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34 thoughts on “Armed Federal Agents Invade a Social Security Center

  1. My how far our country has fallen, due to the failure of our supposed "Leaders".

    None of these guys represent the people anymore.

  2. Supertad108 says:

    “It was to make sure security measures are in place and properly followed,” Milligan said.

    I am confused. Isn't making sure these things are proper his JOB?

    What did all this cost to ensure he was doing his job? One person could have performed the security measures, someone already getting paid. This obviously has other implications.

  3. lilbear68 says:

    not believable, the fact that its posted that they were carrying AK-47 is a blatant LIE

  4. What a "bummer" from Obummer (Oh, sorry, I spelled Obama wrong).

  5. This something you might expect to see in Havana, Moscow or wherever. I think we have too many people on the government payroll with nothing to do except think up dump exercises like these to scare the crap out of senior citizens who may frequent the S.S. office more.

  6. lilbear68 says:

    these ppl do not carry the AK-47 this article is a Blatant Lie standard troops carry the AR-15/M-16 variant current
    only spec-ops will carry AK's on a op by op basis

  7. Well, this "FPS" group passed their public test, now they will, with extreme confidence, begin invading the homes of innocent citizens at any given time under the auspices of being a "federal agency." Well, these so-called 'contract guards" are NOT federal agents of any sort, but they are members of the obama department of thugs and an introduction to his new dictatorship. This will not set well with the majority of American citizens…some will acquiese through fear but the rest will NOT acquiese for anything. obama has proven to be a traitor and a treasonist….the people need to do something about it. If your congressional members are so afraid of obama or a firm supporter of that beast, then you have the opportunity to recall these rogues or vote them out. Quit putting trash in congress and get the garbage out of the White House.

  8. Some folks do not know the difference between assault rifles and give them all the title of AK-47. It's kind of like labeling all soft drink sodas as "Coke." That is no reason to dismiss the whole story because of error such as this.

  9. Mr 68: FYI–these "people" are NOT standard troops but they are special ops from a far different agency—one that will eventually pay you a visit. There is NO LIE IN THIS ARTICLE. However, I see that you will be one to fall in line with their demands rather than fight for YOUR RIGHTS AS GUARANTEED IN THE US CONSTITUTION.

  10. see my response to your exact reply at a later time.

  11. I see it as a test run to begin invading innocent civilian homes…which may, apparently, start soon.

  12. They started at a ss office, these are the people who will take the old and infirm to the concentration camps they are building. Did you know that there six areas of the US where they are building camps that will hold up to a million people ??
    Nazi Germany come to mind ??

  13. They already do on the Canadian border in Washington state..

  14. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. This should be stopped cold.

    What if we all ran a training exercise on robbing banks? How long would that last?

  15. AK-47? Keep in mind every firearm is an AK according to ignorant media types.

  16. If I would have been in the building, I would not have known the difference. All I would have known is that a bunch of men were there with guns, and I would have been terrified out of my skin!!!!


    As usual government run amock. Take the TSA they are more dangerous than the people who would take over an airplane. So far their capture rate has been – a bunch of toy soldiers, stealing money and items from passengers, child mostlation, mostilation of the old an infirm in wheelchairs. But write your congressman about these abuses and be sure they might do something.

  18. RivahMitch says:

    "Is life so dear or peace so sweet?" There are worse ways to die than killing government thugs entering your home…

  19. Your tax dollars at work!

  20. Scarfacesquirrel says:

    Arming any US security force with AK 47's or any variant thereof is a call for disaster. Many Law abiding Licensed Concealed Carry civilians that see a man armed with this Russian made weapon would naturally assume they are a bad guy. Many US citizens have them and use them they are a great firearm but All legitimate US law enforcement personnel use American technology M16/AR15 variants, Remington type shotguns etc… Charging in somewhere with an AK (the very ICON of anti-western culture) is a recipe for disaster. Special Forces in Afghanistan maybe, but a cop in Dallas is going to get his a** shot.

  21. Fed up citizen says:

    If armed people are coming at you wearing protective vests, go for the face shot, the groin, the upper leg, or the exposed shoulder, assuming that you have time to aim. We may be getting softened up for a police state with these "practice exercises."

  22. Maybe most of them were quiet because they couldnt speak any or good english.It might be a trial practice run for this new world order.You know,the garbage pelosi and hillary and the rest of the morons of the obummer administration want to see happen.

  23. Maybe they were Greek or German,or Russian!Could be!This poor example of a president would love to have foriegn troops on our soil so he could finish what he started and thats to bring our Great Country down.He loves apologizing that We are a great Nation and he loves to bow down to other world leaders.He should pack up that bimbo wife of his and 2 kids,get on that muslim flying carpet of his and disappear pronto!!!!!!!!!!God Bless America!!!!!!!!!

  24. Paul Trombley says:

    "Right. Dangerous people. Like some 80-year-old who is trying to find out why her check is late."

    Does that 80-year-old vote to preserve, if not also to expand, the redistribution racket that she is dependent upon? And to maintain the criminalization of self-defense against the people who set up and operate the racket of which she is a beneficiary? Even if not, she's still a parasite and a criminalminded little turd.

    Now, you might argue that she needs her check or that she's owed her check since she had money taken from her by the racket when she was younger. But need is insufficent to establish such a claim, and the fact that she might have been robbed is no justification for robbing another or benefitting from such a robbery.

  25. Curry USMC vet says:

    Someone please verify this. The AK-series of Kalishnikovs are fine weapons, however, not even the Russkies use this anymore. All but guaranteed that the real deal are using some variant of the M-16 festooned with every gewgaw and gidget and gadget that a real "federale" might wish for simply by thinking about it…it would be perfectly legitimate to take these federales on with force in self defense but no single person I know of has the backbone or skill to take on a whole heavily armed team with backup waiting outside and the police and the FBI only a radio click away. So this unAmerican tyranny is going to continue and expand unless – assuming this is true – someone with a very great deal of horsepower puts their foot down.

  26. extrasmooth1 says:

    To the ignorant, semi-auto = full auto = machine gun. And all black rifles are "AK-47s"

  27. The government is practicing making war on its own people. That’s why the budget for the real military that defends against foreign threats is being downsized.

    Of course, the Obama administration offers handouts to every illegal alien it can find. It might not be a wonder that terrorists might be found at the social security office signing up for benefits.

    As John Kerry prophetically stated in 2004: “The real terrorists are in the White House.”

  28. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    were you there?

  29. Why don’t they train at the Post Office?

    The short answer could probably be that they would have to stand in line for 20 minutes

  30. We the American people have become so complacent that we didn't see that our country had been stolen from us. If we don't band together now and get rid of Obama there will be no America just a third world country with starving people waiting for their government check.I am sure this was just the beginning.

  31. Ali Ben Scheemer says:

    You vill shut your pie hole and do as you are told! AND YOU VILL LIKE IT!!!!

  32. How about doing their "testing" at Muslim centers, they are more likely to find something dangerous there instead of at the SS office. "Detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.” Huh? Among our senior citizens? This so-called test is just another attempt to find out how much the "sheeple" will take before they revolt…

  33. It is called retraining and indoctrination. You will learn to take it as normal.
    Unless we wake up and take back America we will loose out America.

    "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win
    without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure
    and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to
    fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for
    survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is
    no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as
    Winston Churchill


  34. The trillions of dollars in phony money that is created out of thin air by The Fed is precisely what enables these unelected, arrogant Federal bureaucratic agencies to harass US citizens in this manner. The resulting hyperinflation yet to come will only add insult to injury. We're being assaulted on all sides by the DHS, EPA, DOE, FDA, TSA, IRS, USDA, etc., ad nauseum; our lives are getting more tightly "wrapped around the axle" every day. Centralization = bad; decentralization = good. End the Fed. "For the love of money is the root of all evil." Indeed.

  35. It sort of gripes me when people classify something I have paid into most of my life as a redistribution racket, or as a free charity. Only people who never worked or paid into SS will think that way. Try thinking of it as an insurance policy against starving to death as a senior citizen who is not going to work any longer due to the ignorant opinions of human relations "experts"
    Remember, you too will get too old to support your self some day.