being saved. In short, better to die without the number than live a shirt while with. Been studying this for about 40 years.

  20. That's so true, E-Verify for Obama. I wish there was such a thing as "E-Impeach", so we could move his ignorant butt from the citizen's White House.

  21. Walter Lloyd Bowen Jr. says:

    I only support the E-verify system to verify legal citizenship of an individual as American citizen to work and/or receive social benefeits in the United States! Anything else is “SEVERE TOTAL STUPID LUNACY!” NOT NOW OR 1 year from now, not 5 years from now, not 1 million years from now if I should live that long! When will the LUNACY end!

  22. Obama admits that he was not born in America. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwhKuunp8D8&fe

  23. Obama Admits That He's A Muslim. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#
    More than 63 million people (many who are illegals) voted for
    this monster.

  24. Or it will force employment for illegals and not allow employment for those that are not Democrat, Mexican, Black, Gay or the so called oppressed people. It can work either way. Bottom line is that the government decides who works and who doesn't.
    Employers become the slave to them.

  25. We need another one because Congressmen not only are unaware of the Constitution, they also don't know what is going on in the World around them. Congress should not be permitted to be in session for more than one month a year and it should be an all volunteer, no pay position. The other 11 months Congressmen should have a real job so they stay in tune with reality.

  26. Employers have been slaves to the government for many years. Not only collecting taxes for the government but required to pay "their half" for the privilege.

  27. I say start enforcing the Laws we have !

  28. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    "Here’s how Smith would like it to work"? Are you kidding me? How does the author KNOW this? Did he ask? Is he psychic? How about evidence instead of conjecture?

  29. Paul Trombley says:

    "By law, every employer will have to submit the applicant’s name, Social Security number into this data base."

    People who think this insignificant, because the government already has a database of hired employees, are missing an important point. The government would obtain a veto on hiring decisions just as if government were part of management. This would further insinuate government into the management of ostensibly private businesses.

    In other words, the merger of government and businesses is made tighter and more intimate.

  30. Merger of government and business aka corporations = FASCISM.
    BTW, I will NEVER voluntarily take any mark in my body. I'd rather starve or have my head cut off first. I have also been studying this topic for many years.
    The slope is getting very slippery.