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FBI Sends Gun Store Dealers a Snooper’s Request

Written by Gary North on January 5, 2012

This report is ominous.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), wishes to re-new and initiate liaison contacts with the Federal Firearms License holders and firearms ranges in the San Antonio area,”   Special Agent Karl A. Kehrberg of the San Antonio Field Division wrote in a Dec. 23 letter to FFLs and range operators.

Why should the FBI send out such a request? The stores are regulated by the BATF. The request: “If you encounter any suspicious activity, please give us a call.”

And while it’s noteworthy that Special Agent Kehrberg admits reporting suspicious activity can save lives (assuming, of course, management doesn’t instruct the dealer to proceed with the gun saleand then order surveilling personnel to stand down with the intent of having guns turn up later at domestic and Mexican cartel crime scenes), the nebulous expectations—combined with the power imbalance between dealers and agents, points to more than “strong FFL – law enforcement relationships,” or, as the handout calls it, a “community effort…partnership.”But its among unequal partners. It’s not like the FFL has much choice but to make sure those holding their economic fortunes (and potentially much more) in their hands are satisfied that “suggestions” to jump are met with leaps and bounds. That, in turn, leads to the likelihood that dealers will go far beyond the requirements of the law to make certain their interests are protected and your rights and privacy are secondary, as illustrated in the sidebar video, where a gun store owner refused multiple rifle sales under the pretense of “a NICS hold,” reported customer license numbers, and reported the purchase of a mere 2,000 rounds of .223 ammunition, which any competitor or enthusiast can go through in short order (and recall that “preppers” are also on the terror suspicion list).

Once again, we see a steady intrusion into the lives of citizens. There comes a time to stop the procrastination. What you need to buy, buy when you can.


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3 thoughts on “FBI Sends Gun Store Dealers a Snooper’s Request

  1. They should have been snooping in Eric Holder's office–had they done so, fast and furious may not have gotten as big as it did and maybe the murdered agent would still be among the living.

  2. Sumerian Man says:

    Hear, hear!

  3. jerry1944 says:

    This sounds like more criminal action from the fed . So who are they really wanting to catch hope it dont turn out we get killed are more border agents