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Governmernt Drones in America — The Spying Kind

Written by Gary North on January 16, 2012

The technology of war in the Middle East is being implemented here. The federal government is only in the testing phase. This technology is going to become widespread in a few years. “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” It’s a drone. Read this.  That ought to ruin your day.

Now read this.

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We may be pulling people out of war zones, but our dependence on robotic weapons systems is growing rapidly, with sales of drone related technology rising significantly over the last decade, and especially in the last year. According to the CEO of  AeroVironment, a government contracted drone manufacturer, sales “actually increased as troops were drawn down from Iraq, supporting our notion that a drawdown is not necessarily unfavorable to our business.”

A Congressional report obtained by Wired Danger Room says that unmanned surveillance and strike technology in use by the military has been growing exponentially over just the last several years:

Remember when the military actually put human beings in the cockpits of its planes? They still do, but in far fewer numbers. According to a new congressional report acquired by Danger Room, drones now account for 31 percent of all military aircraft.

To be fair, lots of those drones are tiny flying spies, like the Army’s Raven, that could never accommodate even the most diminutive pilot. (Specifically, the Army has 5,346 Ravens, making it the most numerous military drone by far.) But in 2005, only five percent of military aircraft were robots, a report by the Congressional Research Service notes. Barely seven years later, the military has 7,494 drones. Total number of old school, manned aircraft: 10,767 planes.

A small sliver of those nearly 7,500 drones gets all of the attention. The military owns 161 Predators — the iconic flying strike drone used over Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere — and Reapers, the Predator’s bigger, better-armed brother.

But even as the military’s bought a ton of drones in the past few years, the Pentagon spends much, much more money on planes with people in them. Manned aircraft still get 92 percent of the Pentagon’s aircraft procurement money. Still, since 2001, the military has spent $26 billion on drones, the report — our Document of the Day — finds. . . .

The popularity of a technology capable of seeing targets by their heat signature, zooming in on situations-of-interest  from thousands of feet in the air, and the ability to kill or disable those targets when necessary is no longer restricted to just the U.S. Department of Defense.

It has also been tempting the domestic law enforcement sector, which by some accounts is now considered by the Department of Homeland Security and Congress as the new battlefield against terrorism.  The FAA recently granted approval for widespread use of drones over U.S. airspace, and  local sheriff’s offices and metropolitan areas are now regularly deploying re-purposed drones from the middle east theater of war to their localities in the interest of maintaining safety, security and a watchful eye over the American people. Since, according to DHS chief Janet Napolitano, the terrorist threat has “shifted” to lone wolf attackers living in the United States, domestic deployment of military drone technology has and will continue to increase.

With the success of robotic ‘soldiers’ on the battlefields of the middle east and north Africa, and the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act solidifying government’s seal of approval for domestic war-time and surveillance operations, Americans can expect that our own law enforcement fleets will soon see marked increases in the use of  these weapons and technologies.

The only question now, it seems, is who is flying these unmanned vehicles over America?

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For the answer, read the rest of the story.

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29 thoughts on “Governmernt Drones in America — The Spying Kind

  1. This is one of those things which has both good and bad points. On the bad side, is the very possible scenario of law enforcement abusing the capabilities of these contraptions, just in order to spy on selected individuals. The use of such devices should be tightly regulated to insure the abuses are kept to a minimum.

    NEWT is right about balancing Power in the Courts , this is Evidence .
    Q.: When did the States RATIFY?
    Press, media & public figures declare the NDAA and the Patriot Act “REPEALED” parts of the U.S. constituti­on. They call NDAA “the law of the land”.
    To repeal a part of a constituti­on, including America’s, an amending formula must be used. An amending formula “ENTRENCHE­S” the constituti­on (legal word) to protect it from alteration by **ordinary legislatio­n**.
    The USA has FORMAL constituti­onal amending procedures­:
    Source: http://www­.usconstit­ution.net/­constam.ht­ml#interpr­et
    Did the Patriot Act and the NDAA pass both houses of Congress by a 2/3 majority and then go on to the States for ratificati­on?
    If not, one would normally be looking at ordinary legislatio­n with the NDAA & the Patriot Act, and other similar “void” laws which infringe constituti­onal rights and liberties.
    Delivering the opinion of the Court in Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137 in 1803, Chief Justice MARSHALL said this of unconstitutional laws:
    "If, then, the courts are to regard the constitution, and the constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature, the constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the case to which they both apply." http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?…
    America's rights were never REPEALED, it’s a BLUFF.
    The NDAA and the PATRIOT ACT are VOID laws which have NO POWER to amend the constitution by "repealing" any part of it.
    They are simply hoping the American people won’t wake up in time to SAVE THEMSELVES before martial law is invoked by the putsch (A sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force) which has taken over the government­.
    YOU NEED TO MOVE FAST to have these VOID laws legally declared VOID before they put you into the FEMA CAMPS!
    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union http://www.habeascorpuscanada.com
    "TAKING AMERICA DOWN FOR GLOBALISM IN THE NAME OF PATRIOTISM" http://canadian-state-of-the-union.blogspot.com/2
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/crazyforcanada
    These US Sheriff's Oath Defenders is the only way the American People can Shield themselves and Push Back against the rise of the Federal Bureaucracy that is Expanding as is shown in this Video here , http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=xOAgT8L_BqQ&…
    NEWT is right about balancing Power in the Courts .
    Here are some examples of Liberty being defended ;
    Sheriff Tony DeMeo – One http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaEKB8pU2Tw&fe
    Sheriff Tony DeMeo – Two http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=QdpOT7wR-
    Sheriff Tony DeMeo – Three http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2lVI6gzsVM&NR
    NEWT is right about needing a way to Balance the Courts !!!!
    What the heck is Going on in the USA ????? No Wonder we have a Screwed up Economy !!!
    U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge! http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/11/14/u-s-sheri

  3. These drones are possibly spraying us with chemical we see in the sky, part of the aerosol geo-engineering program. This is thought to reduce "global warming" or mitigate climate change. Look above and you will notice this blatant dump of toxic chemicals into the skies. It is happening all over the country; contrails that never disappear.

  4. It's Starting to make a lot of since that it was the One World Government involved in the 911 attacks and that the proficiency of the terrorist flying capability was aided by remote control. And that the claim of a drone being involved at the Pentagon may not be so unlikely now. Considering the fact that the technologies have been in the light of day for a good many years. I wonder how long the the top secret versions were around? I am more and more convinced that America is just being played!

  5. Skynet is coming! This is scary stuff.

    I'm having Terminator flashbacks.

  6. Hey Ionski……. What are you smoking???? I don't think whatever it is – is legal.

  7. The government has been monitoring us for years.

  8. This is true. I saw one in the sky over eastern CT, up river from the submarine base. It was amazing, there was no sound coming out of it, just silently crusing up the river towards the base. I'm surprised they haven't painted it blue or with the stealth paint?

  9. mr bad example says:

    could make for a new sport "drone shooting", would be great sport for those with .50BMG rifles, you'd need a dedicated cameraman to log the downing, the gov't would deny any losses… i know a guy on youtube who is a marksman and logs his kills with a camera mounted to his scope…

  10. James Wages says:

    Ask yourseld this question, if an American pilot is ordered to fire on American civilians will he do it? Drones ask no questions!!!! Wake Up America it may already be to late!!!!

  11. stephen thompson says:

    We are DOOMED…..In four years most of us will be in FEMA camps or worse. You can run but you can't hide.

  12. I don't know what I'm going to do if the government learns that I go to Speedway for coffee.

  13. Susie 4 Liberty says:

    Seems to me that required viewing should be the video of our "Humanitarian Mission" in Libya – using our Drones. May 'sanitize' it for those running the controls and for all others – but not for the Libyans on the ground. (Tens of thousands were killed, according to reports.) Was all I could do to watch it, but I MADE myself, and though I seldom cry…I wept. If a true Libyan citizen could even be FOUND, I hardly think they'd be appreciative of our turning their prosperous Sovereign Country into rubble.

  14. Susie 4 Liberty says:

    A very good point, James. A plane's pilot may be an Oathkeeper, but the mechanical drone has no "integrity'.

  15. Myrtlelinder says:

    It really does not frighten me even though the drone is watching us but I know GOD is up there and is watching the drone. The drone cannot see GOD and has not a clue that GOD is watching it. GOD is over all including the drone. It is important that HIS people remember that.

  16. Bla, Bla Bla… That matters to people who Obey and respect our laws and articles.
    These subjects care nothing of them; you go to an "Officer and A Judge" with this they will play your bit on Late Night for Laughs. I feel like Kyle… "they can't be reasoned with, they can't be bargained with, they feel no pain, no fear or remorse, and the will not stop until you are no longer. Ever!"

    These subjects are cannibals of our freedom, How do you deal with cannibals who eat parts of you?
    (Seriously, If our freedom is part of us, and is cherished by us, and we all know we are loosing it,
    then they are eating parts of us, through legislation, and enacting laws with no basis, Laws that seem to have merit because the will not control our borders, and when the criminals come in, they use this as a way to attach and control everything. the more out of control from their policies, the bigger the better the crackdown, until finally you are loaded into a rail car rifle but to the back of the neck.)

    I claim that one other Subject beast does the same… Zombies… Maybe we should vote to call cannibals and zombies similar and an equal class as the eaters of Americas Soul.

    Now America, how do we deal with the problem…

    This is Lee signing off, "You are the resistance."

  17. "…. maintaining a watchful eye over the American people." REALLY? My government is keeping a "watchful eye" over ME? For what purpose? To see if I'm growing pot in my bedroom? To see if I have a lead pot and am moulding bullets? To see if I have prayer gatherings in my living room in the evening? To see if I'm keeping my house's thermostat too high? To see if I'm running old-fashioned 50 cent light bulbs, which put out distinctive heat signatures, and not the government-approved $50 LED bulbs? If we had a truly benevolent government, I might not even think of stuff like this, and would consider myself paranoid if I did. But, we don't even have an American in the White House, and he DOES have the NDAA at his disposal to detain any and all of us as "belligerents." Fly those drones over the border to protect against illegals coming in? Fine. Fly them over Peoria to surveil ME? I have a GIGANTIC problem with that! That's Big Brother at work, and we now have a radical leftist Kenyan Big Brother. Scary!

  18. The government? OUR government? The one run by Obama? Regulate themselves? REALLY? You think that's gonna happen anytime soon? REALLY?

  19. Tightly regulated is where it begins. We can not trust government with this technology in our United States

  20. May be I can't hide but I can fight

  21. Bill McCroskey says:

    And the media continues to insinuate or blatantly state Ron Paul is a nut or kook.
    Why does our Federal government feel a need to watch its citizens from the air with billions and billions of BORROWED dollars of hi-tech gadgetry. I personally have nothing to hide nor am I involved in the most minor of illegal activity, but I resent this infringement of my privacy. Maybe they can fly these above the border and spy on the illegals crossing our borders …. but then ….. I call them illegals … DC calls them disenfranchised voters.

  22. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    You would think Our Government would use this to spy on the many muslim training camps springing up all over our country, training american young men & women to kill their fellow americans. Nope nothing will happen under this administration to target terrorist in our country training and waiting for the signal for another terrorist attack from within.
    Something will happen prior to the election in November 2012 to stop us from voting obama out of office.

  23. GreenBulldog says:

    Tightly regulated? By whom? The same people who are flying them?

    Insure abuses are kept to a minimum? By whom?

    Never trust people with political power. Isn't that what the underlying message was from our founders. That's why our government needs to be kept small.

  24. Hey…will I get in trouble if I take a rifle and shoot one down?? LOL.

  25. lol lol

  26. This is scary

  27. Well, it ain’t us.

  28. Damn betcha

  29. They Will Continue Removing Our Constitutional Rights! Next They will outlaw all gun sales!
    If We Don’ WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    This Is Our Future Now! http://www.infowars.com/government-censors-docume….
    This Future is already here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6nchQl9JDg&fe….
    America is on the precipice of demise! http://www.inflation.us/videos.html
    Help WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    Info @ http://www.wakeupamerica.com/constitutionalbeliev…. just as many conservative groups have, along with thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, or millions more will help take back our republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Mr. Harris