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Why Dr. Arthur Laffer Fled to a Tax Haven: Tennessee

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2012

I have known Art Laffer for over 35 years. We met in California. I fled in 1976. He waited until last year.

In a PBS video, he tells why he left: taxes.

Watch The Strange, Animal-Killing Side Effects of Tax Policy Changes on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

My daughter lives in Nashville. It is as nice a city as I know.

The state does tax unearned income, i.e., investment income. Texas and Florida do not. Neither do these states: Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, and New Hampshire. New Hampshire has no sales tax, either. But property taxes are high.

There is one strange anomaly: if you live in Texarkana, Arkansas, you don’t pay a state income tax.

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7 thoughts on “Why Dr. Arthur Laffer Fled to a Tax Haven: Tennessee

  1. Actually new hampshire does tax "unearned" income. Any dividend or interest income over $5,000 per year is taxed at 5%.

  2. MontanaMEL says:

    MONTANA has "controlled" State Income Taxes…and: NO SALES TAXES…
    We do pay a FEE to REGISTER our WATER WELLS…kind of silly, eh?
    "Normal retirement amounts", say 35-40,000 per year or so…have no or very low state income taxes due…
    In our family/case…remarried…California was "left" the last time in 1998 and MI was left in 1995 – both "FOR GOOD"..
    WY is our neighbor up here…easy to get to if need be… Our State Govt is "vision challenged" by "rectus impactus" as are many, many, others… "NEW ROPE" goes on sale up here every 2 years!..

  3. Nashville and TN won't be a nice city for long. Taxes are already going up and up because people are flocking from places like NY, CA, NJ (aka LIBERAL states) because they like those "free" services and green BS, but they don't like the taxes that go along with them….so…they move to areas in the south, Atlanta, Nashville, Ashville and turn them into what I call liberal nests, push their PC crap agenda down our throats and predictably, taxes go up. Liberals need to stay where they are and try something "new"…like voting out liberals that tax and spend.

  4. I meant to write Nashville and the STATE of TN won't be nice for long…

  5. So JoJo, why do you suppose lib turds move away from higher taxes, only to vote to raise taxes at their new location? It doesn't make sense.

  6. TheQuickening says:

    gdi, TheWD, did you even READ what JoJo wrote? They vote for "free" services which are NOT FREE and have to be paid for with tax increases.

  7. I've seen the same in NE Minnesota – the Twin Cities yuppies move in, to "get away from the rat race", then complain about the gun club & all the shooting here (I live on the Gun Club Road – yippee!)
    When I tell them they can't get away from it all if they just bring it with them (the bad results of big city living come from the bad attitudes), and they'll only ruin it for those of us who *do* belong up here, if they don't adjust their attitudes – well, they generally don't talk to me anymore. Fortunately, some of them sell out & leave, when they realize that up here, people live in the country because they like shooting, hunting, and being left alone. Off the grid. The yuppies sometimes leave when you explain that to them.