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Your Retirement Fund’s Future Explained in 7 Seconds

Written by Gary North on January 10, 2012

You have hopes for your IRA or your 401(k) tax-deferred retirement plan. You are not worried about government confiscation.

To explain what’s likely, watch this 7-second cartoon.

Lucy is the government. Charlie Brown is an investor in a tax-deferred retirement program.


Do you want the IRS to know what you own?

How many bullion gold and silver coins do you own?

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2 thoughts on “Your Retirement Fund’s Future Explained in 7 Seconds

  1. Richarad Schneider says:

    Kapp's Law will settle this question.

  2. How about some SOLUTIONS to the problem — every time I tell my tax advisor I want my SEP/IRA money out, she says that I'll lose more than 60% of it by the time I pay the taxes, early withdrawl penalties, and the withdrawl of that much money bumps me up into the alternative minimum tax bracket.