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Alert! Why www.GaryNorth.com Is Down

Written by Gary North on January 5, 2012

I post this for my paid subscribers. I have also used Google-plus and Facebook to contact as many as I can. I will have to use REALITY CHECK tomorrow if it is still down.

Gary North’s Specific Answers (www.GaryNorth.com) has been down for almost two days. The server’s computer crashed. The technicians have tried to get it back up.

This is the first “vacation” I have had in 6 years from my normal output of 4 articles a day, six days a week, plus questions and answers on the forums.

The technicians post this link for updates:


Americans are dependent on programmers and technicians. When their systems fail, we are vulnerable. This is the price we pay for our way of life. I am more vulnerable than most, because my job is based on a system supplied by a single third party. There was supposed to be a back-up. Obviously, there wasn’t. Programmers always say, “we’ve got it covered.” They really believe this. Then their system crashes. “We’ll get it running soon.” They don’t.

If you are a paid subscriber, I hope you will be patient. I can understand why you are upset.

Keep checking back at GaryNorth.com.

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8 thoughts on “Alert! Why www.GaryNorth.com Is Down

  1. ArizonaPatriot says:

    Certainly another justification to stop outsourcing our IT, programming and computer support services to overseas entities. We need to have AMERICAN control over AMERICAN communication resources to guarentee AMERICAN success.

  2. Kurt Fiech says:

    Looks like Gary will be obtaining a new vender to host his website, and rightly so!

  3. MontanaMEL says:



    Become a Ham radio Operator!

  4. Pentangeli says:

    I believe Dr. North's hosting service is US based and owned.

  5. Personally Dr. North deserves a vacation once in a while. I can't imagine being inspired day after day to write smart and intelligent essays like he does. I can imagine he is not enjoying this time off, but I wish he could.

  6. The comments by membergate at the link provided indicate very low level of commitment. There are many, many different ways to provide backup solutions for a website. The fact that membergate can’t address a problem with a disk means that there is no hope for membergate.

  7. This is the first time the site has been down in how many years? Not a bad record, but it does illustrate the need for redundancy in the areas that are critical in our individual lives. I did manage to print three articles from Jan 4 this morning before it went back down.

  8. Frankly, I'm shocked there's not a redundant server…how could they host over 1,000 website and not have a ready backup…that's complete insanity.