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Great Retirement Cities if You Have Only Social Security Income

Written by Gary North on January 25, 2012

There are lots of choices. Websites run these features to get you to look at 10 pages instead of only one: more ads.

Here is one of those lists. The #10 city would be my first choice, if the choice were based on geography alone. It’s Auburn, Alabama. Why Auburn?

1. Low income = low cost of living

2. Nice housing at median national prices

3. Mises Institute

4. Auburn University

5. Mild winters

6. No big cities nearby

7. Low crime

8. Socially conservative

9. Bus system

In the list of best cities, several are university towns. I like university towns. There are lots of events on campus aimed at intelligent people. Most of them are free. Also, some university towns have bus transportation to reduce congestion. Auburn is such a city.

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16 thoughts on “Great Retirement Cities if You Have Only Social Security Income

  1. I wonder why all these posts about the Best Retirement cities usually forget the locales outside the US. I live in a very safe place in rural Colombia, year around spring, low living costs, stable and secure agrarian society. There are about 20 major Universities(50,000 or more students) within 4 hours. I live a very posh lifestyle on a minimal SSA Pension

  2. if your retired why the hell would a college even be a point worth listing

  3. Old farts looking at the ladies. ROFL I could NOT pass that one up. It tried but I just could not resist.

  4. whiperwill says:

    Blame it on Bush for only giving us SSI

  5. whiperwill says:

    Wausau, Wisconsin, still the best place, low crime, 30 below zero. For a good pss time go to a bar, we are higher than most cities in DUI's . If you get lonely and must get away from your wife, grab a bucket, a bottle of whiskey and go ice fishing.

  6. College towns usually have restaurants and other services that cater to low income college students. Transportation is usually good since many college students don't have cars. Most importantly, when you get older having young people around you makes you feel younger.

  7. Sapphira Sez says:

    Just because you are retired doesn't mean you are brain dead!! Some people are lifelong learners, lilbear68. Some people quit learning about the time they learn to walk. Looks like you might be one of those.

  8. Bill McCroskey says:

    I am amazed at how many 'deals' on food (one of the biggest bites out of your income as any wage earner) that there are. I am not going to tout any particular business but we buy at an institutional warehouse that offers thin sliced deli style ham for $1.50 a pound. That same style ham is 'on sale' this week at a big chain for, 3 eight ounce packages for $10.00. I won't bore you with the math as I know readers here are smart enough to figure the savings. I have not for one second regretted retiring to Florida and it's 0% state income tax from Iowa and its 8% state income tax and horrible winters. And I agree with one of the above posts about other countries as an option also.

  9. Whiperwill, what was Bush supposed to give you? It's Obama you should blame, he said he was going to give you everything, but you got zip.

  10. hehe LOL

  11. Blame Yourself !!

  12. You know this give me attitude has got to end or just can't you people see that is what is destroying this nation! Nothing is free, taxpayers pay for everything! Government money my ass, there is no such thing, more accurately – taxpayer money, yours and mine!

  13. Why would anyone want to move to Alabama ? Or is it because there is nothing to do so you cant spend your SS check ?
    Now @ Whiperwill ; Bush gave us SSI ? I dont think so , SSI was started by FDR as part of his New Deal Program (another government scam) As for what the government is supposed to give you ? They aren't giving you anything , its your money they are returning to you . They (allegedly) held it in safe keeping for your retirement as a portion of America couldn't be trusted to put anything away for the future .

  14. Bill McCroskey says:

    Yes … I paid in for 40 years and for years I paid the maximum amount. (to be held in trust …hah…hah … a program involving the government and the word 'trust' in the same sentence.) They took it, held it, invested it (cough ….cough) and now it is time….. to 'pay the piper.'

  15. Jack D Bear says:

    So why did Gov Perry get hammered for referring to SSI and Medicare as a Ponzi scheme? It is as close as you can get to the definition thanks to the corrupt Govt that stole from the funds with intent and promises to repay once folks began to retire in droves – didn't happen and now we the people are one of the shovel-ready projects getting buried in debt but that is just practice for the real six foot under burial project.

  16. and nobody ever tells us how to do what you've been able to do if you are a female on your own & not familiar with how to do things like that — we're just stuck here on SS or SSDI — i don't need posh, but i sure would like Decent, & with good dr's