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Fusion Centers: Collecting Data on You at the Mall

Written by Gary North on January 5, 2012

You may not have heard of fusion centers. They are secretive. There is a reason for this secrecy. They are part of a system of federal spying that is used against American citizens.

While a mystery to most Americans, the existence of Fusion centers recently made waves when they were brought to the mainstream public’s attention by talk show host Alex Jones and former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. As we highlighted in everything you do is monitored, fusion centers are the digital backbone of the modern day domestic spying network and make it possible to track, itemize, aggregate and analyze the personal activities of every American.

This system is being extended to local shopping malls.

Brad Kleinerman entered the spooky world of homeland security.

As he shopped for a children’s watch inside the sprawling Mall of America, two security guards approached and began questioning him. Although he was not accused of wrongdoing, the guards filed a confidential report about Kleinerman that was forwarded to local police.

The reason: Guards thought he might pose a threat because they believed he had been looking at them in a suspicious way.

Najam Qureshi, owner of a kiosk that sold items from his native Pakistan, also had his own experience with authorities after his father left a cell phone on a table in the food court.

The consequence: An FBI agent showed up at the family’s home, asking if they knew anyone who might want to hurt the United States.

How widespread is this?

Mall of America officials say their security unit stops and questions on average 1,200 people each year. The interviews at the mall are part of a counterterrorism initiative that acts as the private eyes and ears of law enforcement authorities but has often ensnared innocent people, according to an investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting and NPR.

In many cases, the written reports were filed without the knowledge of those interviewed by security. Several people named in the reports learned from journalists that their birth dates, race, names of employers and other personal information were compiled along with surveillance images.

This is part of a systematic program. Unless its funding is cut off by the federal government — highly unlikely — it is going to spread.

There is no way for the public to know exactly how many suspicious activity reports from the Mall of America have ended up with local, state and federal authorities. CIR and NPR asked 29 law enforcement agencies under open government laws for reports on suspicious activities. Only the Bloomington Police Department and Minnesota’s state fusion center have turned over at least a portion of the paperwork.

In 2008, the mall’s security director, Douglas Reynolds, told Congress that the mall was the “No. 1 source of actionable intelligence” provided to the state’s fusion center, an intelligence hub created after 9/11 to pull together reports from an array of law enforcement sources.

Information from the suspicious activity reports generated at the mall has been shared with Bloomington police, the FBI and, in at least four cases, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Does this seem inconceivable? It shouldn’t.

In early December Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the  Department of Homeland Security would begin shifting its focus in the war on terror to lone wolf attackers living in the United States. Within a couple of weeks of this announcement the US Congress passed legislation that, according to some Senators, citizens and former military leaders, allows for the creation of domestic battlefields and the detainment of American citizens without charge or trial. The installation of backscatter scanners at airports, train stations and bus depots, roving checkpoints on US highways, and biometric surveillance technology at public events, coupled with revelations that DHS is actively looking to identify those who use cash instead of credit in commerce, purchase survival gear or engage in unpopular speech, suggests that the Fusion centers may only be the beginning.

We can see what’s coming.

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11 thoughts on “Fusion Centers: Collecting Data on You at the Mall

  1. jim28threg. says:

    Just what exactly is unpopular speech? Would it be unpopular to say I think a plan should be set up to completely destroy the Feema camps as soon as the round up starts or would I will follow our leader to Hell and back be be acceptable? How about I hate bananas or I love chocolate who determines the bad speech?
    Most of all HOW DO THESE SO CALLED SECURITY FORCES LIVE WITH THEMSELVES FOR AIDING ANYONE WHOS' DESIRE IS TO DESTROY ANY—-ANY PART OF THE FREEDOMS IN AMERICA? If my child or wife did anything like this I would publish it every where I could and never ever have a single thing to do with them they would no longer exist to me. Don't care if they were FBI – CIA – or Santas helper .

  2. Years ago, when pastors in pulpits were preaching about the Anti-Christ being a global leader who would control all commerce, all purchases, forcing people to take the mark of the beast in order to do any form of commerce, they thought the preachers were nuts. Hail, Anti Christ, the US government is now going to look at people who use legitimate US cash money for purchases? In a world of 20-28% interest on Credit cards and debit card thefts? Come on, guys, our own government is setting up the system for incarceration for people with different opinions than politicians? Lets begin planning for the end, because, brothers and sisters, it's not far off!!

  3. ArizonaPatriot says:

    Everytime you go into a mall, find a security guard and ask for a tour of their Fusion Center. If they refuse, then you just had confirmation that one exists. If they say that they don't have one, then thank them, tell them you don't believe them, put on your ski mask, zoro-mask or favorite halloween mask to keep from being identified further and continue shopping. You are not required to answer a rent-a-cap's questions unless they believe that you have broken a law and if they throw you out of the mall, go peacefully and then contact the local news stations to advertise their jack-boot behaviors. Retail sales locations hate negative publicity.

  4. Good idea, ArizonaPatriot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Reformcongress says:

    If you put on a ski mask, wouldn't that be pretty much baiting because you would certainly look suspicious to ordinary people. The idea would be to infiltrate it and then whistle blow it with LOCAL media outlets and black list the national media from reporting it. Carry a recorder or your phone with a video camera on it and if you see these things happen, post them on the web. Get the badge numbers from police officers covertly, and post their names and badge numbers (that are public information), and force them to come clean about what their orders are. Their job is to serve and protect, not to investigate you for looking at a watch you might want to buy for someone.

    They have cameras in these malls, and that is their right but rights can be abused. Create negative publicity for security agencies that aren't providing security for the right people.

    If you do this overtly, it won't get out effectively. It has to be done in every local area with local media outlets. Flood the thousands of outlets with these kinds of stories, the federal government would be hard pressed to stifle the first amendment rights.

  6. Better yet do not go to malls and let the owners of the stores in the mall and the mall owners why you do not patronize their places of business. Of course soon that won't matter because all businesses will be under the control of the federal government and we won't have a choice of where or when we shop. This country is dying and so is the American dream because we have a president that warned us before he was elected that he would fundamentally change this country. I'd like to thank all who voted for him and hope they love living under his soon-to-be dictatorship.

  7. Will the FBI PLEASE ARREST JANET NAPOLITANO! She is a terrorist and a traitor who is promoting the usurpation of the US Constitution, a felony offense. The only "lone wolves" she is seeking are peaceful US Citizens who have every right to be here. She should be seeking out those islamic cells her agency is always yakking about and she should be talking to those 'muslim american's' who refuse to out them. Guess that's bad enough speech…but its the truth.

  8. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Despite the fact that these policies were put in place and implemented by appointees of the previous regime, their perpetuation by the current administration is, at the very least, an outrage. Actually, it is an obscene violation of the Constitution. These files NEVER go away. The accusations will live far longer than the accused. The above article gives evidence of what amounts to racial profiling. Just how many ways is this wrong? I'm with Ben Franklin when he dais that those willing to give up their freedoms in order to feel a bit more security deserve neither.

  9. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    That should be "said". Oops.

  10. Kelly Kafir says:

    Then put on a Burka or a Niqab… of course then, you wouldn't be bothered at all!!

  11. Freedom Lover says:

    Arizona Patriot – If you look again at that last paragraph 4th line up from the bottom, you will notice the mention of Biometric Surveillance, making it impossible to keep from being identified even if your face is covered. Now, before you say that you are not chipped, think again. Have you had any medical procedures done the last couple of years that required being put to sleep? Did you wake up sneezing fiercely for quite some time afterward, yet you had no cold and it was NOT allergy? The medical field is in this as much if not more so that the rent-a-cops. Is there a way out? Only by the grace and protection of God through Christ.
    And yes. I know whereof I speak.