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2 thoughts on “Obamacare: Doctors Are Quitting. “The Doctor Is Out!”

  1. My Doctor has given notice that he will retire in July of this year … I for one do not blame him one bit … too much regulation and the Lame Brain Lying Muslim Bastard pretend president in DC just SUCK BIG ONES !

  2. We have had shortages in the medical field before and were able to recover from it rather nicely. Unfortunately, the government has intruded so much into the medical practice–and in private businesses–that this shortage may take longer to recover from. As long as the government is permitted to have a say in how a physician should treat the patient, there will be problems in the delivery of healthcare services. We have seen how physicians are frustrated when the insurance companies tell them what they can or cannot do (insurance lobbyists did a number on the public with this one–and this is where obammy got his notion of government intervention), imagine how it will be compounded by government control. Congress should never have allowed insurance companies the offensive intrusion into the treatment of patients and certainly should never have allowed obammy to do the same. Get both of these entities out of medical practice and let us get back to the basics of real medicine.