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124 thoughts on “No Death Panels? They Are Here Now.

  1. Sapphira Sez says:

    obuma….if he can't kill 'em before they are born, there will be a way to kill them later. Thanks, all you democRATS and do-gooder republicans who voted for the foreign-born America-hating, baby-killing, marriage-killing, family-killing, economy-killing, closet-homosexual, gay rights promoting, teleprompter reading dictator wannabe. We owe the death of our country to you who voted for him.

  2. Who gives them the right to play GOD!!!

  3. Odd isn't it. If she was a 'healthy' child and you refused this BECAUSE of the medication and possible side effects that same social worker and so called Doctor would have you arrested for NOT providing the necessary care!

  4. W. Earl Stubblefield says:

    The very best of our empathy & prayers are with you & Amelia. … You are correct. It IS a money issue. Our politicians have spent all our money on their own special needs …&… they have no intention of stopping. We should have the best health system on the planet. Instead, we have been broad-sided by a form of greed we didn't imagine possible in our "blessed" America. The fat cats have our citizenry by the throat & it isn't going to get better. All we have is our own Faith, Trust, & Love … our best weapons against those who think they can take our freedom & our health away from us.
    Our Family is praying for your Family!

  5. Glen Gamges says:

    First, my heart goes out to this family. Second, what did anyone expect? Afterall it was Obama, The One, who said in all candor to a women in a Town Hall meeting that maybe some times it's better to give Grandma the pain pills (and let her die).

    I would like to add that is there any doubt, with the disdain Obama had for his own mother that this is the course of action he prefered for her?


  7. I've been dealing with this in Texas for years. Many states have laws in place allowing ethics panels to withdraw treatment against the wishes of families and even Advance Directives. http://www.rnclife.org/reports/2010/Oct2010.pdf#p

  8. 1776 Patriot says:

    Eugenics NAZI style

  9. It was all there in black and white in nobama care. Wake up people, our Rinos in Washington are not going to help us. Vote them all out and take back our country before it is too late.

  10. If she was an incarcerated felon, they would have already performed the transplant. My prayers go out to her, with these Fascist bureaucrats killing the disabled and elderly. Millions of people will vote for Barry Hussein in 2012, even if he ramps up the eugenics program; he has alot of elderly supporters who adore any liberal democrat.

  11. Hey! She was supposed to get a counselor! Report it to your senator.

  12. Bill McCroskey says:

    Agreed !!! what next? Gypsies, and Slavs? This is just one more example of my pet peeve of 'creeping' … for many people this will be a justified example of the 'good' (sarcasm dripping) that death panels can do. Then they will move the 'bar' a little further and cite this example of acceptance. Read your history of the NAZI'S turning the acceptance of unspeakable atrocities into acceptable actions by slowly moving the bar in the minds of the 99% good people of Germany at that time.

  13. finallywakingup says:

    This is a rude awakening. I'm starting to think that what I learned in Sunday School a lifetime ago is actually, literally, physically real.

    It isn't a myth, it isn't just an allegory — it is the truth: this is spiritual warfare, raw and real.

    My guess is that America had been living under a very generous period of grace that just ended; most of us (including me) were too caught up in our own comfortable lives and petty, daily problems and we assumed these persistent conspiracy theories were over the top, "much too bad to be true." No, these humanistic progressives, these unapologetic eugenicists — they are for real, they've been around for over a hundred years, and they mean it.

    We must turn the tide, we must turn our hearts and souls towards God. God will win, and we must be on His side.

  14. What they did to Ameila is what's going to be done on the other end of life too. It will make no difference what your health is at age 70, you are not going to get any real care. They care it "COMFORT CARE" which is a pill and a quite room to die in. Replacement surgery will NOT be done, heart and bypass surgery will NOT be done, dialysis will NOT be done or any other procedure that costs very much. So be ready to tell your parents and grandparents good bye sooner than later.

    This also plays right into the One-World-Order and UN Agenda 21. They must control the population and in order to do so the population must first be thinned out. Fewer people easier control and relocation. This is not a conspiracy but right from Agenda 21's pages.

  15. At last some people have finally got it right, if you are not productive to the "party" you have no right to life. All of those that voted for "fearless leader" to begin the extermination process I hope you are proud of your choice.

  16. EXACTLY!! the cause and solution! THANKS for your insight !

  17. stephen thompson says:

    Anyone stupid and braindead that votes this slimebag for another 4 years reap what they sow….he delayed the deportation of almost a quarter million i issue.llegals until AFTER the election….another simple way to buy votes. He has an agenda to bring America to it's knees and needs another term to finish what he has started. He should be arrested, convicted, and given the death penalty for treason…among others. You dumbasses who voted for this pinko will get what you deserve…..a supporter of obummer is no better than a rat…a stinky,dirty,disease infested rat. BTW, the illegals can vote without ID. Another move on his part. Let's see if he shows up in Georgia,where he has been ordered to appear in an eligibility. Now, if all 50 states would do this he would not be on their ballots. That's one way to get him…..I slso see where the feds will not force the recluse of "his" supreme court justice whore concerning obummercare. If you are white, your days are numbered.He can't hold back his hatred for the white race and hates his mother.When was the last time you never heard of or saw relatives, parents, siblings,etc. of the potUS?

  18. senior viking says:

    When the system you depend on leaves you disenfranchised and abandoned, you have to consider alternative solutions.
    The government MUST fear us; not mearly tolerate us.

    We are the marjority – lets take action aganist those, on both sides of the aisle, who no longer represent us.

  19. I can hardly wait until these two and others of their ilk face their own death panels, whether in this life or after it. Rest assured, He (God Almighty) will not leave the guilty unpunished. I just hope and pray that I won't be among them because of my own inaction.

  20. America got what it deserved when they voted Obama in. They will continue to get what they deserve by voting any of the presidential nominees in, with the exception of Ron Paul. Most Americans are too blinded to see the writing on the wall, and we will once again get what we deserve.

  21. ArizonaPatriot says:

    Will they be denying health care to liberals? It is a known medical fact that liberals are all mentally retarded and not worth keeping around.

  22. ARMAND PROULX says:


  23. finallywakingup says:

    Yes, it makes absolutely no sense: How on earth can modern-day "ethics committee" death panel Eugenicists imagine for even a moment that they themselves and their families will somehow ESCAPE from their own institutionalized madness?

    Even Robespierre himself was eventually sentenced to the guillotine (http://www.historyguide.org/intellect/robespierre.html ).

    Perhaps Eugenicists have a form of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) or some kind of "collective psychopathy" (think of mobs) in general — that is to say, they must have a seared conscience. Narcissists really do believe that "the rules apply to everybody else, not themselves." And you cannot get through to them; they do not reason well. Narcissism and psychopathy are incurable.

    My guess is that Eugenicists believe they WILL somehow magically escape their own evil snares — but we know they cannot escape, either. Yet this fact is really no comfort to us.

    This myopic lunacy reminds me of the horrifying movie we had to watch in high school ethics class, Shirley Jackson's 1969 mini-movie, "The Lottery." (You can see it on You Tube). And the quote, "The revolution devours its own children"…but unfortunately, only after it has devoured many of the good people first.

  24. genebob9447 says:

    Two weeks ago I saw my Endocrinologist. He is an ardent Conservative and I our greeting is "How is Obama treating you?"
    I said that to him. The Doctor looked at me and said: "The Death Panels are back in, with power and effect."
    He told me that people who previously were candidate for Kidney transplant, MAY NOT BE under the new regulations.

    This is is from a Nationally recognized endocrinologist.

  25. or an illegal alien.. she would have received the transplant… They should give up their citizenship and come back into the country illegally like all the other millions who are siphoning our resources.

  26. judy dobson says:

    The media has suppressed another story. Jeff, a surgeon in neurology met with colleagues to review the new DHHS rules
    for the future. call in live to a talk show host (mark Levin), which is on in in the evening. He was traveling in Chicago at the time. The new rules will be this: if a "unit" (that's what they used in the document as a term for patient)… if the Unit is 70 or older and has a stroke, aneurysm, brain bleed, etc., and arrives in the ER, the surgeon cannot operate until an ethics committee is put together to decide the fate of the "unit". Even at 3 am. I paid attention because I am 69 and my husband is 70. We are active, productive members of our community and I teach nurses how to do hospice well. This is the Cass Sustein "completed life theory" that throws the elderly under the bus. I'll bet the rent that it WON'T include K. Sebelius herself of anyone of power and influence…like the congress. How do you like that, fellow "units"? If we don't fight against this, we are signing our OWN death certificate.

  27. This little girl is also has HIV and HEPATITIS along with the mental retardation and kidney failure. I'm wondering how she contracted the first two diseases (hospital error?) and did this mistake cause the kidney failure. If so, then the hospital should be on the hook for it. Since none of that was mentioned, I'm still wondering how this girl was infected. On a side note, the Obama/progressives would WANT mildly retarded people for "worker bees". They mind, don't cause trouble and will work long hours doing menial jobs without complaining.

  28. Pretty much fromt the 1930's playbook – the Nazi Germany approach to those with handicapps. The current administration is the closest thing this country has ever come to Big Brother.

  29. 2 cents:
    On garynorth.com Dr. North described how he was able to raise awareness of an issue with Remnant Review. May this story find its way to Remnant Review and to lewrockwell.com ?

    For the poor family, may they call their congressman, who most likely voted for the bill, and to every organization, who can sue the state on their behalf?

  30. No your child can't have a transplant, but a murderer in prison can have it or even a sex change, at our expense. Why because the bleeding heart liberals will stand up for whats wrong instead of whats right. Screw the race card get a pair of balls and recall this POS Kenyan Moslum who has two short form birthcertificates locked up in Hawaii and NEITHER ONE IS SIGNED BY A DOCTOR!. Why are they not showing the film of OBOY"S paternal grandmother (the only person in the world who has stated that she was present at his birth, which she helped with), in KENYA!!!! This makes him ineligible to have run for office , and BETTER YET if he's removed every thing he has done or passed is NULL AND VOID, ie: ILLIGAL!!!!
    By the way Ms."Sapphiira SEZ" you don't know how right you are about OBOY being a closet-homosexual. I talked to someone who spoke to him on a beach, in Hawaii, after the 2003 Democratic convention speech he gave. That was a GAYs ONLY beach!!!! Where are the Oath keepers? Something needs to be done to save this country, legally of course. Enough is enough!

  31. OBUMMER HATER 4 SURE says:

    Capital "AMEN" Brother, Someone needs to tell OBUMMER that the death panel has refused his BRAIN Transplant because he is an Illegal Alien and a Fraud.

    Capital "AMEN" Again!!!!!!!!

  32. Well said! I couldn't agree more! Let's vote them all out starting with the President!!

  33. They themselves, because they think they are gods!

  34. This family is in my prayers. And I do hope they take action as was suggested in the comment from Alex. May God bless you, Amelia.

  35. OBUMMER HATER 4 SURE says:

    You are Wrong ArizonaPatriot, Liberals can't be mentally retarded because I have not seen or met a liberal yet that within 2 senarances you didn't realize they don't have any BRAIN, Their just F*&king AirHeads.

  36. OBUMMER HATER 4 SURE says:

    Have you all got it yet or do I have to copy and paste it again.

  37. This has nothing to do with Obamacare, which I am opposed to. Do the Libertarian-Conservative thing, man up, and pay for her yourself. Should I be assuming you don't have the money so you want someone else to pay for her? US Government is broke! Medicare before Obamacare is already something like $50 TRILLION of an unfunded liability. Unlimited free healthcare will bankrupt everyone and still not have enough money. Healthcare has always been rationed, either due to lack of doctors, lack of medical knowledge, or lack of money and supplies. Oh, and kidney's are not unlimited, either. Pre-Obamacare there was Medicare. Pre-Medicare there was you and/or insurance. You could have bought insurance,,,

  38. None of this is any surprise.

  39. There is too much detail in Obama Care for it to have popped up so suddenly and if it had been read prior to its "passage", the traitors who voted for this unconstitutional, inhumane, illegal mess would have had to answer "Yes" to the most obvious question their constituents asked them, ergo, they could not read it prior to passing it for that would have been political suicide. But we have read it, and having done so, we demand accountability from our elected handlers. But, "No go", they say. Why? What is so important that an entire Congress and every Republican presidential wannabe ignores the fact that BO has publicly admitted he is not a citizen according to constitutional law and then permits without question this faker to toss 2,000 pages of preplanned crap in our face, telling us this is 'good for us' when we know very well it is nothing less than personal and national suicide by tyrannical fiat? Let's step back a moment: how big was the stack of papers comprising the "Patriot Act"? Again, too much detail in too short a period of time, but then as now we are being told to 'shut up and accept this, we know better than you." OK. Who is "We", Kimosabe? I want to talk to this person. Now. And don't be surprised if I show up for this meeting with my deer rifle in my hand…

  40. What makes you think he was VOTED in? Look at his consistent trampling of the Constitution's principles,his inherent dishonesty and legal unworthiness for office. Is it REALLY a stretch to think he was "shoe horned" into office to ready America for the NWO? Reid,Pelosi,most of Congress,his money man Soros-they're all part of it.

  41. slick mick says:

    Love the way you say things,that about sums it up

  42. slick mick says:

    I(ts really scary how many will vote for Barry, 85% of Hollywood ,85% of blacks, 85% of queers,100% of Illeagles and no telling how many dead people

  43. How many members of the Obama administration does it take to change a light bulb?

    1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be changed;

    2. One to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the light bulb needs to be changed;

    3. One to blame Bush for burning out the light bulb;

    4. One to arrange the invasion of a country rumored to have a secret stockpile of light bulbs;

    5. One to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Kenya for the new light bulb;

    6. One to arrange a photograph of Obama, dressed as a janitor, standing on a step ladder under the banner: Light Bulb Change Accomplished;

    And finally one to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country.

  44. It is time for a bill to be passed that We The People can sue the Federal Dimwits! Each state should pass a bill. I am sick and tired of this Arrogant Bas**rd and his whole regime thinking that they own us. It is time to fight back and since we have God on our side we should be able to win against this illegal, anti-American Muslim! They raise the roof when we compare Obozo to Hitler, but he is just like Hitler!

  45. Thank you so very much. No way could I have stated it any better.

  46. Don't you mean the President-INO?

  47. Why, the Lord in chief. Who else.

  48. Common Man says:

    Amen! Now, if only more Americans would wake up. Check out –> theharbinger-jonathancahn.com

  49. At least you were questioned. They just attempted to kill my mother behind the scenes, and they thought no one would ever be the wiser. But we found them out and put our collective foot down. A broken rib does not death bring. They tried to overdose her on pain killers, no fluids, and left her in the hallway on the indigent floor.

  50. Government has three purposes, providing a stable currency, protecting wealth and rights and promoting not providing for General Welfare. The collectivization of health care is the cause of most problems in health care. Government meddling has driven cost into the stratosphere. Drug laws don't protect individuals they empower organized crime. The FDA gives cover to corrupt companies, represses innovation and drags everybody down, in the name of "drug safety." Socialized medicine is a market killing, people killing scam. Four hundred thousand people are killed each year by "mistakes." The whole system needs revamping to make Doctors patient advocates not corporate shills.

    Income tax is the cause. In the 30's 40's 50's, 60's and 70's upper income tax (slave) rates were 70, 80, 90 and 95% of income. Private practice was killed by capitol starvation. Meanwhile large corporations were encouraged to form medical collectives, phoney insurance that required people to keep paying after suffering a loss. The market for low cost high tech medical devices was squashed. Just like Cuba was frozen in 1950 by Communism so was health care by Government fiat.

    The Solution, let Doctors keep what they make, encourage them to invest it in their practice and give companies that develop medical devices tax credits. Get Government out of Charity (Religion) and give people tax credits for Charity. Get Government out of punishing "sinners" and re-establish the principle of Atonement by having perpetrators repay victims. When there is no victim, the criminals are the ones punishing sinners.

    The criminalization of drugs has set back the discovery of cures and treatments. More people are killed by FDA misregulation than are "saved." The FDA isn't focused on helping people, it protects large pharmaceutical corporations and their monopolies.

  51. Obama is definitely retarded, so if he ever needs a transplant, I hope they use this criteria on him.

  52. Ann ilwson Kingsley says:

    I'm actually shocked at both the story and the responses. Both my sister and I are Evangelical Christians who believe in something I call "Natural Death". Prolonging life beyond a sensible natural end is bizarre. My sister and I signed legal documents refusing continuing rounds of antibiotic for bouts of pneumonia if we are bedfast in a nursing home.

  53. The majority who went and voted him in. Who else. What is the old saying? All that is need for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. Well, some people don't vote. This is what we end up with.

    That said, I'm sick of picking the one who can do the least harm. None of the ones running now are much different. Yea, Ron Paul, I have heard of him. He scares me too.

  54. The little girl is healthy, she is simply mentally retarded. If she had HIV or Hepatitis C, she would not qualify for any kind of transplant due to rejection issues that were known before obamacare. I worked in a nephrology clinic and would set up appointments for those who may qualify for a transplant; these two illnesses could not be present in the patient, period. It makes sense because either of these may damage the replacement kidney, making the procedure useless. The two pages are a listing of medical needs that are to go UNTREATED.

  55. After I read about how medical services were to be meted out under obamacare, I told people that it did not just pertain to seniors who were ill and in need of intensive care, but that it included newborns, mentally retarded and mentally ill people, and those who would be deemed nonviable after recovery (as in severe brain damage due to accidents and assaults). I was told that it wasn't so–but it was there, buried in the 2700+ pages of that bill. Too, if one doesn't purchase/participate in obamacare, they WILL be arrested and heavily fined, knowing that families would not be able to pay these outrageous fines.

  56. Interestingly, congress made sure they would always be covered under their current healthcare system and not be subjected to this moronic, unconstitutional law–now you know why obama laughed and said he already had an excellant insurance policy and did not need his "healthcare package". Along with this was the take-over of the student loans by the government–pray tell what does education have to do with health care? There were many other pork barrel "needs" that were never made public. This was why pelosi demanded that the bill be passed without being read! The entire bill is unconstitutional and congress needs to repeal it in its entirety.

  57. Don't vote them back into office–make your vote count and choose a new congressman/woman. That's the problem–many voters simply re-elect these corrupt legislators because the face is familiar. It is only until they find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks that they seem to gain an understanding of the depth of their elected officaial's corruption. When they are put into a situation where these panels make the medical decisions against their will, it just might be too late for them or their loved one.

  58. Unfortunately, AZPatriot, the death panels will not be making decisions for the congressional members, or others in high positions (President, Cabinet, certain Agency Heads) because they exempted themselves from obamacare by making it a part of the law that they keep their current insurance–at taxpayer expense, of course. That's why obammy laughed about the common citizen having to endure what he wants so desparately to avoid.

  59. Elsner: I did NOT vote for this imposter and I did NOT want him residing in the White House. On his campaign trail of 2008, he admitted he was not a citizen of the US (caught on a video of a town hall meeting of Seniors–you can't find that video now) and he also stated in an interview (Jan 2008 in San Francisco) that he wanted to "dismantle the US Constitution". Well, you can't find that video on the internet anymore either). After hearing this, I did what I could to dissuade people from voting for him–some took my advice, others didn't. It is a real sorry mess that we now find ourselves in–but please don't blanket all of us as being deserving of his corrupt practices. He is a traitor and a treasonist…backed by the liberals in congress (and that includes Pelosi and Reid).

  60. Felons rarely, if ever (depending on State Laws I think) qualify for a transplant. In general, the State will NOT provide certain surgeries, particularly transplants and gender alterations, to inmates. Some years ago, there was such a public outrage when a convicted murderer received a heart transplant, was paroled, and then committed another murder. After that, qualification/eligibilty policies changed drastically. Most Seniors are disenchanted with obama and they are not about to vote for him again. As a matter of fact, AARP has lost a huge number of members to two newer Senior Organizations because of the AARP support and lobbying of the obamahealthcare against the wishes of the Senior population. However, I do agree obama has ramped up his eugenics program.

  61. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Death panels have been around for as long as there have been medical insurance companies. Why do you think only half your premium actually goes to medical care?

  62. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Except for the previous regime.

  63. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    The death panels have ALWAYS been thee. Pay attention.

  64. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    I just love it when the question, "Just how stupid are you?" get answered before I can ask it. Hahaha!

  65. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Not only is it a rude awakening, it's a load of crap and anyone stupid enough to believe that there were no death panels before the Affordable Health Care Act is abusing the privilege of being an idiot.

  66. diane pedrosa says:

    Koop and Schaeffer warned of this after the abortion industry took off. I am sure even before that as they saw the writing on the wall.
    This same thing occurred with my mom who needed a heart valve replacement. She already had three done over the years and because of her health was very involved with helping others everyday.
    When she sat before her" panel" at Mayo, they told her to wait and let the valve get worse, then she would receive the surgery. When it did get worse she was told it was too late. She passed away on Father's Day, 2010.
    My mom and dad did take care of a baby that had MR until she died at the age of 19. They were told to put the baby in an institution, that the baby would destroy the home and hinder the other children. My parents didn't go with the doctor's recommendation but raised this girl and when she passed away, I was 17, head-strong, not following the Lord. All of a sudden I wanted to get things right. To tell her how much I loved her and how sorry I was for not being a good sister. The Lord brought me to a place I couldn't have gone myself and Saved me! Really….it was all because of my mentally retarded sister.
    Thanks Jesus for giving us Jeannette.

  67. If she really is brain damaged, Odummy is throwing away a perfectly good Democrat.

  68. It is a good thing that the child is young. I couldn't imagine telling my child that due to their retardation, they have been sentenced to die.

  69. Well it finally started! Seniors, you have also been given the death sentance! Seniors, the disabled and the very young are all scheduled to be culled! This is how Hussain wants to save money, get rid of the useless garbage that just uses resources that can be given to the workers who contribute to the collective! Sebelus calls us "units", not even people, just "units"! This was obvious when he took 500 billion from medicare and gave it to the leeches. They are worth saving, not you. Hitler did the same thing. Stalin and Mao also did the same thing, murdering over 700 million people. Stalin and Mao were the most proficient and Hussain wants what agenda 21 calls for, 600 billion, all to save the planet! Hussain used executive orders to sign agenda 21 into law, bypassing the congress! Newt is the only one so far that has said that he will stop agenda 21! Bear that in mind when voting for a candidate!


  71. Seems to me he would need a Brain IMPLANT …

  72. All the Øbama voters also should be turned down, as they are all retarded. Let's see how they like it when they die off … wait a second … half of the Øbama voters are already dead!

  73. blockade runner says:

    My wife meet Dr death and a group of witches(nurses) who were able to tag her with a dnr saying she had signed she had a living will that said she wanted to be ventilated when needed she had MG which requires frequent use. They put her in MC crisis with use of pain killers carrying a FDA warning on use with MG patient than denying her ventilation until she was dead. Found dnr was signed by Dr not her although she was able to write on her white board until death. She wasn't terminal but did use a lot of medical resources Yes we have death panels in hospitals operating openly with no fear thanks in large part to tort reform/ sovereign immunity. Nazis did it with a shot to the head it's now done with a needle slow strangulation. Hospice on ever corner soon to have drive through for grandma or mentally ill

  74. Look at Nazi Germany. If you did not make the "standard" you were killed or sterilized to prevent reproduction.
    Dark Haired non-jews were subject to this latter process. One of Dad's nieghbors after WW-II married a girl from Germany who had been so "fixed".
    Remember that there are a LOT of people out there, with a LOT of money who want the human population of the planet reduced to less than 300 million. I believe that research will show this includes most environmental groups and a number of other "special" people. I think Bill Gates has some eugenics organization set up and Ted Turner is of the same mind set. Some are hoping for a virus that will kill off all but the chosen few who are more special than the rest of us "insects".

  75. I would go in front of a death panel if I needed a transplant, 1) because I'm almost 60 years old. 2) because I have M.S. with no known cure. So if I get sick and something closes down then under Obummercare I'm as good as dead already and that sorry SOB will not get my vote, he made a promise and he LIED !!!!!

  76. You are absolutely right Steve H…they have been given the exact number to "thin" the population worldwide down to…

  77. he wants a perfect society….must be related to Hitler

  78. Would Obama forego just one of his $150,000 breakfasts to save Amelia? No. He is NOT going to be LOTUS again. Just watch.

  79. Try POTUS. damn predictive text. Word processor choosing your next word is kinda like the government deciding your healthcare.

  80. Bellerophon says:

    Preservation of life within a context of rapid medical advances should be the goal of every doctor and researcher. Even if there are no "permanent" solutions to the patient's problem at this moment, the preservation of the life of the patient can ultimately mean that research might catch up with the needs of the patient. Many procedures exist now to save the lives of children. These same procedures did not exist 20 years ago. Within my own home is a child who just turned 8 years old who, had she not been born in the time and the place conducive to her survival, would not have survived a week. She is beautiful, thriving, and smart. Every day she has given us is a gift from God and his agents, the medical community. As that community turns away from its ultimate responsibility toward life, and answers to ice-blooded bureaucrats, the medical community will pay a price that is beyond imagining. I would not want the blood of a child on my hands.

  81. jim28threg. says:

    Sooner or later someone will be in this situation and when the killers gather in their little confab enter a loved one in a postal
    mood and bang bang. The applause will be heard all around the world.

  82. It is time for the earnest pro-American people to form our own death panels! We need to evaluate, decide, vote, and execute any deluded countrymen who are anti-America Marxists. We need to determine who should NOT be allowed to go on living because they are too much of a threat to the U.S. Constitution and too much of a drain on the people of the United States of America.

    There are politicians, college professors, union bosses, and greedy businessmen who need to be scrutinized and evaluated by our death panels ASAP.

  83. A very sad story but it is horrible that this article is using it for political purposes. What does it have to do with Obamacare?

    Are they trying to say that 2 years ago the young lady would have gotten the transplant?

  84. Next I see them saying "your child can't have a transplant because she is ugly and this will make her life harder. Or she has red hair, we have all the redheads we can handle in this country. So sorry." It won't stop with their present "reasons."

    Hitler would have loved this …

  85. I think that I would shoot him in the kidney and see if he is too old to get a transplant. This is what you get when you vote these Idiots back in congress repeatedly. They get a God Complex.

  86. We had better pray that the Supreme Court invalidates Obamacare. They just ruled against the administration on a
    religious matter in a 9-0 ruling. When Sarah Palin brought up the words "death panels" the media said there was no
    such thing. We knew she was probably right, and now has been validated. If this program goes through, I do not know how
    we will ever get rid of it. When the Affirmative Action program was passed, who would have thought it would still be in effect
    over 40 years later?

  87. HIV, Hepatitis C are all lethal at some point. In this child's case the mental retardation is the least of the worries faced by her and her parents. Physicians ALWAYS have to make life and death decisions at some point. That does not make them God, it makes them providers of health care. Insurance companies make these same kind of decisions every day. I don't see anyone complaining about that.
    There is always a cost benefit consideration. This why there are waiting lists and why donors and recipients are screened for just such events.
    I feel sad for this family. I have sparred with the medical establishment myself for the care of someone at the "end of life" or diminished quality of life. There always comes a time for this kind of decision. These are not "death panels". These are practical concerns and have nothing to do with any particular ideology.

  88. It was the health INSURANCE "consultants/lobbyists" that wrote most of this bill's language. If you are considered a unit look into each health insurance companies documents and you will see the same kind of terminology. That this particular hospital took this to mean a conference each and every time a "unit" over 70 comes in, is something to be taken up with that hospital. It is their ethics panel that made this decision not the bill itself.

  89. I hope that the majority of women and college students who voted for Obama last time have their eyes open this time.
    85 years ago I was born a hopeless cripple with much brain damage. My mother and dad were told that I couldn't live
    more than a year. My eyes were turned into my head, I had a pus filled right lung, two crippled legs, obvious brain damage and other minor problems. They convinced my parents to allow them to operate on me at 5 months. No baby had ever been operated on under a year old before. They agreed and the operation proceeded. I had a private nurse till I was about two.
    Amazing, I'm still hear. I didn't walk till I was four. Since I'd had grown so tall, they decided to start me in school at five. Not a good idea. But, I just fit the seats. I would have been diagnosed as ADD if they had something like that in 1933. I was always at the bottom of the class, but, promoted because I did not fit the seats anymore. At 10, I started to work as a clean up boy in a dry goods shop. WWII started and I went to work on the Rail Road section gang. By the end of summer, I had developed a lot of muscle. Still at the bottom of my high school class. At the end of the first High School semester, I started to run a chem lab on the same railroad from second shift. I loved running steam locomotives. After the war I started working in a sink plant. That is until good old Uncle Sam decided I was needed in Korea. After the army threw me out, I decided to go to college. With my high school grades, I started on probation for two semesters I finished in just under 3 years. Five of us shared first place. Not too bad for a cripple with brain damage. I've always felt that my problems in elementary school were because of boredom. And, I think that it's still the case with the Lyndon Johnson school system. The human body and brain are amasing machines. If only given a chance.

  90. Sandy/LA,CA says:


  91. Roger Green says:

    Congress passed this. Not the President. Want change, want real change ? then vote out your Congress people.
    Must be changed in your primary. Vote your party but change the person now in office. If you wait till the November vote it will be too late as people will vote party, not for the man.
    Change congress. The bums in office will only learn by your vote.
    If you think it is not your Congressman, better think again. They all voted. You can only be heard by your vote.
    Not by preaching to each other on the net. Get out and vote a new Congress.

  92. And all of this misery from the guy who sets such a fine family example hog wash Obama is a piece of garbage. God will sort them out if we fail.

  93. RED-WHITE-BLUE says:

    Obuma-Holder-Pelosi, They have done alot of damage already. For the sake of Amelia, and many like her, get these people out of office A.S.A,P! We have only one shot in our gun, ONE SHOT! If we do not use it in our 2012 election, we are doomed! You know in the near future, Obuma and his posse, are going to say sweet things that will try to sway your vote. Just look at the 3 years of absolute carnage, and havoc they have done. Do not be swayed by sweet talk, as it will turn sour right after, and if they get in again. 3 YEARS HAS PROVED THEIR IDEALS, AND METHODS, SO IT*S TIME TO CLOSE THE BOOK ON THESE INEPT POLITICIANS!

  94. Yours is a great story but you are wrong to think Obamacare will hurt people. 30 million more people with insurance because of this law. It will save many, many lives.

  95. Looks as if Politfact owes someone an apology.

  96. i_Charley51 says:

    Woohoo!! Glad SOMEONE had the KA-HUUNAS to say all of that!!! If more of you are out there, say it all here! Yell it out on the streets in your neighborhoods, in your parks, at your Grocery stores, inside WalMarts, everywhere you can yell this, YELL IT OUT LOUD!! Obama is INSANE!! He is just totally OUT-OF-SYNC with the American people into thinking that this economy is on the "upswing"??? Did you hear his "State-of-the-Union-Lies" #2 on Tues. night? He had the SAME ill-conceived RHETORIC as the first one…..same as his pre-election speech, his inaugural one….same, same, same….no CHANGE!! And he said "CHANGE" on his campaign trail! Yeah, WHAT CHANGE??? Oh, yeah, his "FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE (GAWD, I HATE that word – "fundamental"!! Sounds like its "Fun" to be "mental"!!!)

  97. i_Charley51 says:

    That's a very good question, Glen. I've been thinking about that myself, after I found out she passed on. She also knew exactly where HE was born, too – in Kenya, not America (nor Hawaii either). And so did his Grandmother, who was still alive in Hawaii. So, when all that controversy about his birthplace was coming up, and a conservative news crew wanted to ask his grandmother (she was in a hospital in Hawaii, but very gravely ill), all of sudden we hear after he comes out of the hospital after seeing his grandmother, that she died. Isn't that strange???!!!

  98. Having been born in the UK and lived under socialized medicine, I can vouch for the fact that there are Death Panels, however they would never refer to them as such…..it wouldn't be accepted in polite society. But I can attest to the fact that I have lost family members under socialized medicine and my own mother was given a powerful drug to hasten her death even though she was not critically ill. She had just unfortunately reached that magic age where no medical intervention is forthcoming. It is as if the medical authorities don't even try to hide the fact that when a person becomes either too old, or too sick, then the state doesn't believe in extending any medical treatment, even if there is no medical reason to give up on the patient.
    I have been a strong opponent of Obamacare because I know what it will entail and I fear the average American just doesn't really understand it. Some may think it's a good thing because it gives everyone an equal chance for medical treatment, but the truth is quite different. There is, and will be preferential treatment for some and not for others. Wake up to the truth America.

  99. You are so wrong and have no clue what you are talking about. The fact is, you can't have state-run health care and expect to get the same indulgences you would with your own private physician. Under socialized medicine, the state sets the standards and bureaucrats who have zero medical experience or knowledge wind up making the rules. They even set the amount of what each doctor will be paid. And by the way, that's one of the reasons you'll see many, many doctors give up their practice on that one point alone.
    And I don't want to hear anyone argue that with private insurance you have the problem of the insurance company refusing to grant permission for certain medical procedures to be done, because with private insurance, you always have the option of negotiating with your insurer and opting to even pay for it yourself. There are no doctors under private practice that would refuse to do any procedure as long as it's viable for the patient and as long as they would be paid for doing it.

  100. pepperhawk says:


    You are so right. The plan is that any child under the age of 14 and any adult over the age of 50 will be exterminated as they are no use to the collective society for "work". All mentally disabled and/or mentally ill will also be killed. So much like any other Marxist regime. So if anyone on this site is over 50 prepare for your death. I am. We will be the first to be killed in whatever way they choose. It doesn't even come to a matter of being treated or not. No treatment. But death yes. How will be the question. Will they shoot us down, gas us or give us the poison pills to take? And if we don't take the pills offered, then they are forced to kill us by other means.

    This story is heartbreaking and there will be thousands more like it. The man who is the abortion president and tried to pass a bill in the Illinois senate to make infanticide legal is evil and cares nothing for human life except his own. And those behind him, the shadow government.

  101. schreckenlicht says:

    There are other ways in which Obamacare is denying people the medical care they need, regardless of their physical or mental state. I used to have an insurance plan that allowed me to be able to receive mostly any sort of care that I needed, like blood tests, x-rays, scans, and other diagnostic tests and surgery where indicated. Now, thanks to the changes wrought by Obamacare, I'm left with a plan that's nothing more than a bare bones, catastrophically thin and fragile safety net. My family dr. wanted to do some bloodwork on me, and I had to turn that down (what the frick are you supposed to do when all you can now afford is a plan with a$5K deductable?!?), and another dr. who wanted to do an ultrasound. Had to turn her down too.
    I'm barely 42 and basically all I can get from my dr.s is that they continue me on the same old, cheap meds (no drug coverage either, if it isn't old and cheap or if I can't bum it off a drug co's charitable freebie plan, forget it!) I've been on for years and hope for the best.
    I swear I never thought I'd come to the point so early in my life – where all I can get is minimal care except for emergency treatment (and I'd have to think long and hard before going to the ER since I know I'll be saddled with a big bill that will take months, if not years, to pay off). This is the future for most of us under Obamacare. Worse yet, I guess one day I'll have the IRS breathing down my neck because my health plan doesn't pass muster…that's how they get rid of people, poor and middle class of any age and health status. Luckily I have good dr's but I don't know what I will do if I need any kind of surgery or expensive treatment, probably be like that poor little kid…be denied or asked for fork over cash I don't have.

  102. LovedtheoldUSAbetter says:

    You are a liberal idiot. I have seen your blogs before and you ARE an Obama ass-kisser.
    Of course, she would have been able to have secured a kidney transplant, retarded or not. That factor shouldn't even enter into the picture.

    What if this was, let's say, YOUR CHILD? Would you be so cavalier with his or her life? ALL life is sacred, you callous bastard. Even if the child is handicapped, he or she has the RIGHT to live. Doctors have played God in the past. I have known a few and for those infants born with deficiencies that these doctors allowed to die due to additional surgical cost and life-long medical care. They now carry a heavy load of guilt that will follow them to their graves. Some have admitted that they could have and should have done more for their little patients.

    Or what if you contract cancer at age 72? Don't think that you will be given the bare minimum of treatments due to your "advanced" age. You ready to give up YOUR life just because some panel says you're to old to waste the money on in treating you. You will howl how unjust your lack of treatment is, I'm sure. And please don't tell me you will accept your fate willingly because you won't. You will go screaming and kicking to the little pink quilted room where you will say goodbye to your family and then be put to sleep like a sick dog.

    But with treatment, you might have lived another 5-25 years.

    And it all starts with getting rid of the mentally and physically handicapped….culling them from the herd.
    Hitler did it; just watch the History Channel if you don't believe me. You can watch the retarded children being herded up to be eliminated from society.

    I would hate to think like you. And I hope that God will have no mercy on you and all those like you who believe in the convenience and cost-effective practice known as Euthanesia.

  103. Marvin Foster says:

    Linda, YOU gave them that right when you voted to send them to Washington to represent US. Anyone that voted for any one of them to stay in Washington "Gave Them That Right To Play God". Of course, that will change at the end of time but for now they can play GOD as long as voter send them to Washington. It's very difficult to understand how voters can be so uneducated as to not understand that.

  104. And I thought this would only affect the older among us who might have debilitating illnesses like England, go home and die, you will cost too much and no we don't care if you have money to pay for the treatment. Welcome to Obama care.

  105. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    everyone who voted for obama gave him the right to design his death panel health care.

  106. Of course there are "death panels", and there has been for years. I am on dialysis and my wife and and I are perfectly compatible for a transplant. My nephrologist at the time, not knowing about my wife's compatibility, told me to get a transplant before I turned 70 because they don't like to do transplants on people over 70 and probably wouldn't approve it. If that's not a death panel, what is?

  107. Doctor's have told a good family friend they will not do a liver transplant and his family is ready to donate liver for him, they say he's to old and the risk is to high to the family member because he is 65 yrs old, they pretty much senteced him to death the way I see it as well. I don't understand how doctor's can dictate who they will treat and who they won't!

  108. We now live in a communist country! Our so-called government officials have now become full U. N. Agenda 21 followers and will lead us off to the death camps! It's here now! The docs are either quitting or giving in to big gov.

    We cannot let the garbage dictator and his misfits take away our freedom.
    WE must do all we can to save America!

  109. it will come back to them, karma remember what goes around comes. God does work in mysterious ways. Perhaps those of us praying and asking forgivness for not being active for the many years the progressives were stealing our liberties and allowing for the evil that inundates our daily social lives, will be heard and answered.


  111. I am from a country with public health care. To tell you the truth, "death panels" would be a good thing, compared to what happens here.
    It is important to know that doctors do not need to offer or provide care that they believe has no benefit. There has never been a court case in the US where a doctor has been held liable for withholding care.
    So when a parents says "I want my child to live" the doctor smiles and nods, and the parents believe that their decision was respected. Not so. The doctor merely ignores symptoms or tells families that they are not serious and the next thing you know….it is too late to treat.
    A death panel is at least transparent and allows the parents to fight for their child.

  112. Sounds to me like you and the author are the callous ones. This has nothing to do with Obamacare.

  113. This is a mandate for private insurance. It is not State run in any way.

  114. Hamster Island says:

    For one, the doctor and the social worker should be fired, since the "mentally retarded" phrase should never be used by a professional health care provider. I guess that in the "brave new world" of Obamacare professional ethics is thrown aside (BTW, I hate to say that but welcome to my past of the free and universal healthcare for all that the people of the Communist countries used to have, which also meant stone age medications/treatments, no referrals, huge waiting period to see your primary care doc, I remember my dad had to bring a photo paper so that the doctor could take my X-rays, and other fun stuff).



  116. I don't think Obama had much to do with his mothers death as she died of cancer. However, I have ALWAYS wondered about the Grandmother who raised him. Charley said it better than I could have said what was on my mind and I have had a gut feeling that it will all come out once and for all, not only an imposter in the WH and Oval Office, but also perhaps a murder of his family members. Also, mysteriously, a sister in Indonesia mysteriously died when she was not known to be ill as far as I know. She was a sister he was raised with and adopted by Soetoro and Obama's mother, so what is the real story there? I recall he made a visit to that island not long before or after the inauguration.

  117. I think more people now know what is involved in obamacare. But there are still people like daves (above) who have their blinders on and absolutely will not believe what is real.

  118. How old is obama?

  119. Mare, it looks to me that "You are so wrong and have no clue what you are talking about". What you describe about state-run healthcare in your first paragraph could be true but has nothing to do with Obamacare. Obamacare is not state-run health care, you idiotic, first among all FixedNews lame brain follower sheep. Obamacare mandates that everyone buys health-care insurance, period. Healthcare is ran by the healthcare providers and the insurance companies, like they did before Obamacare except now thanks to Obamacare they cannot turn you down for insurance nor refuse payment for preexisting conditions, cannot drop you if you get sick, children under 26 who live with can continue to be covered under your policy.
    Your second paragraph again has nothing to do with Obamacare.

  120. MARION_HARRIS says:

    Could not have said it better myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. MARION_HARRIS says:


  122. Shane Baker says:

    1. I am a Ron Paul fan and despise Obama and Obamacare and Romney and Romney care.

    2. I am a physician.

    3. I don't think this story has anything to do with Obamacare.

    4. I agree with the panel. We, as a nation, can't pay for everything and sometimes tough decisions have to be made. Of course the mother wants everything possible done under the sun. But she isn't paying for it and doesn't have the right to demand that it be done if she isn't paying for it.

    5. I think the mother is the liberal and I think you are a liberal to demand "free" healthcare for this baby or anyone else.

    6. There is a world of difference between killing and letting die. We all are born with a right not to be killed. No one is born with a right to every possible medical treatment.

    7. I think you are lying to say you know doctors who have let people die and later on feel horrible about it. My experience is just the opposite. As a Christian man and loving father of 6 children, I am haunted by the kids I took care of during my pediatric rotations who are literally vegetables and abandoned by family, kept alive by the state almost like little revenue-generating units for the healthcare system who gets to keep performing procedures to keep them alive and billing for every one of them. Somethings are worse than death. I've seen too many that death looked more merciful than what we put them through.

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