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“We Don’t Need No Stinking Voter IDs!”

Written by Gary North on December 30, 2011

The Justice Department on December 23 blocked a South Carolina law that requires voters to present a photo ID that prove they are who they say there are. The Justice Department says that voter fraud is rare.

Go that? Voter fraud is rare. Has anyone at the Justice Department ever heard of Cook County, Illinois? Back in 1960, Black comedian Dick Gregory said this. “I love Cook County. That’s where my vote really counts . . . and counts . . . and counts.” It has not changed.

Republicans say requiring photo identification at the polls is just a matter of common sense. But Democrats warn the move could disenfranchise voters.

“I think this is an effort to diminish minority and poor people’s involvement in the electoral policies and politics,” said Dick Harpootlian, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

But David Norcross, president of the Republican National Lawyers Association, noted that a photo ID is required to enter any federal building and most office buildings, among other things. “You need it to get welfare, you need it to get on an airplane, take the SAT, buy liquor, buy cigarettes. It’s sort of ubiquitous,” he said. “And it’s crazy to exclude voting from the list of things you need it for.”

Why block the law now? Why bother.

An even stricter law in Indiana, however, was upheld years ago by the Supreme Court on a 6-3 vote. So now, 15 states require or plan to require photo IDs.

Here is the argument of South Carolina Democrats: it hurts minorities and the poor.

“They can’t get a photo ID because typically you have to have a birth certificate to get an official state ID. Many people don’t have the ability to pay the $35 here.”

This is a red herring.

If a voter claims to have had a “reasonable impediment” to getting an ID, they can vote anyway.

“When you show up to vote, you fill out an affidavit in which you swear you are who you say you are,” said Spakovsky. “And you describe what that reasonable impediment was, and your vote’s going to count — unless local election officials have some evidence that your affidavit is false and that’s a very high burden.”

Nevertheless, a website of the Democratic National Committee refers to the photo ID push as “GOP tactics” and says: “Photo ID mandates are the most pervasive new restriction on the right to vote. … They are costly and unnecessary and they disenfranchise voters.”

The site goes on to say, “voter fraud is rare.”

Voter fraud is as American as apple pie. It’s time to go on a diet. This is not a national ID. It’s a state ID. States are in charge of voting, except where federal government has passed a law that says otherwise. There is no such law prohibiting voter IDs.


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23 thoughts on ““We Don’t Need No Stinking Voter IDs!”

  1. ! What has happened to our wonderful country. I hardly recognize it!. So sad that this is happening.

  2. victorbarney says:

    Yes we do! And here's why: Men are "hunters" and women are "nurturing gatherers" by their own biology. Marxism "appeals" to gatherers! Guess who is the controlling majority voter in America? "GATHERERS!" Duh! Watch! p.s. It's also according to the "choice" man made 6,000 years ago. We were offered to chose life, but we "chose" Death instead! Fortuneately, we have a Savior, but most have been deceived and do not even know who he is. We all eventually will be saved, but as Shakespheare wrote: "All the world is a stage and each MUST play a part in their time"! Watch! p.s. Only those chosen to receive the Set-Apart Spirit in this age are being judged now, but we ALL are earning talents and demarcation. Things are further complicated today through the current marxist, anti-christ by defintion, takeover of our u.s. government! Next, September 16, 2012 comes the two-witnesses to testify against u.s. for 3 1/2 years! No? Watch! Remenber, prophecy only becomes prophecy after it comes true! Again, watch!

  3. Justice Department = Low IQ crooked .gov

  4. If we “Don’t need no stinking voter id’s”, then why do I have to show my picture, state-issued drivers’ license every time I go through a metal detector at an airport or enter a Federal Building? I think I’ll ask this question to the TSA agent the next time I try to fly. That likely will be my last response to this or any other website blog because, I’m told, that access to computers are not allowed in prison. That, lady, is the thing that has happened to our country. We can no longer go into a Federal Building to apply for Social Security without doing the thing that illegal aliens are not required to do.

  5. Can't afford $35.00 for an ID so they can vote. I will bet these poor disenfranchised indeviduals got one as soon as they turned 21 so they could buy booze.
    Here's a thaught; how about the next time you get pulled over, refuse to show your drivers license. Hand the officer some dumass affadavit stating you know how to drive.

  6. SC should sue the DOJ! Eric must go!!!!!!!!

  7. From what I remerber about applying for a social security card back in the 60's was that you had to have a copy of your birth certifcate. Now if there are new rules and like our current president you do not have to produce a certified birth certificate, not certificate of live birth, to apply for a SS# then I would say this is where the problem lies. So, maybe the people of SC don't need a SS# or they have another process for applying for one but anyone with a SS# should have had a birth certificate at one point in there life.

    Why not have the ones that can't afford the $35 fee sign an affidavit stating so and give them a free state ID right there on the spot, same place they would be picking up a copy of thier birth certificate. Seems like that agency should have the ability to do this, if not I am sure the federal government would give SC a few billion dollars to make this happen. They spend money on a lot less. Maybe then again someone is worried about illegals becoming left out since they would not be able to produce a certified birth certificate. Just a thought.

  8. Voter fraud is rampant. Democrats have seen they cannot win an election without fraud. Their arguments on any subject are so
    Idiotic and illogical. The desire to control people is so strong, they will resort to "any" means to keep this control. Photo ID doesn't seem to be problem with these so called disinfranchised group, except when it comes to voting. The 35.00 charge. You will find that this group always has the money for cell phones, laptops, cigarettes, beer, gas and yes–LOTTERY TICKETS. And yet these "poor" people can't spend 35.00. Pure BS. With Democrats it's always whether you win or not. It has nothing to do with how you play the game.

  9. Patriot Diva says:

    Anyone who thinks voter fraud is rare should read John Fund's book "Stealing Elections". It will give you an eye opening look at how prevalent voter fraud really is. As a resident of South Carolina, this really makes my blood boil. My grandmother who had only a sixth grade education, didn't drive, and who lost her original birth certificate was able to get a state I.D. in Louisiana. If she could do it anyone can. My parents and my aunt took her to the places she needed to go to obtain her I.D. so she could cash her retirement check from working as a cafeteria manager in the school district for 27 years. The only reason the democrats don't want this, is because they want to be able to cheat, and we know it!

  10. Democrats must cheat to win…that's a fact we all believe. These so-called poor people who will be "disenfranchised" because they have to show a photo ID to vote, manage to show photo ID to get their food stamp debit cards, welfare, emergency room medical treatment, etc. These protestations by the democrats are nothing more than a tear-jerking attempt to win more people to their side and it's bogus!! They must have a fuzzy election environment to operate in, to be certain their usual fraudulent election agenda will take place. It's time for us to do what we can to expose ALL of these frauds in every state!!!! We have had enough!!!

  11. SILUS DOOGOOD says:

    More rot from the "Holder/Obummer justice department. It should be renamed the department of non justice. No question Obummer has made it his mission in life to destroy america from within. Look at the odd balls he has appointed as his Czars. (all people who hate this country). Look what he has done to the justice department. Look who he has at Home security. Not one good one in the bunch. Four more years of obummer all of america will be running around in object poverty. Whos income is he going to redistribut who no one works and the rich leave the country. The rest of the country who can leave will probably be in concentration camps where the government can really help them run their lives from birth to death. If I were an alien invader (I mean from outer space) I sure would appoint obummer as my rep.

  12. IGotAComment says:

    Everyone -well at least 99%- on this site agree the Dems anti-ID claims are bogus. BUT … what you need to do, no matter how distasteful it might be, is go to the liberal sites and post there also.

    I know it's disgusting to do so, but it's the only way some of the libs will read anything controversial with their liberal media talking heads. Be respectful and provide references to back up what you say.

    99% of the time, no one will listen. But with enough 1%s, maybe it will make a difference.

    You'll also be even more convinced of your conservative stand after reading the liberals' dribble, just be prepared for the foul language that permeates most of the sites.

  13. Bob Marshall says:

    South Carolina was not won by Obama in 2008. I hope nothing changes.

  14. 1). "They can’t get a photo ID because typically you have to have a birth certificate to get an official state ID." Translation: Illegal aliens cannot get birth certificates. Without illegal alien participation, the mythical Hispanic vote is in fact, mythical. The jingoistic "minorities and the poor" is from the duplicitous media playbook La Raza uses to distract in an attempt to steal while creating the stereotypical image of indigent black Americans. It's the sheer numbers of illegal aliens entering the country, and the children being born to illegal alien mothers. If not controlled, the explosive population numbers over the next couple of years is the bad omen for US social stability and taxpayers who are unwillingly forced to finance this smash and grab fest while people like La Raza's Cecilia Munoz in the executive Branch of the White House, Hilda Solis, racist US Labor Secretary for Mexico, and the growing list of subversives who think Mexico first refuse to grasp that the overwhelming majority of the country is fed up to near meltdown with having to fund as mentioned, the blatant birthright fraud and theft of citizenship, an enormous welfare system fraud,

  15. 3). and the loss of our culture and identity. This scortched-Earth burden is costing taxpayers several hundred billion dollars each year, and yet we are asked to fund Mexico to the tune of 10s of billions more, while an arrogant, ungrateful, demanding, disrespectful, duplicitous demographic has the temerity to believe they have a place and say in our affairs when their only contribution is deceit, illegitimacy, anti-Americanism and resentment. In Mexico, foreigners cannot vote — nor can they hold political office, but they want Mexican citizens to be able to do so in our country. What kind of people would impose any of this on a nation of generous people who are unwillingly bending over backwards to allow them to live in a prosperous, egalitarian, and democratic middle-class society indistinguishable from others around the globe, especially theirs?

  16. jim28threg. says:

    Totaly ignore that crap from the D umb O bamanite J erk The fed doesn't have the authority to interfear in the state unlessthat state is doing something against the Constitution.
    The people want it DO IT if the bums come down from their hovel the local sheriff can arrest them and put in the the clink until they have to be released. Show some common sense for a change. Be good for ya.

  17. Jstarusa says:

    well, the government would pay for the ID wouldnt they? They pay for everything else! Its obvious why they dont want the photo IDs, its called Voter Fraud! So these poor unfortunate people can vote and vote and vote again. Think Ill vote under my dogs name, why not? Oh, better yet, lets go get a bunch of illegals to vote too. Why not? The Democrats are neither naive or stupid, but think the rest of us are!

  18. Jstarusa says:

    Thats very true, if they wait for the election it may be too late. Hes a joke for being in the Justice Department. A bad one!

  19. This is the way the democrats handle things it's called bullying? Because there are soo many people out there with their hands out instead of getting a job. It's always bullying or the race card when they don't get what they want. If you look at the poor states that continue to vote the same every year they are and always have been poor states. Check it out!

  20. You are so right? We have to show ID for a library card we must be identified to participate/and the safety of our Country.

  21. fraud is the only way obama can win

  22. Warren Rule says:

    By the way, does anyone smell a rat!? Leave it to the NAACP to lead thousands to think the UN should weigh in on the US's internal problems-whattha…!? Now why are so many foreigners both legal and illagal here anyway? Ans: our own government"s policies!! For me the troubling thing is not voter ID, not even a photo ID, it's a GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID that gets you to the polls. Again, whattha…!? So the government, at least in my state, for whom we are electing officials to is the same entity deciding who gets to vote. Show me your papers! Do you smell something-if not you're probably still holding your nose from when you voted for these half-hearted, half baked candidates who claim they're real patriotic Americans.

  23. Hey Flynn, a person can not even go to jail without a valid ID.