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The Customs Service Moves Inland. “Your Papers, Please!”

Written by Gary North on January 19, 2012

The nooses are tightening on citizens.

From all the research I have done the Customs and Border Protection has been conducting interior or what some call Internal checkpoints many miles within the United States of America even though border patrol agents already search cars and conduct inspections at the border. . . .

. . . I found out that these checkpoints are provided by the Department of Homeland Security (What a surprise? Janet Napolitano runs the DHS) for one of their divisions called the U.S. Customs and Border protection. Even Wikipedia confirmed that these border inspection stations completely independent from the regular border patrol searches and Passport ID checks, are located between 25 and 75 miles of the Mexico – United States border along major U.S. highways. Wikipedia even is pushing the anti-terrorism propaganda as to why Americans need to go through internal inspection checkpoints 25 to 100 miles within the continental United States.

The boder patrol is moving inland.

From what the document shows these checkpoints are permanent and will require more U.S. tax payers dollars to set these up all for our protection and safety within violation of the 4th and 1st Amendment since they aren’t at the border but internally within the country where anyone could just be going to the grocery store and forced to go through these so called checkpoints.

The government does not want us shooting videos of these sites.

No Federal Employee whether on a public tax paid highway/interstate or in any public street corner can forced you to turn off your camera and tell you not to film any public event or events going on in public space. Even on private property as long as the property right allows you to film cops cannot tell you to stop filming on public or private property unless the private property owner specifically doesn’t want you to film on his property but you can film on a public sidewalk.

If any CBP officer arrests you for filming the inspection make sure he/her knows you will sue him/her in Federal or state court for violation of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitutional rights which give us the right to report the news (Freedom of the Press) which also includes filming police officers, DHS or ICE inspection officers conducting searches, TSA officers, or any government officer on public property. Even the Federal Appeals court ruled that we have a right to film police officers in public. Read the PDF here (mirrored on USWGO). You have every right to sue a government official for improper conduct and violations of the U.S. Constitution as they all swore an Oath to Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Also since the searches are not conducted on the border but close to the border this means tons of regular Americans are forced to be searched against their will thus violating their 4th Amendment which protects people against search and seizure.

The trouble is, the Feds have deep pockets. We don’t.

Then these is this question.

If these checkpoints are a great thing and will only stop illegal immigrants and other criminals then why is the Federal Government allowing the Mexican Drug Cartels the freedom to do as they please? Why are guns illegally being shipped from the U.S. the Mexican through Operation Fast and Furious?

Answer: because these bureaucracies are not coordinated. They do all sorts of inconsistent and stupid things. They spend money. They increase their power. Consistency has nothing to do with it.

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10 thoughts on “The Customs Service Moves Inland. “Your Papers, Please!”

  1. So typical of this current federal administration and its cadre of idiots. They still don't understand how the internet works and the results of the info posted on the websites. They are starting to get it, thus the SOPA and PIPA bills in Congress. Attempt to shut off the flow of info not favorable to the administration.
    On the matter of the checkpoints, cuz that is what they are, illegal as hell. Once again, typical of DHS and its minions. Get stopped? Film it, get names and badge numbers and file a lawsuit against the agents, they don't have deep pockets.

  2. The "Inland" check points have been there since the 1960's, at least that's when I first ran into one of them in the Southern California desert. The reason, they say, is to catch those who got away at the border.
    Nowadays the border itself is a joke and no one is taking their jobs seriously, half of the people who come across have no ID whatsoever.
    Let's face, it is under this administration that the United States is the only country in the world that doesn't care who comes into the country. Try sneaking into any other country without papers and see what happens. Take Mexico for instant, they complaint about their northern border, but if you sneak into Mexico from the South, you will find your rear end in jail for a long, long, time.

  3. Oh yes! I was going into Vermont with a load (tractor-trailer) and noticed at their portable scale spot, was the normal contingent of "diesel cops", AND a US border Patrol vehicle. It struck me as being a little odd at the time, but that was it. This was some several years back, but was post 9/11. Just one other quirky thing. I was in San Yasidro, CA, and the shipper who was loading my trailer, asked me if I'd like to go over to Tijuana with him and see his facilities, and I did. On the way back across the border, one of the guys on our side(Border Patrol or customs) asked for ID. Nothing unusual, right?
    Well, I handed over my military ID (ANG) and he asked me my citizenship. Duh! I came way too close to telling him, "Oh, I'm a freakin' Russian spy". Glad I didn't, but I'd have loved to have seen the look on his face if I had done it. 🙂

  4. The agents are only acting under orders. Sue the agency. It does have deep pockets.

  5. Ihre papier, bitte ! Yawohl, Herr Jughead. Sig Heil !

  6. This is exactly what we, the current crop of somnambulistic Americans, deserve for electing, en masse, fools and tyrants to our positions of public trust! Wake up, folks, and boot their kiesters out on the street, where they can either get real jobs or starve. We need to start electing only folks who have proven in real life to be exemplary in their dealings- that is to say, worthy role models. Caution: this course of action requires actual attention, thought, and commitment to America's original, morally correct values. Does this mean we're toast? Time will tell…

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    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Mr. Harris

  8. If the government can keep us out of area 51 with deadly force then why ca't the same rule be applied to the boarders of our country? Just a thought……..

  9. ca't = can't

  10. Hotnike says:

    DHS. Just a bunch of A–H-LES. Time to load and use.