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YouTube Protester Is Arrested for Having a Messy Home.

Written by Gary North on January 27, 2012

There is a website that has a section, Photography Is Not a Crime. It is devoted to victims of police harassment after they shot videos of police actions.

Governments are placing surveillance cameras everywhere, but they do not want the public to return the favor.

One man was arrested for having a messy house. This was after he had posted a YouTube video of a local policeman. It was posted on Photography Is Not a Crime.

The arrested man has a long-term dispute with his downstairs neighbor, who calls the police frequently.

Two weeks ago, police banged on his door in response to another disturbance call. Nunez opened the door and encountered three police officers who demanded on entering the home to check on the welfare of his girlfriend.

He told them they would not be allowed inside his home without a warrant, but if they wanted to speak to her, they could walk around to the back porch where she was sitting smoking a cigarette.

Nunez said the officers then barged their way into his home, knocking him down and taking a swing at him.

Nunez raced into his bedroom where he turned on a camera and began recording the incident.

One cop can be seen standing in the doorway of his bedroom threatening to arrest him for recording them, which is not against the law in Massachusetts as long as you’re not being secretive about it, which he wasn’t.

Police apparently found out they had no grounds to arrest him on wiretapping charges, so they resorted to something they think would stick; maintaining a noisy and disorderly house.

The state law is vague about what a messy house entails.

The man was arrested. Why? Because the “prosecutor represents that accused may not appear unless arrested.” What is all this about? A $150 fine.

As video camera and cell phones become widely used, and with YouTube open to anyone, we can expect to see more police resistance. But I do not see how it can be stopped, short of martial law.

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5 thoughts on “YouTube Protester Is Arrested for Having a Messy Home.

  1. Cliffystones says:

    His downstairs neighbour? I've been unfortunate enough to be one of those "downstairs neighbours". I think Gary North should get their side of things, then re-write this piece.

  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    Cliffystones: Dr. North doesn't appear to be commenting on the mans lifestyle or the validity of the downstairs neighbors claims one way or the other. It is the actions of the police, whether the man in question is right or wrong in his lifestyle or possible tort upon the neighbor is a moot point imho.

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  4. "But I do not see how it can be stopped, short of martial law."
    How on earth would martial law HELP? That would just make the situation worse.

  5. no a-holes says:

    Just what the F are these goons doing ?? what the hell do they think they're doing ?? is there really going to be a revolution ? are we going to have to kill these bastards ?? just who do they think they are ? When a so called law enforcement officer breaks the law at will he/she is no longer a law enforcement officer but a damned criminal and when a criminal is in one's home we should have the option to shoot to kill. I don't see how this could be taken any other way. They don't have the right to barge in unwanted without a warrant and then to have one of these bastards take a swing at you ?? well these bastards do deserve to be shot, stabbed or in any other fashion killed. If you stand up for these asshxles then you're a buffoon and just ripe for whats being planned for this country…pure stupidity.