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Obama’s Regime: Prolonged Detention by a Committee

Written by Gary North on January 5, 2012

The NDAA was voted into law by 93 Senators. You know the story.

Obama signed it, but he declared that he would never actually enforce section 1031 (the “Halloween” section). Oh, no. Not him!

This is nonsense. He not only will enforce it; it’s there because he wanted it. It’s time to review Rachel Maddow’s 2009 report on this.

Obama gave a speech in front of the Constitution in the National Archives building. There, he made it clear what is in store for us. The government, he promised, would create new rules for people suspected of criminal terrorist activity. They will be arrested and put in jail. There will be no trial. There will be a system of federal bureaucrats who will oversee this.

This speech went down the memory hole. Republicans overwhelmingly supported this policy.

If your bank accounts were frozen and you were taken away, how would your family survive?

You need a back-up plan. A few tenth-ounce gold coins wouldn’t hurt.

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48 thoughts on “Obama’s Regime: Prolonged Detention by a Committee

  1. When a holocaust survivor, whose entire family had been murdered by the Nazis, was asked what advice she would give today, she said : "We should have believed the strange man with the funny mustache when he said he was going to wipe us out."

  2. On December 31st, 2011, our Bill of Rights died when Mr. Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. It is now the law of the land. The law gives him the authority to detain American citizens indefinitely, without charge. All he has to do is define YOU or ME as a terrorist. So, just who really is a terrorist? There's the rub. The government gets to decide. Ms. Pelosi has already referred to the TEA Party as terrorists. Mr. Reid and the president have already branded TEA Party Patriots and conservatives as 'extremists'. Is it such a 'quantum leap' to go from 'extremist' to terrorist?

  3. Have you given any thought to being shipped to the detention facilities at GITMO? The government has added new definitions to its list of potential terrorists. If you're for limited government, limited taxation, believe in the Constitution, are an abortion opponent, a Christian, a Ron Paul supporter, or even a returning war veteran, you might be a terrorist. You're a suspect if you're missing some fingers or own guns. Having an emergency food storage qualifies you. How about a stock of ammunition? Yep. Weatherproof that ammunition? You bet. Another qualifier. Many of us identify with all or most of the 'qualifiers'. I don't know how Ms. Napolitano knows that missing fingers qualify one as a terrorist, but then, she's the government official, not me. How much of a leap will it be to decide that conservatives are terrorists? Or Rotarians? Shriners? Masons? Mormons

  4. Those FEMA detention camp rumors used to seem like a wild conspiracy theory. They don't seem so wild anymore. In fact, documents have been seen that confirm the administration is recruiting a guard force for detention facilities. Do you remember the illegal confiscation of firearms by law enforcement officers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Do you remember the virtual State of Martial Law that existed? Was that an honest, mistaken over-reaction or was that an indication of how things are going to be?

  5. How much longer will be willing to submit to search and seizure from Federal Authorities simply because we want to board an airplane? The TSA is ramping up to expand its activities to include bus and train travel. How long before they control sporting events? How long before they march in the streets to bully citizens into 'doing as they are told'. How long before they are on every street corner to demand to see your 'papers'? How much longer before the TSA sponsors a new "Kristallnacht"? Who will be the new persecuted people? The Jews? Christians? Conservatives? All of them?

  6. What will it take to wake the American people up before it is too late?

  7. URKiddinMee says:

    I NEVER thought I would agree with ANYTHING Rachel Maddow said, but she is RIGHT ON with this one. Hopw long are we going to put up with this dicatorship before we refuse to put up with him?

  8. Is the TSA the homeland based army O'Bama was refering to in an early speech when he said he wanted an army here that was as large as the existing military to control our shores? And, isn't that against Posse Comitatus, where there will be no army housed on our shores with intent for use against the American people? And no forced imprisonment of Americans without Haibius Corpus? O'Bama said the Consitution was an outdated document what didn't allow the government to do things 'for' (I interpreted it "to') the American people. Now, he really wants to do 'to' us. And for Cliff, YES, it will be all of the above. Anyone who had a different opinion than the Rulilng Class, anyone who might make 'wave' against the Ruling class.

  9. This is why the elite don't want Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

  10. Probably only to be followed by Rohm-Putsch, The Night Of The Long Knives. People at the top of a dictatorship will never fully trust any of their subordinates. For some reason they feel like the underlings will attempt to gain power using the same methods they used.

  11. I believe that four years of Dr. Paul might be better than four more under the jackboot heel of what we have now

  12. If anyone actually believes this dictator that he would not use that section of the law, think again. Just remember, EVERYTHING he says has an expiration date………….some are just shorter than others. I fully expect this to be implemented long before the 2012 elections.





  17. ccfonten, what makes you think he follows the law?

    The Cordray appointment and the three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board without Senate approval is an example of the President’s wanton, unilateral actions.

    A legal Senate recess of at least 10-25 days of duration is required according to the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel .

    The President gave warning of his intentions to preside over an imperial presidency for the next year. “What I’m not gonna do is wait for Congress,” he said. “So wherever we have an opportunity and I have the executive authority to go ahead and get some things done, we’re just gonna go ahead and do ’em.” The President now, though, seems to have made a significant course correction. With these latest illegal, unconstitutional appointments, the President has jumped at an opportunity to act regardless of the fact that he has no executive authority to do it. And under his feet is a trampled Constitution and 100 years of precedent for which he has no use. It’s time for Congress and the American people to take a stand against President Obama’s abuse of power. – The Heritage Foundation

    The reason, he realizes that he will not be able to be President. This is his last year to ram his agenda through.

    Number Three of Four Appears To Be First.
    Read the lawsuits, note they are Certification Class Action Lawsuits
    The Liberty Legal Foundation
    And also that these are not directed directly at Obama but at the failures in the certification.

    It is time for our Represenatives to step up and stop him, not later, now!

    We are doing our part, when are you going to do yours?

  18. Franklin McKenzie says:

    If “WE THE PEOPLE” are to survive we must regain control of the government and return the Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and The Declaration of Independence to their original intent, PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY FROM THE WRONG AND ILLEGAL ACTS OF “OUR” GOVERNMENT AGAINST “WE THE PEOPLE”. Enough said !!

  19. Paul Trombley says:

    "…new rules for people suspected of criminal terrorist activity. They will be arrested and put in jail. There will be no trial. There will be a system of federal bureaucrats who will oversee this."

    I can only presume that the rulemakers and federal bureaucrats will be the beneficiaries of double standards under law. There's no need to panic, however, for the precious Constitution was adopted but never established. It follows that Congress, president, and SCOTUS have no authority. Power, yes, but no authority.

    Read Article VII. It stipulates criteria relevant to ratification and establishment. There's at least one problem with it, however. Article VII wasn't established prior to establishment, so it could not have been relevant either to ratification or establishment. (Does anyone really need an education to figure this out??)

    So, whence cometh the foolish prejudice in favor of supposing that the Constitution was established? Is there any basis for it in the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union? Or in any one or several of the states' constitutions as they were in 1787-1788?

    Well, no.

  20. birdman8421 says:

    Any member of congress that voted for this needs to go,along with the dictator. I no longer believe the congress is stupid as they seem. They are traitors in every sense of the word. Government is totally out of control and in full assault mode on the Constitution and is met by absolutely no resistance by our elected "leaders." This is not the country we have always been and the lack of coleadership and legality is stunning and treasonous. Whatever happened to checks and balances? The race card must not be allowed to suppress any and all rationality, morality and whatever few scruples our pampered, priviledged criminal representatives still might be hiding. This is the most subversive, illegal and unrestrained government we have ever suffered. Our constant campaigner has finally stopped voting present and behaves as if he is already the dictator he wishes to become. How can his support reach such lofty levels in the 40% range when he is constantly on TV telling us how he will help us, and lying constantly. Those that refuse to see will doom this great nation. It is not merely tragic, it is reprehensible.

  21. This will all end on Dec. 21 ,2012. The ANTICHRIST is here!!! Beg for mercy.

  22. This will only happen if we GIVE UP! The Second Ammendment is STILL there and was NOT put there for duck hunters!

  23. You have to remember that obama is merely reading from the teleprompters. Find the real conspirators who wrote this and you will find the real government! obama's just a puppet; a malleable piece of clay with no backbone.

  24. Sorry Ron Paul will not beet Obummer.

  25. The Republicans that voted for this bill are no better than Obummer. And should be removed from office. That part of the bill should have been taken out.

  26. He also said that he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY change America. That has been the one promise he is keeping!!!

  27. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    When they come for you and no one steps up to help you, then your family is split up and send to fema camps in different locations.

  28. Is there a list of the Repubs that voted "aye" on this abomination? If so where can it be seen. Keep your powder dry.

  29. And people don't believe me when I tell them he wants to take over as dictator for life . His constant abuse of of our Constitution and Bill of Rights is and should be proof enough of this . It is rare when Rachel Maddox says anything against the left but this time she got it right . As for Obama and his NDAA , well he can kiss my Native American A** .

  30. snakearbusto says:

    All political dissidents, like us. Let us hope we won't end in a stadium as in Santiago, tortured, beaten and then shot for what we say here. We old '60s radicals have been expecting this since those days.

  31. snakearbusto says:

    Race is keeping people from seeing that Obomber is continuing the war on the middle class and the slide into fascism that have been going on at least since Reagan? Reagan and his successors were all white. Why didn't folks see it then?

  32. I am just in awe how communist "comrade" Maddow would say anything against her boy Obama?? This is just baffleing to me. I had heard there was a lawsuit happening challenging BO's legal qualifications to even BE president. I can't wait till they force the unsealing of his records find out he really IS of foreign birth and haul him away in handcuffs for fraud and treason. Only down side to that is we have to put up with Biden for a short while as president, heh.

  33. Sumerian Man says:

    Yeah, can you believe it! I think she just realized she has been worshiping a false God.

  34. We better wake up soon. He will steal the election and finish the ruin of this country.

  35. The Presidential Oath of Office specifically states that the newly elected President WILL UPHOLD THE US CONSTITUTION–and this clearly is a violation of that oath. This goes for the Senators as well. Every one of these senators AND obama should be arrested, indicted, tried, and be convicted for usurpation of our US Constitution. Enough is enough….out with this imposter and hater of American.

  36. When Lyndon Johnson got that law passed to revoke the tax exemp status of any religious institution that instructed their followers on how their political leaders were voting, he started intimidating our leaders with the IRS. Now we have no spiritual leaders that will do anything to upset the IRS.

    What IF you give up your tax exempt status, and then make sure you have spent it all by the end of the year?? Oh, you say no one will give because they won't have a deduction? We know our true friends when there is trouble, not when times are great!!

    Now there is no one left to stand up and tell the people "Thus sayeth the Lord G_d ……… we are reaping what we sowed, so we really should not be surprised. we need to 'repent' and turn from our ways and beg HIM to heal our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 gives us this HOPE for a positive GHANGE…..

  37. I think Obama is a terrorist. Shouldn't he be put in Gitmo before he does more damage??? Now we don't need to impeach him; just "relocate" him.

  38. I feel the SAME way. I can't stand her and how she bashes Conservatives. But she VERY concisely explained exactly what this is! What she didn't say is that NORMAL, AMERICAN CITIZENS like myself who are Christians are ON the list of potential terrorists because I disagree with the current administration and what they are doing! There are many such lists of individuals who merely don't fit into the 'safe' category that the administration feels doesn't warrant suspicion. How many lists are YOU on? I have no doubt that I'm on more than one list…. ME!… a 63 year old wife, mother, grandmother, Christian, PRO-life, PRO-gun, etc individual… a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN who LOVES my country and believes in FREEDOM. Apparently that makes me potentially 'dangerous' to this government. I NEVER thought I'd live to see the day but it is HERE. God help us!

  39. These are the G. Soros, the Bilderbergs , The Rothchilds, The people with real power. They are making their moves. The People aren't prepared and most don't even know/ believe this is happening… Lost Souls…..

  40. What will it take to wake the United States congress up before it is too late???

  41. obumbler in chief is becoming more and more brazen and STILL congress does nothing or agrees with him and votes yes to everything he wants. Congressmen and women are WORTHLESS !!!!

  42. And still the Jews will continue to support B.O. even though he despises them. I've never been able to understand that one. (All the others you mentioned have been able to figure him out except the Jews.)

  43. Bud, I'm guessing the people he appoints won't need to be physically fit because their only qualifications will be that they know how to operate a gun and follow orders to shoot when told to. Easy enough I think.

  44. We must vote for WHOMEVER the republican nominee is even if he is not our first choice so we can GET OBAMA'S ASS OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE ! 2012 is gonna be a good year, please just pray to our LORD GOD in HEAVEN and have FAITH that things will work in our favor this year. This is NOT a dress rehersal people. We have this ONE last chance to get this one right.

  45. @ snakearbusto: Reagan is NOT to be blamed for what obama is doing to America and her people. He wasn't perfect but he meant well plus he loved America was a true patriot I was a small child when he was in office but I remember as I grew older and discovered that he had ok'd amnesty for illegals only after he was tricked by congress.

  46. snakearbusto says:

    I didn't say Reagan was any more responsible for what is happening to America than Obama is. But he's not any less responsible. If you give Reagan a pass you have to give all the politicians a pass. And you might, because the real power behind them is the power of money. All presidents since Washington have been beholden to money. We are being (as we have always been told) by both sides that the other side is responsible as a way of distracting us from the truth of who – or to be more precise, what (money) – is really in charge. Sadly, the fact that Obomber is black and of exotic origin makes it that much easier for people to want to make him into a devil. So the racial fear and fear of the "foreigner" are being used to manipulate us in addition to the partisan divisiveness (I notice your mention of "illegals"). Anything so we put the blame on somebody else (in reality, on each other). Anything so we don't see that politicians are Tweedledum and Tweedledee, all serving the same master, all betraying real working people.

  47. No ! Not out with Obama or his administration ! They have to be tried as traitors that they are and the punishment for traitors is Hanging !

  48. andrews042 says:

    "I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration."
    Hillary Clinton…
    I wonder if she still agrees with this comment??? I kinda doubt it.