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Ron Paul in New Hampshire: An Eyewitness Report from a Subscriber

Written by Gary North on January 10, 2012

I run a subscription-based Website, www.GaryNorth.com. Yesterday, this post appeared on a forum.

On The Ground In New Hampshire  Being in New Hampshire I have easy access to all the candidates. Over the last 3 days I’ve seen Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney. Earlier in the year I met Herman Cain at my neighbors house. It is very interesting seeing these guys in person after seeing them on tv. I think you can learn a lot. In addition you learn a lot about the press. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend it, it is informing, educational, and to me at least amusing.

On Friday I stopped off to see Ron Paul at an airport hangar rally in Nashua. About 300 people were there, a very energetic crowd and lots of young people (college/20’s). Also many mountain looking guys with beards and hunting jackets. Many out of staters – prob more than half. Also crowd mostly male. The CBS reporter I spoke with was having trouble finding people who actually lived in NH, but she did find some to interview. I would estimate about 20% of the crowd was press, and 50% out of state. One guy next to me was from the Danish press. Wow!  The press was all over and wanted to interview whoever they could find. I was a little camera shy so didn’t do any interviews but easily could have done 4 or 5. This made me think that maybe candidates should prep their people what to say and encourage them to give interviews. This was a rally so no questions, just time to fire up supporters. Rand came out first and did a great warm up/intro, and he picked on Santorum and Romney some. Then Ron Paul came out and everyone went crazy. He gave a terrific 20 – 25 minute speech. I think Gary said he is not a great orator but he seemed like a great speaker to me. Certainly good enough to be a president. Today (the day before the election) Ron Paul was speaking at a private event in a nearby town (a homeschooler’s house, I could have gone), which I thought was odd considering this is the day before the primary, I would think he wanted to be more public. But he has a different style and is nice of him to go and tell people in small town america his views.

On Saturday I saw Rick Santorum at a town hall meeting. It was held in a community center barn that holds normally about 100 people. The event was supposed to start at 2 pm, so I arrived about 45 minutes early and it was packed! I could barely get in the door and ended up standing in the back next to the cnn and cspan guys. I would estimate 250 people packed in there, it was tight. They asked for a show of hands and more than 1/2 the people at this town hall meeting were from out of state. I don’t like that! There was even a bus of students that came up from Hofstra in NY. Rick showed up 20 minutes late, partly because he was being mobbed by people at every stop and was delayed. The CNN guy behind me said he’s been covering Rick for a while and just the last week his gatherings have been mob fests. This was no exception! Unfortunately Rick stayed outside for about 15 minutes giving a speech and answering questions to those that couldn’t get in the building, which was very nice of him, but those inside were getting a little antsy and finally after many Rick Rick Rick chants he came in. He  gave a little intro and answered many questions. People really wanted to hear from him. They were curious. I didn’t sense a lot of energy though, just curiosity (however, this was not a rally like it was with Ron Paul). Another thing on the press – one of the guys next to me was a press guy and from where we were standing you could see the crowd outside. Well at some point a lone protester shows up with a sign ‘Keep Same Sex Marriage Legal’ or something like that. As soon as this press guy saw it he whips out his camera and took like 10 shots. Of course! Focus on the controversial lone sign holder. Wow.

So today I went to a chamber of commerce breakfast meeting with Mitt Romney. There were about 400 people in attendance, and it was closed you needed a ticket. Romney gave logical detailed speech about jobs, the economy, how to run a business, and how government should be run. The crowd seemed to really really like him. He looks like and acts like a president. The mood in the room was that he is going to be the nominee, no question. He also mentioned things like getting government out of the way, making it smaller, and how you can’t fund things with debt. He painted a very scary picture of the financial path we are going down with Obama. In fact, he said we will soon be like Italy or Greece in just a few years if we don’t stop things now. What was amazing is that I truly believe he would not be saying things like Greece and Italy if it wasn’t for Ron Paul being in the race! There were lots of press, and I did speak to a newspaper from Utah. Again I easily could have spoken to more and been interviewed on camera if I wished. Romney did not talk about any of the other candidates, only Obama. After his main speech he then answered questions from the audience from a roaming mic. Then time was up and he was about to leave the podium, but then this woman stands up at one of the tables and demands her question be answered, etc. They don’t bring her a mic or anything but she won’t shut up. So the emcee lets her talk a little bit (Romney still on stage at the podium) and she goes on and on about general motors and Romney would kill jobs, etc. but doesn’t get to her question. So the emcee presses her to ask a question (and the rest of us are also ancy now) finally she asks him a leading question about why he would have killed so many jobs by not saving General Motors. He then answered well and did a great job wrapping up to huge applause, thanks everyone, and leaves the stage. So now the event is over, and the press immediately swarms over to this lady and interviews here. She was surrounded by 10 – 20 cameras and reporters. I have no idea what she was saying but wow what a way to get your point sent out over the news! Just stand up and be a little controversial and then you get interviewed for a good 10 minutes by all the networks. The press is in a feeding frenzy here, they love it when anything negative comes out – especially about a Republican. This really opened my eyes as I saw this first hand. I’m sure the press would never do that at an Obama event! In fact if anyone said anything negative about Obama at an event like this they would be booed out of the room and the press would ignore them or call them crazy. I already knew this about the press, but to see it first hand makes it real.

In summary I think Romney will get first in NH, with Ron Paul second. A lot of people like him here and his supporters are the most zealous by far of all the campaigns. We get a couple Ron Paul calls every day now, they don’t stop. I don’t expect Ron Paul to win the nomination, but do think he is blazing a trail for other people to follow him in coming years.


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26 thoughts on “Ron Paul in New Hampshire: An Eyewitness Report from a Subscriber

  1. Bruce Porter Sr says:

    Actually, if Romney is the best we can do, might as well vote Obama.

  2. To Bruce Porter, Jr.:

    WRONG! A vote for Obama and you might as well start the process to learn Chinese or Greek, or French or Castillian because that's where we're headed. And you'd better start getting a little experience foraging for food, as well, because with the increase in regulations unemployment will go up, cost of living will skyrocket and we will see food riots just like in China as the government finally understands they can no longer finance debt with debt. A Romney, or Perry, or Gingrich or Santorum or Huntsman or even Paul Presidency will be preferential to Obama/Clinton or Obama/Dummy. A non-vote for ANY Republican candidate is like a vote for Obama. Kind of like what Ron Paul does in Congress… votes no on everything.

    I thought the poster did a good job of giving an objective description of the rallies without implying his own opinions and preferences into the mix. We need more of that from the MSM, but not likely to get it.

  3. Agree sir,
    “Big government conservatives will never truly overhaul Washington because they need the status quo in place to accomplish their objectives. They don’t want to rebuild the machine; they simply want to change the people pulling the levers.”

    “I, for one, hope it will be.” “America cannot abide another four years of big, intrusive government, no matter its philosophical goals.” “It’s time for a change.”

    And comments

  4. Doris Carman says:

    Not true but of course its fine for you to say so. I think he would be a big hit over obama. Remember how the crowds loved obama?Well they be doing the same with Ron Paul. A guy on tv had a greart line about Paul. ''HE CANNOT ACCOMPLISH THE GOOD STUFF in his term, AND THE OFF THE CHART STUFF HE WILL ACCOMPLISH DAY ONE''.I think that says it all. He is just so far out.

  5. If everyone would quit fighting each other and start tearing up obamas policies with proof then we have a good chance of getting rid of obama.I wish there were a way of winning without resorting to how rich or how much money you can raise.That just asks for corruption.

  6. Ron Paul was being 'baited' by a female reporter from CNN to explain his vote to authorize both the action in Iraq and the bin Laden elimination. She went into about a 3 minute question of Mr. Paul to explain his reasons (by painting the apparent clash of his votes with his stance in this campaign) When she finished her 'question' (more like an attack on Mr. Paul) he answered…… 'Yes' and nothing else as he stared back at the camera. It was a stroke of genius to disarm her and fail to take the bait so the reporter in question and her round table were left with nothing to say ….their silence and stunned looks were classic live T.V. His savvy truthful no spin one word answer left them with no way to attack his answer short of a partisan political attack showing that they aren't reporters but political hacks. I was a Ron Paul supporter long ago…..but never under estimate his quiet unassuming demeanor. I think CNN just recruited a few more voters to his campaign and cost him zero with their foiled attack.

  7. NOBODY can be as bad as Odipstick. Romney, while not my first choice would be a vast improvement over what we now have. This train of thought will assure an Odumas* victory and certain hell to pay in the future. Get behind the candidate that gets the nod, a split vote is a vote for Obamma. I know the Ron Paul supporters say they will write him in, please don't.
    If need be whoever gets the nod, if it is Ron Paul I will vote for him, and I am not a Ron Paul supporter. While he has some very telling points, he has glaring weaknesses. Whoever gets the nod might do well to have Ron Paul as his VP candidate.

  8. Right. You Are A Moron liberal. President obama has done nothing for people like me. I want the government out of life as much as possible so I can live a life of peace and maybe a little prosperity. This guy is killing small business, it is time to go. Romney is not my first pick but I will take him a thousand times over obama.

  9. Ron Paul would throw Israel to the wolves, and he blames the US for the 911 attacks. These two singular but related things say to me he doesn't know the first thing about Islam and kitman, taqiyya, or the Islamic concept of dar al harb, and dar al Islam. It's far to dangerous a world to have a POTUS who knows zip about Islam and eviscerates our military. I am hoping Gingrich gets the nomination from our field of contenders. We don't have a Reagan, but from what's available, I think Gingrich is the best right now.

  10. Same for Ron Paul Romney will have a better chance to defeat Obama!!!!!!!

  11. Israel does not need our support. They do just fine conducting terror operations on Palestine. The US government is at fault concerning 9/11. They were complicit and did nothing to stop the Mossad and the CIA from carrying out the false flag attack!
    We don't own the world and bombing and killing in the middle east has it's consequences. What you consider Islamic terrorism is simply blowback. Nations of people fighting to preserve their heritage and their people. Would you not do the same if some other country was trying to possess and control your home and change your way of life? Ron Paul actually understands this. You, apparently, don't.

  12. Mutt,you are way off base. My Bible says no one shall have control over My people, and the Israelites are God's chosen people. If America turns it's back on them, we will suffer God's wrath, big time. As for not fighting in the Middle East, If we don't, we will have a Muslim country called America. There are enough in the WH now to do horrible damage. Their camps are all over America. WAKE UP AMERICA! iI pray it's not too late.

  13. Hey, Mutt, as I stated above, you apparently get lumped onto the pile of idiots who have opinions and no knowledge of Islam. Let me give you a concise Cliff notes version, heads up, Mutt: Islam's goal is world world domination. dar al harb (house of war) and dar al Islam (house of Islam) are at war with one another until the whole world is under Islamic domination. Then there will be peace. Muhammad was the equivalent of a general and personally beheaded scores of his adversaries. The conflict with Muslims and Israel is NOT about land. The Arabs have a saying, "first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday" meaning, first we go after the Jews then we go after the Christians. Moderate Muslims who have no desire to commit jihad against anyone are NOT in power, and are slaughtered. Didn't you see what happened in Iran to the moderates? Our policies have NOTHING to do with Islamist attacks, Mutt. Not one damn thing. Nearly every single 911 Islamist was Arab. Arabs are salafists, they are the ones who follow the Qu'ran literally, and the Qu'ran is clear, non Muslims are to be killed or subjugated. The 7th layer of heaven in Islam is reserved for those who martyr themselves to spread Islam. So, with the condoned pedophilia, and female amputation of the clitoris, the Islamists seek to kill us. Which part appeals to you, Mutt, rather than defend our ally Israel? Care to clue me in which tenant of shariah law you like, that it's fine to beat women, or that dogs are filth listed right there with pus?

  14. This is a good example of why the media is losing market share to the internet. This man does a far better job at honest reporting and knowing what is real news than almost all of the talking heads and elite owned mass media news outlets. No wonder so many who are interested in more than mere entertainment and lies are abandoning the tv and newspapers for the internet.

  15. Kind of reminds one of Calvin Coolidge, one of our greatest presidents who never gets mentioned. I only wish Dr. Paul were younger or that we had elected him sooner. If he runs with Bachmann as VP, he will win and change America back to what it once was.

  16. Critter:
    Mutt is absolutely correct. Read your Bible some more and you will find that GOD wants to have control over HIS people and they will someday accept HIM. Dr. Paul does not advocate turning his back on Israel. He just wants to stop giving taxpayer money to ALL countries, including Israel. As Dr. Paul points out, we now give nearly four times as much to enemies of Israel as we do to Israel itself.

  17. LOL better get experience foraging for food with a slingshot because Obama will outlaw bullets…Romney created a tax on guns. Gun owners in MA pay 100.00 per YEAR so they can keep their guns. Romney is better than Obama, but Romney will take us to the same place Obama will but at a much slower pace and we might not notice it. We've just got to make certain that we elect more (veto proof) of those "pesky" TEA party politicians to both the house and senate to really get things going.

  18. Ron Paul has changed his tune so many times about Israel. His racist rants in his newsletter say it all. The Old Testament was the Bible of Jesus. The Jewish way of life was the life of Jesus. Jesus died on the cross as thousands of other Jews did because they refused to forsake their Yahway for the false Roman gods. There is history that tells what the Bible does not.

  19. Bill McCroskey says:

    I just wanted to add my last name to my previous posts. I am not ashamed of supporting Ron Paul as it appeared I was doing it anonymously. This country should not be the paid but absolutely not the UNPAID 'policeman' to the world. The 'fed' should be nicknamed the 'fraud' as nothing I can come up with sounds as good trying to make counterfeiting into a shortened nickname. Ron Paul will be written about by thinking political and economic scholars generations from now as the 'canary in the mine' and a visionary patriot. I am of the age that remembers the term 'chicken hawks' as a name for those that were gung ho to wage war (actually a police action as if it had been a real war….it would have been over in days) as they either hid themselves or their children behind college or dependent children deferments. I wasn't drafted …. like Ron Paul …. I joined even though a physical condition allowed me an 'out.' I thought Viet Nam made no sense then….and even less today. This gives Ron Paul immense 'creds' in his military and defense platform in my world.

  20. There IS a way,but it'd be thrown to the curb,because it would involve expense to the GOVERNMENT.
    The idea is to make it impossible for Candidates to BUY votes by eliminating the financial advantage. Candidates could no longer use their own money to Campaign. They could no longer accept ANY donations or contributions from anyone. Anyone or any Corporation,or Company,whatever,can still donate as much as they wish to a Campaign,but it all goes to a Campaign Fund managed by a banker from a globally NEUTRAL Country. When each Candidate is properly registered,signed in,and a COMPLETE background check and verification of eligibility is done by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office (And promising to provide documents "later" won't fly-ALL the documents,NOW,or you don't get to run.),the registration is closed,and each Candidate gets an equal amount of the money to use as they wish for their Campaign. Any impropriety or illegal acts committed during the Campaigning would result in elimination from the Campaign and forfeiture of their remaining funds back to the Campaign fund. (Possible criminal prosecution too,depending on the violation.) I think this would largely remove the likelihood of cheating,and would remove the option of buying votes or trading favors for support,thus leveling the playing field so even an impoverished Candidate could succeed,and the Candidates would necessarily HAVE to run on their qualifications rather than on what deals they might make for "supporters". Though it would appear to be "censorship",I'd recommend a rule against any character destruction of the other Candidates in the Campaigning,because it isn't about what "he said or she did" etc.,it's about what THIS Candidate can do,what THIS Candidate can bring to the table,how THIS Candidate can serve the constituents.
    Just my 2 cents worth…

  21. Man, you are really obsessed with Islam. Do you honestly think true American patriots are going to allow that here? No need to fear anything! Hell, I'll even defend your right to be afraid!

  22. Bill McCroskey says:

    I just watched Ron Paul's speech (9:15 p.m. EST) after the polls closed to his followers…..it was fantastic…if you missed it, I assume it will be posted soon on youtube. It is well worth listening to…..the 'rinos' are already explaining Ron Paul's popularity away that it is independents and democrats supporting him. They are exactly what is wrong with the Republican party assumed leadership today….about 2 degrees of separation between them and the Democratic party.

  23. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    Vote for Ron Paul! Vote against Romney the Republican Obama.

  24. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    The Tea Party needs to stop the Neo-Con endorsements. You are alienating your Fiscal Conservative base. The Fiscal and Economic Conservatives are Ron Paul supporters.

  25. The problem: Not enough money is being spent, electing leaders that are spending too much!
    The solution: Tax credits for contributions to political campaigns. The credit couldn’t be used by those who pay no taxes and it wouldn’t help those with billions, it would enable reform candidates to raise more than enough to counter the elite puppets running the country now.

    A $500 credit for the 100M working Americans would give them a $50B voice, more than enough to counter $5B of Soros & company shouting.

    All campaign reform proposals so far have one thing in common, limiting free speech. Tax credits would do the opposite, give the opposition a voice.

  26. Big SkyCountry says:

    ??????? Anyone is better than BHO ! READ THE NDAA, EEA, etc….. BHO is an staunch Commie .. You've had a taste of the BHO koolaid … This what the Liberals want, ie: for the conservatives give up and to a) not vote at all, or b) vote for BHO … Either way this will be the final election in these United States.. we will be the USSA and be ruled by a Dictator / Tyrant …..