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Congressman Has Police Confiscate All Cell Phone Cameras

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2012

Congressman Chabot of Ohio was giving a speech in a public place. Two constituents were recording this. A policeman told both of them this was illegal and to hand over their cell phones. They both insisted they had every right to do this. The policemen told them they did not, that it was against the law.

Watch this.

Our elected officials have decided that the Constitution does not apply to them. They are sick and tired of seeing videos of what they have said posted on YouTube, and they aren’t going to take it any more.

These people are running scared. The technology of exposure is a threat to the Good Old Boys system that Congress has been ever since 1788.

They can run, they they can’t hide. There are too many voters with cell phones.

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99 thoughts on “Congressman Has Police Confiscate All Cell Phone Cameras

  1. Congressman Chabot, should be impeached. And any other person that violates the Constitution should be tried.

  2. I think Congressman Chabot is from Ohio.

  3. Isn't he a Republican from Ohio???/ Seems like a important fact to get wrong. I can see the police being part of the headline but a follow up and direct questioning of the Rep. would have made the story. Also the townhall city should be identified and the police commissioner and officer.

  4. Congressman Chabot is the one who should have no rights. Hopefully these two people will get this out on Utube and Congressman Chabot will be defeated next election. Congressmen like Chabot should not be allowed to run for public office.

  5. Yeah, let them try and take my phone! Mannnn, this crap is starting to get RIDICULOUS!

    Get that Usurper OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE NOW!

    The American People WAKE UP after the Library of Congress proves Obama NOT to be a US Citizen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dbtOoX3exk

  6. Congressman Chabot and all those like him, including the vast majority of the current administration are IMO traitors. They should be tried and hung from a yardarm. And no it is not racist to hang this pres. from a yardarm, it is not a tree so it is not a lynching, it is carrying out justice for the american people.

  7. Police State in action, yes.

    But, why the old news?

    Was this not six months ago?

  8. The word, by the way, is hanged, not hung.

  9. At that moment everyone in that crowd should have pulled out their cell phones and started rolling! After all with out us who are they? Smoking Dan.

  10. john cummins says:

    Indeed, well put, the sooner the better!

  11. john cummins says:

    So true Dan, so true. If we don't hang together we will hang separately. And if we don't hang together we will be hung apart, or as some one above pointed out will be hanged apart! Whichever way we say it we will be dead!

  12. another 1 of the 535 nitwits that will be looking for a job hopefully sooner than later

  13. greg mortensen says:

    Nice read about this event.

  14. http://www.dailytech.com/First%2BCircuit%2BCourt%

    “The filming of government officials engaged in their duties in a public place, including police officers performing their responsibilities, fits comfortably within these principles [of protected First Amendment activity].,”

    "Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest in protecting and promoting the free discussion of governmental affairs."

  15. Jim, makes no difference what his party affiliation is, he is wrong and should not hold any public office. These politicians who think they are above the laws and are somehow special and "better" than WE THE PEOPLE are the very ones we need to get rid of. One way to prevent this from continuing to happen is a better informed public, term limits for ALL elected officials…..no matter what office it is and on all levels!!

  16. Bill McCroskey says:

    Just remember the word 'creeping.' When something like this is allowed to happen with no MASSIVE public outcry it becomes much more palatable to happen again and then to a worse degree. Think Nazi Germany and what eventually was tolerated by the good people of Germany that slowly crept into their accepted norm. Be afraid for our country……be VERY afraid.

  17. "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

  18. I hope they sue the Police Depts pants off!

  19. just because he has an R after his name doesn't make him a republican

  20. John , that quote on hanging togeather was made by my 5x's Great Grandfather Benjamin Franklin . And the old gentleman would be appalled at the behavior of todays elected leaders . Their blatent disregard of the Constitution is a disgrace3 to America , who said they were permitted to violate the rights of an individual . Do they stop a reporter from recording a speech or making notes ? Congressman Chabot should be censured for his actions by Congress and removed from office .
    We now are governed by Tyrants and they are following the actions of the wannabe TYRANT residing in the big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue .

  21. Their day is coming.

  22. I guess he figured if the president could issue orders that shred the Constitution they why couldn't he?

  23. That's why the police now arrest people filming them. No more citizen's being able to capture the TRUTH. That way it will always be the word of a cop against the people until they are too afraid to speak up. Worked for Hitler and every dictator you can name in history.

  24. Well, I did hear someone in the audience stating that their right were being infringed upon by the taking of the phones. That's one jerk-head I'd never vote for.

  25. If Pennsylvanians, or any other citizens, elect such clowns, they get exactly what they deserve. This is the exact essence of "Government of the People, by the People, and for the People". Read and heed "The 5,000 Year Leap" by W. Cleon Skousen…or not…

  26. Oh yeah, what about the cops acting illegally "under color of authority"?
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
    -Benjamin Franklin

  27. Seems it’s now okay for Them to spy on us, whether in private or public places, without a warrant and without our permission. But They are the Rulers, and can declare that their public official speaking in a public place, can refuse to allow their Subjects anything They wish? Yet the big news cameras apparently kept right on rolling? Show us the “law”!

  28. A few FACTS….

    The Police Officer did NOT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES by Department.

    The Police Officer did not cite a statute. Stating "They don't want you to do this" is meaningless.

    The Police Officer did not cite issue a citation nor did they arrest the persons. One wonders if they have arrest or citation powers at all?

    I am skeptical that the person involved was a Police Officer. I think that they might have been a Security Officer, a Private Guard or that the video might have been a fake.

    Yes, a fake. This video was issued by "ProgressOhio" a group which celebrates and backs "Progressive" causes. Mr. Chabot is already in "hot water" for backing SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). He has an NRA A raiting.

    Perhaps Mr. Chabot issued instructions for "no videos"? Maybe the hall was rented under this understanding?

    Maybe "ProgressOhio" is making a phony video?

    Let's see….

  29. Pigs should be fattened and then slaughtered. It appears that they are all fattened….

  30. Another thing…..

    Has ANYONE ever heard a Police Officer argue "not to make this hard"? A Police Officer takes their authority from the Law itself. Their usual tact when someone doesn't cooperate is to threaten Arrest, Resistance to Arrest or some other legal reason and not "Don't make this hard".

    Police will usually escort "disruptive persons" away from public places. Were these people escorted away or charged?

    Does anyone else think it's really odd that "Security" is an "issue" YET the video states clearly that the "confiscated" Cell Phones were placed on the "Official Chabot Staff table". Google "Yahya Ayyash" for why this is a dumb idea and why the "Police Officer" is probably not a professional Police Officer.

    Why were the videos left on the phones intact? You can clearly see "constituents" in the videos, can't you? What was the point of "confiscating" the phones to "protect Constituent identity" but not erasing the videos that show Constituents?

    Something DOES NOT ADD UP about this online presentation.

    My take….

    Chabot may or may not have asked for "no cameras". Maybe it was his staff?

    The "Police Officer" was probably a private security guard.

    ProgressOhio is up to no good.

  31. i dont see where it matter how it was if he:s i office he didnt say turn them off when he was running for office i bet so why later

  32. All republics end in tyranny or anarchy. Well this is obviously the tyranny part, let the anarchy begin. One dumb ass cop in a crowd shouldn't be able to violate an individual’s constitutional rights if the crowd would only recognize the injustice and stand with the individual. The powers that be have gotten too comfortable with shredding the constitution and wielding their power over the people, the era of peaceful submission to authority needs to end

  33. I Don't care what party they are affilated with. We have as much right as they do to record an film them. If they fear they will show up on you tube then don't be insulting stupid. don't talk about how you are helping the people in your state. Work for the people of this country that you were elected to do. Stop pocketing our moneyinsider trading and burying us in debt and division. Stop thinking of your own gain . Think of the people in both parties as one nation under god. DEM or REP. we are sick of it.

  34. There is much big brother out there and we should have some privacy , it seems to be gone

  35. billstanley1 says:

    Does he also ban television-station cameras? I'll bet not. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  36. time to go to the spy shop or similar and purchase miniature cameras

  37. The cop should wake up with a sack over his head & find himself tied to a telephone pole tared & feathered down town in the next few days just as a reminder he is a servant of WE THE PEOPLE .Not an enforcer for the tyrants.These Tyrants need enforcers to do these things.If the enforcers suffer the consequences for their actions then things will change.HuH.

  38. Thomas Jefferson says:

    can we PLEASE for the love of God- vote RON PAUL into the white house and get these CORRUPT TRAITORS out of OUR Congress/Senate/Oval office once and for all?/!!!!
    RON PAUL 2012

  39. Did anyone file a complaint against the police. They broke the law and they could and should have been arrested right then and there. I do not know what the law in that state says about a citizen arrest but WE the PEOPLE have to stand up against the tyrants even if they are the police. The police do NOT care about the law or what is right. It is a psychological FACT that they will do anything as long as they have the power over the people. The SS went to work for the Russians as soon as the war was over so they could maintain their power over the people.

  40. Hang them! No, wait…..shoot them! Shoot them while they're hanging, then court martial them! Oops, time for my pill again….

    All joking aside, at the very least these charlatans need to feel the wrath of the people. Jefferson promoted it, and it had served the country well until we all became pussies. Make these people PERSONALLY responsible for their treasonous actions. The rest will get it very quickly.

  41. If it's a public speech, why interfere with anyone's recording it? Is he selling recordings of it?

  42. I thought police offers were required to know the laws they are enforcing? This one just does whatever he told without knowing or checking!

  43. The cop (would have loved the Weimar Republic) needs to be fired and lawsuits filed against him or her personally. Idiots……………….both the cop and the tick acting as the people's representative.

  44. I fault the police officers and their department more than anyone else. They should be punished and retrained as to their legal authority. If the police department supported what they did, they should be sued! And yes, I yes, I agree the congressman needs to be voted out of office asap regardless of party.

  45. I agree he should be impeached if this happened. Congressman Chabot is from Ohio, and is a Republican (Obviously RINO), there is NO congressman (or congresswoman) Chabot in Pennsylvania! If they got this wrong, how much more did they get wrong? Here are the details for Congressman Chabot:
    You will find this listed under Ohio in House.gov …

    Chabot, Steve R 2351 RHOB 202-225-2216 Committees: Foreign Affairs, Judiciary,Small Business

  46. THis is a really scary event. It is of course only the tip of the iceberg. WE as a people are in very serious trouble. I do not believe our liberty, what is left of it, will last much longer. If we do not stand and fight very soon, there will be nothing left of our republic, the constitution, and bill of rights. You watch, the Constitution and bill of rights will no longer be for public viewing and will either be destroyed, or locked away in a vault.
    Please get your heads out of your butts and vote for Ron Paul. WE are at a turning point in history and need him badly. He may not be able to do everything he wants, but it will be a start in the correct direction, unless you do not believe in our constitution. All of a sudden, it is like living in a foreign country. A communist one at that.

  47. 57Stingaree says:

    Gene-maybe if a frog had wings he would not bump his azz when he jumped.

  48. Monica Goldstein says:

    We have to VOTE these BUMS OUT!!!!! Enough already!!!!


    "Let's see . . . . " are you crazy? That's NO way to run a government. First you determine what kind of government you want, then you write the laws, then you LIVE BY THEM! There is no "Let's see" !!!

  50. You know if you want any creditability, it might help if you got your facts straight especially about what state the Congressman is from. Steve Chabot is (R) from Ohio, not Pennsylvania. If you don't have the facts straight people have a tendancy to treat you and your statement like a UFO abuction. ( Jeez, Bubba, I know something got me but can't remember what it was). With the situation of the Tea Party being under fire from all sides, FACTS are important when discussing anything political.

  51. Thats the problem, we have to many that just sit on the sidelines while the government rolls right over us. It's about time we start standing up for each other and stop this abuse of the Constitution and our rights. The more we sit by and watch, the more the government takes over your private lives.

  52. Congressman Chabot Is One Of Those Who Are Against The Constitution And The Will Of The People Of Our Great Republic. He Also Is Opposed To The Rule Of Law And Has Displayed His Hatred For The Above Mentioned By Introducing And Or,Supporting Bills That Reflects His Outright Hatred Of The Constitution And The Rule Of Law And Most Particularily The American People.He Along With Obama And Other Enemies Of This Country And It's People Should Be Impeached And Then Put On Trial For Treason .The Treason Charge Should Carry The Death Penalty.

  53. The CHANGE is really happening. Keep your pantry full and your powder dry.

  54. TV station recordings can be EDITED at the will of the 'Bunch'. Your cell-cam cannot. That editing can do wonders for mis-speaks and outright lies. You might have heard it, but the world will not, and YOU become a paranoid liar. That's why you should have your own certified Court Reporter when you go to court. The judge WILL edit the record to suit HIS outcome.

  55. We can only hope……

  56. Ron Paul? You can't be serious. Have you heard a word of his foreign policy? Domestically, he has some great ideas…but the fact that he wants America to stick it's head in the sand & pretend that -as long as we leave the terrorists alone-they will leave us alone-is a very dangerous philosophy. Without the threat of American reprisal, terrorism would grow like we've never seen & our good ally, Israel, may be blown off the face of the earth. Anyone that is to the left of the current administration with regards to our military should never be given the power afforded the Commander-In-Chief of the USA.

  57. ARMAND PROULX says:


  58. I suspect he's a 'Rent-A-Cop'. He does what he's told, and knows NOTHING. I suspect that if you check the audience there, there were several others recording as well. They just were'nt 'caught'. Wold have been good if several cell cams were pointed at the 'cop' while he was disrupting the meeting, while doing what he was told to do.

  59. What do you expect from a Freemason control State, If u wear a Mason ring u can get away with murder, Literally

  60. Wtf do u want Jim, good grammar or good taste, We must all hang together, or we will for sure will be HUNG SEPARATELY ,

  61. Great comment lilbear, Now lets all call the good Congress ass, and ask him how does it feel to be serving his final term , Besides that it was a 10,000. dollar offense for that pig to put his hands on these people without their consent ,

  62. Well i guess that makes it alright for the bastards to take away a persons rights, And I jst happen to be as far right as u can get without falling off the edge, U want ths s— to stop, VOTE RON PAUL

  63. Show me the law.

  64. Robert Wyatt says:

    I didn't know the constitution gave congressmen authority to give instructions to local police to confiscate private property, or violate the first amendment right to free speech, and freedom to assemble.

  65. I would bet good money that the "cop" was not a commissioned police officer but, some security clown who let his uniform go to his head. These kind are a real threat to our rights.

  66. Paul Rusin says:

    You forgot that he should be naked when he's tarred & feathered.

  67. Paul Rusin says:

    What makes you think Ron Paul can get traitors, duly elected, out of office? Could he put them on trial for treason to the constitution? He may be just as guilty of the charge as any others. Not saing he is, and haven't seen proof, except for his pork spending that would say he is.

  68. Paul Rusin says:

    Exactly. Why didn't they ask for the coppers name & badge number? Why did they relinquish the phone? The cop, if such, probably an SEIU goon, was obviously wanting the problem to escalate. He is ab=n abusive cop who should be removed. A cop that doesn't know the law? WTH? He should be fired for not knowing his job!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Paul Rusin says:

    Not likely. MOst likely, he is afraid he might say something for which he could be held liable. Especially during the point where he asks anyone if they have questions, he could say something which is totally out of line, personal, insulting, or otherwise. A good tyrant doesn't let people see his bad side, only the good side.

  70. Paul Rusin says:

    That was the irony, Mark. The law is, "Congress shall make no law…" He knows the constitution. Don;t ask him the law from now on. Ask what part of the constitution you are violating. As a movement (Tea Party), we have to learn to couch everything as "constitutional," and all rights as "civil rights." Any "law" which is averse to the constitution is "null & void" (Marbury v. Madison). Further, Marbury, also made note that, any law thus null & void, the whole of the law is thrown out. Good parts cannot be left in,even if the law says they may be. ObamaCare is a case in point where the Democraps wanted the whole of the law kept in, and made note in it that if even one portion is unconstitutional, the whole law must be scrapped.

  71. Paul Rusin says:

    Recall election? Like in Wisconsin? Who has the stones to start it?

  72. kenneth dixon says:

    u are right we need to get this person and anyone like him out of office

  73. get rid of him now, the ACLU should jump on this ,it is a blatan breech of our Constitutional right to video tape any public meeting

  74. I think he is from Russia

  75. you are so right, NOW is the time for all good people to come to the Aid of their Country(get rid of this type of action NOW!)

  76. I taped a township meeting once and a trustee made a comment and later denied it and when the tape was played at the next meeting she wiped the doo doo off her face (she was surely put in her place)

  77. you're so right!

  78. May be from Wisconsin. At least we try to get rid of our trash like trying to recall Walker the company man !!

  79. no matter who you put into office, their all liars, and corrupted while their trying to get our votes, I haven't seen one person who was voted into office do what they campaigned to do.The big O is just another example along with the BIG B"s that were in office as many others before. There is now HONESTY when you are in the POLITICAL ARENA(PERIOD)

  80. I posted this somewhere the other day. We need to amend the Constitution. We need to add a part that says any elected official, Federal, State or otherwise, that violates the Constitution will be hung by the neck until dead. It also should be done publicly as well. It will help deter future violators. Law enforcement will be banned from any law enforcement or any Government job for life. Some cases get the same as the elected officials.

    Right now, if someone violates the Constitution, nothing really happens. You get a court order that says you did a bad thing but that's about it and even that takes YEARS. We need to put some teeth in this, ESPECIALLY for the politicians.

  81. I should 've said no HONESTY

  82. So when are these scumbag communist turd stains going to realize the PEOPLE run this country not these career politicians. They all need to be given the choice of life in prison or shot by a firing squad for their treasonous acts.

  83. Stop with your semantics. Have you no better response than to correct someones English. Point of fact here, if Obama gets his way English grammar will mean nothing because everything will be in Spanish.

  84. Why would Progressives make a video that would put them in a bad light.? Start thinking straight.

  85. Since it is illegal in some states to record phone conversations without the permission of both parties, it seems reasonable that it is indeed illegal to record personal appearances without permission of the speaker. A case nearby went all the way to the state Supreme Court, when a mother recorded (on the phone line she paid for) her daughter's speaking about selling drugs, and thence reported it to the police. The mother was charged and went to jail, after losing everything trying to get the police to stop the drug-dealing, law-breaking daughter.

  86. Michael Katz says:

    As a retired Police Officer I just can't believe that this guy is actually a POLICE OFFICER and not some private security who doesn;t know his butt form the law. I would have LOVED for him to tell me that and I would have said NO. Let him cause a fracas trying to get it. Could you imagine the National news? All you anti-Police slamming the pigs….It's not true. I don;t believe a cop would have done it. Nor would he have placed the phones on teh table. He'd hold them as cops do with evidence. Something stinks here. IF it was a cop, he needsd to have FBI civil rigths charges against him, for sure. Cops don;t follow illegal or blind orders like they make us out to do. Cops are on the front line for Civil Rights- usually. If not – PUNISH THEM.

  87. I thought that was a bit weird that Cabot was a republican & a Progressive group was posting this video.. ALL PRogressives I know are Dems .
    doesn't' seem to add up correctly ..unless you are Obama & 2 plus 2 equals 5..

    hum….. I'd say this entire thing was a ruse !

  88. Actually, if the congressman was renting that public (town) place (paying his money to have the event there), then he has a right to have his own rules. –The only reason that I know this is because when I held an event to talk about the bad health care bill, I was able to make such a rule for the event, because I was renting the place. –But, if the congressman was not paying to rent the place, then from what I know, he would not have had such a right. …Debra "Informing Christians" Journalist

  89. patriotshooter says:

    George,you are right.Pigs get fed,but hogs get slaughtered.They are ready for slaughtering,hopefully in Nov.,if not sooner.

  90. The cop should have been placed under immediate arrest for robbery, armed robbery if he had any type of weapon on him (gun, taser, mace, etc.) Come on, folks, use the law — arrest these people and charge them criminally, as that's what they are.

  91. Original You Tube posting was from August 2011. Suspicious that this is being recycled now.

  92. You are correct. People are always "hanged" and never "hung". No one seems to know this…….until now. Thanks.

  93. purse snatching or phone snatching? To me, It seems both to be theft!

  94. MeMyselfAndI says:

    As in, "Jim is a well-hanged editor and pedant!"

  95. MeMyslefAndI says:

    Shouldn't that be "Stop with your anti-semantics. Have you no better response than to correct SOMEONE'S English GRAMMAR AND SPELLING? Point of fact here, if Obama gets his way, English grammar will mean nothing, because everything will be in COMMUNIST CUBANO SPANISH AND RUSSIAN!"? (Just asking, Lolly811!)

  96. Sorry, that will never happen. Go to YouTube and type Martial Law.

  97. While I agree in principle with these posts, I didn't note where this took place, ie: what state. Each State has it's own laws regulating video and voice recordings of private AND public officials in the act of doing their job. While the "officer" who was undoubtedly an off duty detail, did not cite the law, he is not required to. In most states it is unlawful to disobey a police officer whether or not the officer has the right to issue a command or directive.
    IF in this case the officer was Right, that it was illegal to tape the event, then the people should petition for a change in the law. IF, on the other hand the officer was wrong, then perhaps a lawsuit could be filed. You would be amazed at the number of "unconstitutional" laws are on the books of towns all over the country,

  98. If you read the article, you will see that Chabot is, indeed, from Ohio. Whether he's a Democrat or a Republican is not the issue. Police clearly violated the civil rights of two or more citizens, and it was apparently at Chabot's request. This isn't the first such incident. It's happened in other states. It's up to the voters to remove the offending members of Congress from office the next time they're up for re-election, and the people whose equipment was taken need to file civil rights suits against the police departments, the officers involved, and the city administration, "jointly and severally" as they say. There are law firms in most cities that will take on such cases "pro bono" just for the notoriety. Liberty Counsel (lc.org) is increasingly more active in civil rights cases that aren't purely religion related. If the people whose rights were violated do nothing about it, they are just as much part of the problem as the perpetrators of these unconstitutional acts.

  99. Back when I was a cop, I knew what was illegal and legal under the U.S Constiution. These brain dead zombie cops today don't care about upholding the law or the U.S Constitution. It's time for Law-abiding Citizens to start pushing BACK!