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9 thoughts on “How Physicians Die. It’s How I Want to Die.

  1. How do we comment on something like this….Heavenly Father when its my time, quietly take me home into Your Arms. Amen

  2. senior viking says:

    I'm reading with moist eyes.
    Thanks, Gary. Excellent article.

    It's good advice for ME ….. but not for those I love and don't want to lose.
    Selah —

  3. Mayflower Decendant says:

    My Grandmother was 86 and passed away peacefully while sitting on the couch watching TV.
    I hope I pass as peacefully as she.

  4. Not sure that I understand your point. It's OK for you to die peacefully, but you want to hook up others to artificial life support so they can suffer longer? You'll have them go through painful medical procedures and/or hook them up just so you don't lose them? Basically you'd rather torture them than lose them? Am I missing something? This doesn't sound like love to me.

  5. Once I die, I want to be burned upwind of the Congressional offices… Get my "drift"?

  6. Paul Trombley says:

    "I suspect it’s one reason physicians have higher rates of alcohol abuse and depression than professionals in most other fields."

    Well, boo hoo. Let's shed a tear for arrogant thugs who joined a cartel that was established by the government for reasons that are not difficult to figure out.

    "But the prospect of a police investigation is terrifying for any physician."

    Are not the aforementioned police the allies of, or the same people as, those who would investigate a person for daring to practice medicine without having joined one of the doctors' cartels?

  7. IGotAComment says:

    Paul, I suspect some of the alcohol abuse is because they have to deal with people like you. And when the police hear they 'pulled the plug' on you, they'll say, 'It's ok Doc, I knew him … I'd have done the same thing. Go home and have a drink.'

  8. I am only hoping my husband and I pass away together. Of course, we were hoping for a Viking funeral/cremation at sea.

  9. stephen thompson says:

    So put that in your will and that's what you shall have….if you have the money to have it done.