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18 thoughts on “34 Facts on the U.S. Debt That Finally Silence Liberals

  1. God, help us. Help us to do the right thing and vote to put the right people in office, to fix what others have gotten us into.

  2. Is a recovery even possible?

  3. The solution is simple and easy to see with a paradigm shift, impossible with out. Obama has exposed big Government for what it is, a parasite dragging everyone down. Government must be limited! Government has only three legitimate functions:
    1. Establishing and protecting property rights that all others depend on.
    2. Establishing and maintaining a stable Currency for the economy everyone depends on.
    3. PROMOTING not providing for the General Welfare.

    How Government caries out these tasks must be principled! Separation of power, limited Government and God given rights are principles good Government must follow.

    Paradigm shifts.

    Wealth is a contract, not a possession.
    There are no rights without domain.
    Taxing wages is economic slavery.
    Government benefits are enslaving.
    Government punishing sin is the same as a Government religion.
    Government providing welfare is the same as Government religion.
    Government giving credit is the opposite of tax and spend.
    Government needs to give credit where credit is due to promote welfare.
    Taxing people unable to care for themselves is criminal.

    etc. Law must be derived from LOVE not FEAR or it will evolve into EVIL.

  4. Run Sarah Run

  5. No, of course not. The United States of America is FUBAR.

  6. The majority of people in this country don't have a clue what we are talking about here. Worse than that, they don't seem to care, and won't until there is no food on the table. So sad a state we are in!

  7. jim28threg. says:

    Government in and of itself a necessary evil. It's those that abuse it in their self serving quest to dominate and enslave those whom they see as unworthy that make the an enterprise of evil.
    These people of the so called super wealthy lust after gold and once they have achieved so much they can't spend it all and the novelty of their toys wears off they get drunk on the power all that money gives them they lust for more like a high school freshman lusts after the prom queen. They simply can't see the good they can achieve with some of that money and still never want for anything. It's a shame and perhaps that's why they are all so butt ugly the only way they can get a spouse is to buy her/him. Maybe they'll be satisfied when Satan gives them the hottest chairs in the house.

  8. The way the current Government spends money is absurd . But the real absurdity of it all is Barrack Obama , his wildly abusive spending sprees all in what can only be called a deliberate attempt to bankrupt America . But then again perhaps the people of America deserve to reap what they have sown . They elected a unknown based not on his record as a politician (he has none) based solely on a lot of promises in feel good speeches , and because it was Politically Correct . This Political Correctness can and probably be America's down fall . There are times when being PC is warrented and time when it is as dumb as the people sitting in Washington telling Americans what a good job they are doing and how its all going to get better if they can raise spending . America , wake up , pull your heads out of the sand , and sweep the garbage and trash out of the White House , the Senate and , Congress . We have to many career politicians sitting around being comfortable at our expense . At most they work 6 mos of the year if that . Remember it say "We The People" !

  9. The America as we once knew it is doomed!!!

  10. Erik Osbun says:

    Ron Paul has some excellent ideas, and America should be listening.

  11. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    Ronald Reagan stated the philosophy of our Founding Fathers was Libertarianism. Back when our Faounding Fathers had the reins our fiscal policy was sensible. Vote for Ron Paul for president!

  12. Patriot Diva says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate proposing big cuts in spending. I agree with Eric and Ann above. I went to his website and discovered that his views on just about everything is being distorted by media on both left and right. I am as conservative as they come. I voted for McCain only because he was the only choice that wasn't Obama. I'm tired of moderates. They don't stand for anything but getting re-elected. Don't believe the lies and check him out for yourself!

  13. I will vote for Ron Paul the others are to much like what we have now they dont care about us as long as they have what they want. Money is all they care about look how they spend .They dont care because there days are about over and they have plenty they dont care if we go hungy they will allways eat good and live in there big homes and go on there big vacations while we go with out We need to show them we will not vote for the one they pick for us like Mcain the Rino lier he is like Obummer

  14. Speaking of FUBAR, two of my favorite authors have written books on the fall of America. The first is the Ashes series by William Johnstone. The second is a novel by John Ringo called "The Last Centurion." My advice is read and heed.

  15. The U.S.A. goes deeper in debt by something like 4.5 billion every 24 hours. I think the answer to your question is an obvious NO!

  16. Yes!! If the Republican/Tea party dominated congress stop filibustering and instead focus on what is needed to be done in order to re-invigorate the economy as what they have promised to improved the economy by providing jobs during the 2010 midterm election. With the performance of the GOP/TP dominated house right now Pres. Obama will have another 4 years.

  17. God is not going to help you or this country. Only YOU help yourself.

  18. In 1968 Social Security Fund had a surplus of $68 Million dollars. That fund would not have run out even at 1% earned interest. Not ever would it have run out. In stepped Congress and they called it borrowing [I call it stealing] our hard earned money and not they have the audacity to tell us we are running out of money. This is after the congress spent it on junk. Congress represents the government that has been systematically lieing to We the People for a very long time. I think it was two years ago that the social security payroll tax was cut in half to supposedly help the tax payer. What it did was take money from the social security fund.