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Bonehead Congressman Who Confiscated Cell Phones Runs for Cover

Written by Gary North on January 19, 2012

Before the revelation of his YouTubed town hall meeting, Congressman Chabot had banned cell phones at his town hall meetings since July 2011. Then he got publicity he did not need. The Tea Party went after him. The Tea Party joined the Left to skin him.

This is a very good thing. This shows these arrogant dolts that the Internet will get them when they pull bonehead stunts. YouTube will make them famous in a way they do not want. The Internet is powerful.

Congress found this out on Wednesday, January 18. SOPA went down in flames. The Good Old Boys thought they could pull a fast one. They couldn’t. They got caught.

Congress is filled with bi-partisan mini-tyrants. They are finding that the public has had it, and the Internet is the public’s tool of revenge.

Chabot has also been known to restrict the format of his town hall events, requiring participants to sign in when they enter and write out their questions beforehand. Staffers then choose which questions the congressman answers.

In response to the outcry, Schwartz said that at Chabot’s next town hall meeting, scheduled for Monday, cameras will not be confiscated and individuals will be able to ask questions directly.

“We will be modifying our policy to allow individual citizens to bring cameras to our town hall events and will be instructing those in attendance that if they have a private question for the Congressman that he will be available to meet with them after the meeting concludes,” he said.

As a former staffer for Ron Paul, let me assure you that any Congressman who lets his staffers cherry-pick questions in a public meeting is a brain-dead, gutless wonder.Can you imagine Ron Paul screening questions? Confiscating cell phones?

It is a delight to watch these guys run for cover. This is the wave of the future. They will get no more free rides. They will get lots of free publicity on YouTube.

Hooray for YouTube. Hooray for cell phones. Hooray for the Internet.

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37 thoughts on “Bonehead Congressman Who Confiscated Cell Phones Runs for Cover

  1. Bill McCroskey says:

    There could be a sinister case made between the dolts of D.C. wanting to control their 'photo ops' in all ways and the power that would have been vested in D.C. if SOPA had been inacted. I truly believe that the internet will be written about by future historians as the greatest tool of freedom that has been offered to humanity in history up until this point of time. Governments around the globe are now open to criticism and scrutiny by their 'subjects' like never in history.

  2. o thats just great, the ppl fell for another distraction, we saved the internet but when they raced the ndaa act thru and eliminated the 4th ammendment we were asleep

  3. "…any Congressman who lets his staffers cherry-pick questions in a public meeting is a brain-dead, gutless wonder."

    Yeah and that goes double for a "president" who utters "uh" repeatedly when his teleprompter goes out.

    But I see the issue growing here. The left won't see the Tea Party's efforts at free speech the same way, when it's turned around on them. Remember, they are two faced, hypocrites who think rules only apply to the other guy.

  4. That's right! Give 'em hel- folks. Even more important, is to record the audio, so it may be scrutinized later. Politicians seem to have a real talent for placing foot in mouth. He-he!

  5. American Thinker says:

    The red flag here was the police officers willingness to confiscate the phone, following illegal orders.

  6. Nobdy-cares13 says:

    You are so right. They were just following orders. Where have we heard that before. The police officers should be suspended for violation of person civil rights.

  7. YES!! Not only suspended, but also charged.

  8. Semper Fi Ed says:

    Violation of Civil Rights. Wonder if the ambulance chasers caught up to those 2 victims yet. can you spell J-A-C-K-P-O-T?

  9. Notice that the congressman is still intending to only answer hand-picked questions during the meeting. He has only agreed to answer other questions as "private questions" "after the meeting concludes".

    Note to anyone attending this congressman's town hall meetings in the future — forget about filming the meeting itself. The interesting "youtube worthy" questions will be asked after the meeting is over. Make those "private questions" anything but.

  10. A nice article by a ronpaulbot zombie; Ron Paul has to be one of the most CooCoo candidates to ever run; makes sense one minute and then it's off into the wild blue make believe the next.

  11. I think he was looking for a new cell phone and figured he'd get one at no charge

  12. “We will be modifying our policy to allow individual citizens to bring cameras to our town hall events and will be instructing those in attendance that if they have a private question for the Congressman that he will be available to meet with them after the meeting concludes,” he said.
    WHAT??? Public figures get PUBLIC QUESTIONS. Nice try, A$$ho'… When is this clown up for election? If it's over 2 weeks, he needs recalled…

  13. Rex Uranus says:

    More likely he's just running up against the limits of your knowledge…the next time he goes from "making sense" to "wild blue", take it as an opportunity to do some research and learn something…you might be surprised to find out that he's not the one who's "CooCoo".

  14. Bill McCroskey says:

    If it walks like 'censorism,' talks like 'censorism,' looks like 'censorism'……it's 'censorism'…this ruse is a feeble attempt to control what might be recorded for posterity that the congressman in question…..doesn't want available to the masses to later prove his position on a given subject. Much easier to deny a quote or position when there is NO audio with video record of it.

  15. a slap in the face to Arrogance. can you imagine? a public representative, a public forum and this bastard doesn't want to be put on record? how do this tyrants get elected? answer: folks are watching too much American Idol and porn on the internet.

  16. Tjalf Boris Prößdorf says:

    „The Good Old Boys thought they could pull a fast one. They couldn’t. They got caught.“

    Sir, you would not be talking about S 1864 by any chance, now would you?

  17. THIS precisely HAPPNED here in GA. a month ago.. with Congressman Tom Price.. Cobb County, GA.. His staff handed him the names of those in the group, about 60 people, and he called on them ONLY.. All orchestrated. I say get rid of all of the bums.. all of the lying and cheating cheap politicians.. Hell, I would vote for a efking shoe before I would vote for any of these lying cheats.

  18. EnThe Nazi cop needs to be fired……………………………….if he/she is too stupid to understand the basic rights spelled out in The U.S. Constitution, they simply shouldn't be in a position in law enforcement. Enough is enough.ter text right here!

  19. We cannot let our guard down as there are already plans to bring it back for another vote, they hope we go to sleep so they can pass it. Never trust government, they will try over & over & over

  20. The sad part of all this,is that we “The Tea Party“ didn`t unite enough against NDAA they slipped it to us during all the other side shows going on. I used to think that John McCain was a true patriot, I thought he really believed in Americans rights now I see what a real puke he is,he`s right up there with Hanoi Jane….remember her John ??

  21. just sayin says:

    It was weird that this article said, can you imagine Ron Paul doing that. Obviously written by a PaulBot. How about, can you imagine any of the current candidates doing that? What did Ron Paul have to do with that entire issue other than for the writer to have to use the article to cheapen its point by turning it into a political ad, just like a Congressman would do by getting our attention with a town hall meeting and cheating by cherry picking questions! Cheap trick to give us a Ron Paul commercial by keeping our attention with an interetsing article about something else and then "wham", hit with a PaulBot's promotion. It is no different.

  22. "Can you imagine Ron Paul screening questions? Confiscating cell phones?"

    Yes! Ron Paul is a crazy person. I don't think such a thing would surprise me at all…

  23. Andy from Brooklyn says:

    …..IF THIS STUFF CONTINUES WERE IN BIG TROUBLE PEOPLE…What is really scarry is our law enforcement ..who's job it is …..to protect us actually are instucted by the powers that be.to.do the opposite and they do exactly that without defending their own American rights as a citizen….BE CAREFUL AMERICA WERE WALKING A FINE LINE

  24. Before Long All The Progressive's Will Be Running Away But Until Then They Will Continue Removing Our Constitutional Rights! Next They will outlaw all gun sales!
    If We Don’ WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    This Is Our Future Now! http://www.infowars.com/government-censors-docume….
    This Future is already here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6nchQl9JDg&fe….
    America is on the precipice of demise! http://www.inflation.us/videos.html
    Help WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    Info @ http://www.wakeupamerica.com/constitutionalbeliev…. just as many conservative groups have, along with thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, or millions more will help take back our republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Mr. Harris

  25. This type of thinking is exactly why they want to control the internet and every other aspect of our lives ALL of our government has been drunk with power for so long they actually believe they are entitled to it. TIME FOR REHAB WASHINGTON. Ron Paul is absolutely right. Slash and burn ALL programs emanating from Washington that are not constitutionally legal.

  26. This country needs Ron Paul because more of the same makes me sick to even think about the other two or three being our president .

  27. Let me say up front that I am a Senior Citizen, a Republican and an Actor in Hollywood! Wow. 3 strikes before I even start. That having been said let me be even more blunt. I am an American who believes in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd… actually ALL of the Amendments. I also believe in Binding Contracts. If I make a movie or appear on a TV show, I am entitled to be paid, not only for my performance but also the residuals which my contract calls for. If my likeness is viewed by millions of people on their cell phones, then I am entitled to a residual payment. I am not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of entertainers in this country who are also entitled to this contractual obligation. To deny this income is to steal our money. "Stop Online Piracy" is the title of this act. What's wrong with protecting the earnings of an American Citizen? If you want to dissect the bill to eliminate those unwanted extras then say so. Don't jump on something you know nothing about!!!

  28. Andy from Brooklyn says:

    Alan… read the Bill it is written as to cover and included all content that they precieve to be copy righted and controling anything they see fit to sensor…..your entitled to be paid, not only for my performance but also the residuals and that is already protected under Binding Contracts in syndication and distribution of your work without another bullsh## law or ruling

  29. MrInterpid says:

    Sorry, but your piddling little contract with your lawyers and ten percenters is not binding on me or the American public! If technology goes around you so that the public gets something for free or at reduced cost so be it. Look at all the years the public had to cough up twenty bucks for a music CD that cost 0.38 cents to produce until technology simply erased that monopoly. Where were you when technology and the free market put carriage, buggy whip makers and blacksmiths out of business? Or for that matter hand bookeepers, telephone and elevator operators etc? If technology obsoletes your contracts abitity to screw the public by extension then look for newer technologies to protect your monopoly not government interference. As a last question: Why are all of you rich spoiled actors such whiney babies?

  30. Andy, you are right. Thank you. 🙂

  31. As the late Joe "Brown Bomber" Louis would say about his boxing opponents "They can run, but they cannot hide."

  32. I know he sounds off, but, you have to listen to him quite a bit before feeling he's probably on to something. Even though I am somewhat concerned over the military stand Ron Paul takes, I can't help but wonder just a little, are we all simply the most proagandazied people ever? Perhaps going to youtube and watching Invisible Empire A New World Order full version. It'll make one think, most of it is right on target and very informative. Does this type of info constitute conspiracy theroists out among the people who are questioning our gvt? yea, but, where there's smoke there's usuallly fire.

  33. Well, PJS…The only reason that Ron Paul seems scary or crazy to the sheeple like you, is that most politicians hardly ever tell the truth like he always does no matter what. So, I guess saving American lives from the unnessary wars and not burning through billions of dollars that we as a nation do not have is considered coo coo (sp?) in your mind! Sound fiscal monetary policy without false inflationary ups & downs (as we do have now) is crazy to you. Well, my fine fuzzy friend, go ahead…stick your head back into the ground. Everything will be just fine, since the media has convinced us all that Dr Paul can’t get elected and will tell us who to vote for in 2012! It just makes it easier for you now, right?

  34. Umm…Ron Paul stands for freedom, citizens’ rights and the constitution! So, He would have no reason to take away cameras or cell phones. His accountability is above reproach, which means he has never had to flip flop on what he really stands for in politics. We can’t exactly say this about Romney or Gingrich, who both are telling the public just what they want to hear. Where do you people get your news from about Ron Paul? Must be the Bizzaro World News channel.

  35. I thank you, good sir for spreading the truth out there. I sincerly hope that more of these zombie like sheeple would wake up from the obvious nightmare that is the USA political reality today. Power, greed, and control of the little people is all that DC cares about anymore. We must at least make an effort to hold all of them accountable for their traitorous actions against this nation & we the people!

  36. Not enough Oath Keepers and individuals who learned critical thinking skills during their primary education. Public education [a.k.a. government indoctrination] doesn't usually include critical thinking skills in primary education. It's obvious why: because thinking people make poor "subjects".

  37. "In October of last year Representative Charles Dent (R-PA), Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and faux-Tea Party darling Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) conspired to introduce a scant but very powerful amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act that outlines a 'list of acts for which U.S. nationals would lose their nationality.' Dubbed the Enemy Expatriation Act (HR 3166)"

    Read more at [combine next 3 lines] http://www.shtfplan