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New Federal Moves to Restrict Gun Sales

Written by Gary North on January 19, 2012

The federal government is now tracking gun sales through added paperwork. One gun store resisted. It filed a lawsuit to resist. A judge has thrown out the case.

The rules affect pretty much any firearm that is not a handgun. That includes hunting rifles, semi-automatics, those with detachable magazines and any caliber .22 or higher.

Under the rules states bordering Mexico, like Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico, stores must report anyone who buys two or more of those guns in a five day span to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Friday a federal judge ruled the Obama rules can stay. Some say it’s a blow to store owners and the nation’s second amendment rights. The NRA is working on appealing that ruling saying tracking those following the rules is pointless.

“Our current laws need to be enforced, and our current laws are adequate,” Arulanandam said. “What they’re doing is burdening law abiding retailers, and this will eventually put the burden on all law abiding gun owners.”

Retailers also say they take every precaution when selling guns, including the government mandated background checks.

“We are actually more stringent than what the law requires,” Ryan Burt the CEO of Calibers Shooting Range said. “We go above and beyond, and that’s on purpose because we want to keep our clientele at a certain level.”

What is the government’s motivation? Covering up its own mess.

The NRA believes the increased regulations are in place because of the government’s failed Fast and Furious gunrunning operation.

The government argues that about 80 percent of the guns used in criminal activity by the cartels come from mom and pop gun shops in the border states like New Mexico.

So, the noose tightens.

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88 thoughts on “New Federal Moves to Restrict Gun Sales

  1. I have an idea. Instead of selling firearms that’s lease or rent them. Say I own a store that happens to sale firearms. I have a customer looking at a firearm that cost $100.00 instead of buy the firearm the customer rents or leases it for say $90.00 up front with an option to renew the agreement annually for $1.00 per renewal. Just an idea I’m sure that someone will tear this suggestion apart but you never know until you try.

  2. the govt always adds new rules to interfere with the citizens when the govt failes to do its job

  3. a hand gun isn't going to help much when it comes to hunting. you have to get to close to the target.
    Maybe that's why the government doesn't want people to have riffles. It's all a crock of b.s what the government is doing.
    I don't even own a gun, but I'm not going to tell others that they can't have them for self defense or hunting.

  4. Nobdy-cares13 says:

    At least you make sense. Wish there were more people like you. We do not have to agree on everything but live and let live. Keep our freedoms what we have left. Get back to the Constitution.

  5. Erik Osbun says:

    The government is striving to cover up it's violation of the law with "Fast and Furious."

  6. The suggestion that an international drug cartel with hundreds or thousands of guns can only get them retail is ludicrous.

    The suggestion that they can't afford a tank of gas to drive to another state — say Oklahoma — is also delusional.

    None of this actually has anything to do with guns going to drug dealers in Mexico. It has to do with guns going to American citizens.

  7. Just remember- GUN CONTROL is not about GUNS: it is about CONTROL. Just say NO to gun control and any other libtard cockamamey proposal. Libtards want to control everything about your life, your fortune, your bank account, your liberty, and everything else. Free people are prefectly capable of thinking and doing for themselves.

  8. i didnt know new mexico was on the border !!!! i thought there was a big state called texas between new mexico and mexico how can you belive the government when they dont know what a border states is as well as this reporter

  9. Can any one believe this? – Manuel? Schools must have stopped teaching geography?

  10. I disagree about handguns not used for hunting…nothing more challenging than hunting with a handgun and open sights. 100 yards with a .357 magnum is difficult but do-able and when I hunt I carry a sidearm, too.

  11. Just buy them from different dealers. Spread the wealth. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  12. sounds stupid to me…

  13. The problem with trying to stamp out crime by restricting guns is that guns are really simple devices. A shotgun is basically just a tube with a firing pin at one end.

    During the Mao Mao rebellion people living in very primitive conditions made guns out of pieces of water pipe: http://www.vikingsword.com/vb/showthread.php?t=83….

    During WW2 a MILLION liberator pistols were made in the US in just three months (starting from scratch). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FP-45_Liberator.

    It is not uncommon for home-made pistols to be found IN PRISON. http://www.kk.org/streetuse/archives/weapons/

    If the BATFE really wants to eliminate illegal weapons it needs to outlaw drill-presses, lathes and other common shop tools. Alternatively they could stop being idiots and obey the Constitution.

  14. Well I'll be…..Looks like the secret purpose of Gun Walker Fast and Furious is working out for the Obama and Eric Holder's WH gang after all…..Who would've thought?

  15. The problem with trying to stamp out crime by restricting guns is that guns are really simple devices. A shotgun is basically just a tube with a firing pin at one end.

    During the Mao Mao rebellion people living in very primitive conditions made guns out of pieces of water pipe: http://www.vikingsword.com/vb/showthread.php?t=83….

    During WW2 a MILLION liberator pistols were made in the US in just three months (starting from scratch). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FP-45_Liberator.

    It is not uncommon for home-made pistols to be found IN PRISON. http://www.kk.org/streetuse/archives/weapons/

    If the BATFE really wants to eliminate illegal weapons it needs to outlaw drill-presses, lathes and other common shop tools. Alternatively they could stop being idiots and obey the Constitution.

  16. Anthony San Diego says:

    Manuel, you really shouldn't post if all you're going to do is stick your foot in your mouth.
    Better take another look at a map of the SouthWestern region of the USA.

  17. Well at least right now,
    you have the right to make that decision. Thats what I want for everyone. I don't want the backward government making laws about what I can or can't do about everything. They don't care about us in the first place, they care about money.

  18. Jeff_Georgia says:

    Nothing? Try a bow and arrow. Spear. Knife.

  19. Oh, I thought the Federal Government shipped guns to Mexican Drug Cartels. I didn't know NM was selling the guns to Drug Cartels so they could in return kill North of the Border Citizens.. That's news to me. The more I read about this, it's like a replay of Dumb and Dumber – but not funny.

  20. Jeff_Georgia says:

    Can you read a map? Do you know what a map is?

  21. Ultimately it is a good idea, however you would have to figure out some things.
    Who would the gun be registered to… In the case of a "Rental" like a DVD or lease like an apartment you do not own it, you rent it. If it is still registered under the Store, and not the individual carrying it, then the store might be responsible for it.
    I do not believe I can actually carry a weapon, that is not registered to me. Except my Wife's Guns (Yes Plural).At least in MI.

    I think States should mandate that everyone over the age of 21 must purchase or carry a firearm at all times…Crime would dive as everyone would be armed… Who would be crazy enough to walk into a bank and rob it if they knew that everyone else had a gun ready to point and fire at them?


  22. They said they didn't own a gun so that tells you why they don't know what they are talking about. I've hunted with a .44 magnum for over 40 years. If you can't hunt with your handgun, get a bigger one. If you don't know anything about guns or own guns, find another blog to yap on.

  23. Control Freaks will go to all lengths to have their own way or to protect their own arsses.

  24. Amen i don't own a gun either and never have and hope that i never need to but i despise all those that want to take any single right away from us.
    I am not a reporter never have been and hope that i never am but but will always despise anyone that wants to take away free speech rights also.

  25. "Our natural, inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation from government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment." Ronald Reagan

  26. So- What they are saying is that the guns used in street crimes come from legitimate, legal gun shops. What a crock. Just another attempt to control legal access to firearms. Then only the Government and criminals (redundant) will have guns. We live in a scary America, folks. May God bless us all, we really need it!

  27. The only problem would be the level of expertise among the general public would vary widely. Looking at it responsibly, the Congress should challenge this on the grounds that the Gun Control Act of 1968 specifically prohibits the enactment of new regulations that are not ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the implementation of that particular law. Where is Congress? Asleep at the switch again! Or What are they afraid of?

  28. And finding out who has them. Don't think for a minute that this adminstration is going to destroy the records within the required time frame. They will be hidden somewhere against the day they come to take them away. The more little changes in procedure, the more likely your name will appears somewhere in the system as a gun owner unless you take specific measure to avoid it. And what idiot is going to knowingly walk into a store and legally purchase a weapon on Monday and then come back again on Friday for another one knowing full well that the feds will be knocking on his door on Monday morning? This procedural mess is worthless. All someone has to do is wait six days and they are not reported.

  29. If the federal communist can bypass the congress and enact new gun restrictions with the blessing of our communist justice system, which also includs the communist judges , then that means their illegal, unconstitutional gun running and chronic violations of both the Mexican and American borders, and of international treaties between Mexico, Columbia, and the United States was a huge success and accomplished at least part of their on going plan of total confiscation of all weapons.. Look for more of the same. The congress is just acting out a political theatrical play, because it is after all, an election cycle. The congress has known about the gun running and drug running by the DEA, FBI, CIA, and other federal agencies for deacades, and did absolutely nothing to stop or hinder the illegal activies. The facts are they were complicit in all of the illegal activies.

  30. "As a gun owner and hunter, I am very concerned about my 'right' to keep and bear arms. However, as the Christian head of my home, I am much more concerned about my God-ordained responsibility to keep and bear arms for the protection of my family, home, and possessions. I am not a Second Amendment advocate. Americans who tout the Second Amendment as their authority to keep and bear arms may ultimately do more harm than good to their so-called right….

    "Disconcerting as many Americans may find the erosion of the Second Amendment guarantee, what is even more disturbing is that five people have the power to decide whether United States citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families, to what degree, and with what weapons. The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have the right to bear arms, but only until they say otherwise…. If you look to the Second Amendment for your authority to bear arms, that authority is contingent upon the fickle nature of nine fallible human beings."

    For more, see "Amendment 2: Self-Defense: Constitutional or Biblical?" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitut….

    We are at the very beginning of what perhaps is the most significant paradigm shift in America's history (besides perhaps the 17th-century Puritans establishing their Colonial governments upon Yahweh's law). America is beginning to recognize her national idol that like Gideon of old must be repented of before we can regain Christian dominion of our nation. Our darkest hour will prove to be our brightest moment. I offer as proof a radio interview Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America conducted with me on December 31, 2011. You can listen to or download it from Gun Owner's of America's website at http://irnusaradio.com/our-programs/gunowners-new…. See the second entry from the top.

  31. I think you are only half-correct. What they (those who aspire to government positions) most want is control over other peoples’ lives, which includes control over their money. And when some control is achieved, more control becomes possible and their next goal. Their approach is an incremental one until all liberty and personal responsibility (other than to obey them) is gone.

  32. Concerned Patriot says:

    Our state legislators, especially those state houses that passed state legislation to re-establish their own 10th amendment rights, need to use their 10th amendment power to refuse this federal encroachment. State house senators of border states need to stand up to the feds themselves, propose state house bills to take official action against federal bullying of their business owners.

    You need to be calling your state representatives to take action on this, to propose a state bill to oppose this action.

  33. I support gun control 100%. About a 1 inch group at 100 yards!
    (As an aside, Ron Paul is the only one running who straight up supports citizens' firearms rights. Reason enough to give him another look, IMHO)
    Drink upstream of the herd, and keep your powder dry…(I stole this quote from someone on another forum. Thanks.)

  34. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California together comprise the US-Mexico border.

  35. All the AK47 and AK74 over the world did not come from America. Guess who supplied them? Also, to my way of thinking, Russia and China would supply ANYONE that could and would destroy us and with the help of our own government, they are going to help do it.

  36. Old school: "Zip gun". Usually made from an old school hollow section of a car radio antenna, a stout rubber band, etc. .22 cal. As an earlier poster said,"If there's a will, there's a way." Words to live by…
    As for "illegal" weapons, this is unconstitutional on its face. A large part of the reason for citizens being armed is to keep government in its proper place, which requires at least an attempt at parity with said government- in other words, citizens, who are after all the government's boss, should own any dang weapon they wish, if that's what it takes for them to feel secure in their persons, homes, and effects. If this sounds crazy and/or extreme, it is just an indication of how far our liberties have eroded. Tyranny is a very creepy, sneaky thing, folks…

  37. Ted, you are correct. The 2nd amendment grants nothing- it merely reiterates our God-given right to defend those who need it. This is a key distinction that anyone who calls themselves a person should take to heart. Those who do not are mere subjects, aka sheep (a species kept for food and fabric, and slaughtered at their Master's whim). Citizens or sheep, folks? Pick one…soon…

  38. They may not know about hunting or guns, but they were trying to make a point about rights and the government taking them away. I completely agree with them on that point. They said they do not own a gun, but that doesn't mean everyone else should lose that right.

  39. Lets all get togrther and VOTE them all out of Office. If we start over with good people and pay them only a small salery for 2 years only then reelect new good people. By good people I mean honest citicens of this USA. The 2 year termlimit will keep them from becoming what we have today Crooks, theves and liers. If one goes bad kick him or her OUT.

  40. Add boomerangs and blowguns to the list of items which you mentioned.

  41. Lawmakers are exercising their right to be dorks.


  43. This is patently unlawful – In order for a 'law' to actually BE LAW, it must apply equally to all …. and a 'national' registry is already against the law.

  44. Those (including the "attorney general" nuisance and his boss) who participated in that violation of our laws should be held accountable for their misdeeds.

  45. They probably want to control everyone's excretory functions too.

  46. Tom Berquist says:

    Fast and Furious was to SET-UP the second ammendment so the government could point to all those American based guns found it Mexico. It backfired so the Fed's had the guts to go for what they could get…border states. The loss of life did not work into their equation. Time for Holder and Obama to go….and the rest of the Progressives can follow them either out of the country or to Treason charges which Holder and his boss should certainly receive.

  47. Eric and his boss will be conducting residential visits to check out home workshops which may exist. Licensing will be mandatory and annual fees will be assessed. Those fees will be greater for owners possessing any tools capable of cutting, planing, or drilling anything stronger than balsa wood and more intense background checks will be mandatory for those owners/users.

  48. Is the judge who dismissed the case the solicitor troll who has protected the "boss" that picked her? Are there no impartial parties handling such matters?

  49. Don't give them any ideas!

  50. No one is impartial. The question is: who is committed, and how committed are we? we're in the fight of our lives- disregard this at your peril.
    Keep your Karma clean, and your powder dry…

  51. Bill McCroskey says:

    It's a old..old addage….but it says it all in my opinion. When guns are outlawed….only outlaws will have guns. A 82 year old man just exercised his gun owners rights here in Florida….saved the state both a trial and 45 grand a year for a few years incarceration for housing a burglar that was breaking in his house. The police chief of Daytona Beach said 'the home owner did what the justice system wouldn't…he put this guy away.' No charges will be filed….the home invasion career is a short lived 'gig' in Florida.

  52. Under Communism, the amount of paperwork increases to the point of being so burdensome that it prevents (or at least greatly hinders) the public from having the time and means to research what the government is actually doing and having the times to ban together to form any opposition to the government.

  53. Screw them I will by what ever I want and need. With or without papers.

  54. You are partially correct. Your present administration would eliminate your 2nd amendment and confiscate ALL your guns if it weren't for those who are willing to fight for LIBERTY. As it is they are satisfied with chipping away slowly at our FREEDOM !

  55. Tony in MO says:

    I watched a program on one of those uber-liberal news channels quoting an alleged BATFE agent who said that over 2,000 weapons a day were being smuggled into Mexico from the U.S. What a crock of crapola! He also said that 90% of the weapons seized by Mexican authorities came from the U.S. Another crock! Those fully automatic AK-47's and other REAL fully automatic machine guns are, for the main part, NOT coming from U.S. dealers, they're coming from other countries and smuggled into Mexico from Central America and other nations.

  56. They dont want you to have rifles because they have rifles, and they don't want you shooting back at them when they come for you. They want the edge, they wont have it when American citizens are armed to the teeth with long range retaliation. They know they can't starve us of resources, so they'll have to disarm us "first" and then….

  57. Korean Vet says:

    I just read a post on another article-blog–that informed us that the same person–who bought a control-interest in
    30 'Major News Media" to control or censor the Truth from the American Public was putting "Big Bucks" recentlly into
    Buying Stock Interest in "Gun Manufacturers in the USA" –! "Two-Bits says you may guess his name–"George Soros"-!
    It's a blessing to be warned by a 'Paul Revere' ahead of the 'Actual Crisis'-! Who does he think–he's Kidding-!?

  58. concerned citizen says:

    Obumer said he wants to reduce the size of our military. Now he wants to reduce the amount of guns law abiding citizens have for when he declares marshall law. American citizens are the biggest miltary in the world about 70 million strong and growing

  59. How can a judge make a ruling on anything other than LAW. Rules are not laws passed by Congress! And ONLY Congress can make law!!!

  60. UHM I bet they can purchase fully auto weapons and explosives in the black market. they have how much money? let repeal the drug laws and see how the money for it dries up. if it is legal states can get revenue. hmm just don't bill me when your hooked or if you break-in to my house to find something to sell or money for your drug habit I will make sure you won't leave alive?

  61. this is a good example of state run ANYTHING!

  62. If they did that Obama would have to keep his mouth shut!

  63. My God in Heaven!! WILL YOU MORONS OPEN YOU EYES!!!! This is nothing more than the ONGOING, ACTIVE, DETERMINED, effort of this regime to OVERTHROW OUR NATION.. Hello????? Are the American people so stupid.. so absent an ability to see, to hear, to observe, that they do NOT SEE what the hell is going on here in our nation?????? My God.. Good Lord, God Almighty!!! Wake the hell up America.. or it is TOO LATE.. Save our nation, our beloved, FREE country.. our NATION.. NOW.. NOW. NOW!!!! Start paying attention to something beside that stupid Dancing with Some Moron who makes a laughing stock of our country, OR.. SOME STUPID IDOL WHO CALLS HIM/HER SELF American!!

  64. Efking idiot!! This is a prime example of how stupid Americans are!!! This moron does not even know where the efking states are in the United States.. how could this idiotic moron know where the border are?? Another ignorant moron, another "average" American, one of the majority who are happy to have their nation robbed from them by a Chicago Mafia Black Communist Dictator.. and his cronies, total dictatorial liars, cheats, crooks, and thieves!! Wake the hell up morons!!!



  67. wonder does romney have anything to do with this like his health care plan. We have to buy as many as we can and lots ammo . With obambo letting our borders stay open and giveing it to the muslummss we sure going needs lots hide out


  69. OldGeezer75 says:

    Look, – LEAVE MANUEL ALONE – PLEASE…!! – He's one of our typical Democrat voters.. If He gets Too Smart about things, – He will quickly become a Republican and begin to infect the rest of His People with Truth & Knowlege.. We Democrats in POWER require a "Dumbed Down Population" or we loose Control of our Power & our Politics..

  70. true.. true, true.. true.. TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. OldGeezer75 says:

    Don't mis-understand the Motive of this democrat Administration (the government) – – it was too fast & furiously develop hard evidence & solid PROOF that it is American-made Guns, sold in American Gun Stores are 100% responsible for the bulk of all gun crime & violence both here and in Mexico.. FACE IT, – Liberal Democrats want all guns removed from the free peoples everywhere.. They KNOW that when YOU have the Fire-Power to say NO to their invasion of your RIGHTS – they cannot RULE & DICTATE you a Better Liberal Life.. Now if you will just SUBMIT, – we democrats can run your LIFE..

  72. OldGeezer75 says:

    Look, – "The Feds" at all levels are in exactly the same Criminal Business as the "Street-Level Thug," – the ONLY difference is that they – "Have the LAW on their Side." Name the Street Crime, and elements of the government are deeply involved in that same activity, – – They do DRUG to find drug sellers, – they SELL drugs to find Users, – they transport drugs to follow the pathways to the Producers, – they "wash" the drug money's to find & follow the national drug cash-flows, – they USE drugs to assess the Quality, – they Spend drug money to fund their Operations.. "They have the LAW on their Side" for the Good it does and for the BAD it does.. It's called, – "CRIME CONTROL" – – with emphisis on the word "Control."

  73. Time to put you investments in commodities (guns, store-able foods, candles, etc) and precious metals (copper and lead) !

  74. Thanks for the laugh Manuel:
    . http://www.myonlinemaps.com/new-mexico.php

  75. Yes leave Manuel alone he thinks that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are part of the 57 states of the USA.

  76. Obama and his henchmen will use any and all ways to limit or prohibit our right to bear arms. Like other common criminals their power is significantly countered if their victim is not armed.

  77. We need to stop talking crap and unite at the State level dont be a pansy-ass call your congressman a thousand times,then start over we cant leave it to politicians who we think are on our side,they have too many distractions.You old veterans “like me“ get to the range and practice. God be with us all.

  78. Firearms stand next in importance to the United States Constitution
    itself. They are the American peoples liberty teeth and keystone under
    independence……from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day,
    events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security
    and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very
    atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference. They
    deserve a place with all that's good.

    George Washington – First President of the United States.

  79. To perserve liberty, it's essential that the whole body of the people
    always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young,
    how to use them.

    Richard Henry Lee – American Statesman, 1788.

  80. Those who hammer their guns into plows,
    will plow for those who don't.

    Thomas Jefferson.

  81. Next They will outlaw all gun sales!
    If We Don’ WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    This Is Our Future Now! http://www.infowars.com/government-censors-docume
    This Future is already here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6nchQl9JDg&fe
    America is on the precipice of demise! http://www.inflation.us/videos.html
    Help WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    Info @ http://www.wakeupamerica.com/constitutionalbeliev… just as many conservative groups have, along with thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, or millions more will help take back our republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Mr. Harris

  82. IGotAComment says:

    They will next limit gun powder and primers. Guns without bullets equal sticks and clubs.

    Buys ammunition guys and gals.

    Obama and most of his' hench-people' are lawyers. They are trained to plan and execute. They don't ask a question unless they know the answer and how the scenario will usually plan out. Example: CNN asked Gingrich the question about his former wife's charge. They thought they knew how he was going to respond … but he didn't gp along with their political ambush. He gave them a completely different answer. And he continued to win on the second point CNN came up with.

  83. Food for thought !
    National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

    Here’s the thing…….each and every politician who wrote and signed the NDAA from Obama on down have beyond any doubt broken their oath of office to uphold the constitution………….there was no reason whatsoever for the law other than the fact the central bankers who own the Federal Reserve & Wall St want absolute protection from the OWS protestors………..but they took their fears way, way too far…………
    The American people hold the key to this…………all we need to do in a massive demand is insist that each and every member of Congress who voted for NDAA and the President who signed it MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE……….and charged with high treason against this country………….it’s an easy fix………….we the people must take control of this country and defeat the facsist bankster pigs who have bought every corrupt elected official………
    In fact, we could use NDAA against them….imagien their surprise when we the people deem them terrorists working against America –which they surely are—–and ship them off to GITMO forever without a trial or charges……………they’d be quite shocked to find they trapped and held captive by their own legislation………………. Congress and that monumental fraud of president who bleives himself the dictator of a fascist country need to be corrected…….and we the people have the power to do it……….
    State by state each elected official who voted yes on NDAA must be recalled and prosecuted….Wouldn’t that just surprise the shit out of these little self serving worms………….. After all if this new law is good enough for us why not them?

  84. "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
    -Benjamin Franklin

  85. Thanks for your reply. In 2008, the CPUSA opened a new national office in Manhattan, NY. Among the accolades regarding the strength and growth of the Party, the following comment was made: "The Party should be optimistic because we now have a Marxist headed for the White House." This country operates on a 20 year economic cycle. We are currently on the down-slope of such a cycle. The Left-Wing Nuts have spent too many years (at least 100), too much time, effort, and money, with too many people to give up now. There is strong evidence to suggest there is a shadow government (probably at least in part) existing in both D.C. and Chicago that is just waiting to "turn the key." If you want more info, let me know.

  86. Here's the problem: Regulations from government agencies are NOT THE LAW!! They are regulations to used only within that department and followed only by it's employees.
    Only Congress can write law!!! And it cannot by any means extend that provision to any agency! And these agencies are within the Executive Branch!!!!!!
    Outrageously unconstitutional! And no one is obligated to obey them!!!

  87. the very idea of allowing guns to flow to drug cartels, on the pretense of arresting someone in those cartels, is preposterous and ludicrous!!!!
    Never would anyone in the BATFE or even the US Marines would go down to arrest a cartel boss!!!!