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Bus Driver Gets $87,000 a Year Pension

Written by Gary North on January 17, 2012

Think of what a liberal arts social science or humanities college graduate receives as a salary. Not $86,000 a year. Not after 10 year, or 20 years. Now read this.

This lady drives a bus in Chicago for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). She has put in a lot of overtime.

“Some people at CTA are picky about the type of work they do and the hours they work,” said Hubbard, a rail service supervisor. “Not me. Overtime is something I sought, and I took any piece of work available.”

It paid off — and will keep paying off for Hubbard into the future. Not only did she receive more than $436,000 in overtime pay since 2005, but her pension checks will balloon by more than $46,000 each year because of a unique perk long ago negotiated into CTA contracts.

Long hours will pay off for her, at least until the city declares bankruptcy.

Hubbard’s $66,231 annual base salary was supplemented by $84,566 in overtime pay in 2010, according to CTA payroll records obtained by the Tribune through the Freedom of Information Act. Those were the biggest contributors to paychecks totaling $153,280 and made Hubbard the top wage-earner for the year among unionized CTA employees, the records show.

Hubbard, a 26-year CTA employee, stands to receive an annual pension of $87,310 instead of a pension totaling $40,459 resulting solely from her base salary, CTA records show.

When skilled workers get paid $60,000 a year to work 40 hours a week, while a retired bus driver gets $87,000 a year to do nothing, you know there is something wrong with the system.

This cannot go on. It won’t go on. When it ends, there will be some disappointed people. Not taxpayers, however.

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7 thoughts on “Bus Driver Gets $87,000 a Year Pension

  1. I have no problem with his lady. Sounds like she worked her tail off, and played the system, in a way that paid off. Unions, are the problem, not people (not lazy liberials) who work their tails off. But then again, what do you expect from any city like Chi Town. Let em go broke, just don't bail them out.

  2. corace above claims: "Let em go broke, just don't bail them out."
    That is fine and dandy but you know darn well if Obama gets a second term his dear city of Chicago will get whatever monies it will need to stay afloat – and where will the money come from ? You guessed it. – From the tax payers, not only from the Chicago taxpayers, but from all of us.

  3. Chopin Liszt says:

    In the economic balance, it all comes down to the pull and tug of who does the bargaining for the "value of one's labors". In the case of the unions, they have inserted massive benefit and retirement (future debts) costs upon the unsuspecting public. This woman is one example, in that she raised her retirement by taking all that overtime, as her retirement calculation was based on her highest years of pay. This is the same thing which many many policemen, firement and other government workers have been doing for years. Add to this the cost of those who were "injured" during their lenghty careers, and you have THAT added cost to the public. Folks, whether you call this gaming the system, getting even, parity, whatevertheHELL you want, this is heading for bankruptcy. And it's very very easy to blame the rich for not paying their fair share, but there is a great deal of avarice blame to go around.

  4. shawnforfreedom says:

    i love the hard work and innovative spirit .. but government ruination of the free market, and union forcing or control of the market is criminal. if someone wants to band with other workers to strike, fine, if they get replaced ,they took a chance and lost. but the control the unions have through government policy is unconstitutional , and is against free markets. it is destroying this nation.
    i have a question for all union workers …. if you dont like your boss, think he is not giving you enough, do this.
    start your own business. out compete your boss. prove that you are worth it in the free market.
    i know , you all say the same thing. its too hard!!! waaaaa . well the place you work was started by someone, BE that someone. do it better , smarter and in turn pay your employees the amount you preach. ! i know what you will say. waaaa its to hard, well then respect your boss.
    but here is a real answer … start a co-op. get a bunch of your complaining buddies together and start your own enterprise. use the internet. this is the noble way to express your complaints . not holding a knife to your boss in the form of strikes and government regulations brought illegally thru bribing extorting and cheating. this is obama. and his buddies . dont be that kind of scum. give freedom a chance. abolish the fed and vote for ron paul

  5. i'd love to see what this looks like from an insurance company's perspective. how big of a pool of money is required to pay someone $86k per year for 30 years or so? and here's the kicker… no risk. that money is guaranteed, no matter how bad the market does, no matter how low interest rates go. i think i answered my own question. this is a fantasy and only possible if backed by the government. oh the magic of other people's money.

  6. Bill McCroskey says:

    Just wait for the proverbial axe to fall in California for underfunded public pension plans and other public contingent liabilities. Chicago will look like a pimple on a gnats behind. And yes….. California will be standing at the federal hog trough with their hand out demanding a federal bailout …….. hee…hee….hee and ho….ho..ho crank up the treasury's printing presses and pour the ink in the well….only way to pay these city and states liabilities is with federal government fiat money.

  7. mike commet says:

    i work for a school bus mech,iam moving there