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Privacy Goes Down the Drano — Registration!

Written by Gary North on December 28, 2011

If you buy a can of Drano in Illinois, you must register your name and address. The U.S. government plans to put you in its data base. Reason? You might try to attack someone with Drano.

A new law intended to track those who purchase products that contain substances regulated by the Federal Caustic Poison Act goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2012.

Here are the new rules.

Every retailer throughout the state that sells products containing substances regulated by the Federal Caustic Poison Act and product labels that read ‘causes severe burns’ must maintain a registry of customers.

How insane does it get? This insane. Customers must present a government-issued photo ID when purchasing these types of products.

The registry must include the customer’s name and address the date and time of the transaction, the brand and product name and the net weight of the product. Batteries are excluded from the registry.

What other products?

Drain and sewer line cleaners, ammonia and some toilet bowl cleaners are included in the partial list of products that contain caustic and corrosive substances in accordance with the Federal Caustic Poison Act.

There is no end to this nonsense.

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11 thoughts on “Privacy Goes Down the Drano — Registration!

  1. OK, I am going to depart from my usual on this one! WHY? We have so many real threats to our privacy that this is a red herring. Also we on the sane right side MUST call BS when it is called for. Drano sounds like a benign household chemical that we use every day , However it is a potent pre cursor to making a bomb. Much like the data base that shows when you buy pseudoephredrine , used to make methamphetamine if you buy just some every now and then you are not a threat. We need to be reasonable with our demands for privacy. I have no problem giving my name to the hardware store to put in a data base that will flag if I am going from one to the other to buy Drano. his could prevent someone I love from being hurt. If I am a casual buyer and get one a month to clear up that pesky drain I will not be flagged. If however I am buying several bottles at several stores I am flagged and someone can chek out why I am in need of so much.
    Lets stick to the big infrngmants on our privacy such as the pendng internet laws and threats to talk radio. In the mentime you will see me galdly give my DL to the clerk at the hardware store.COME ON GUYS KEEP A FOCUS ON THE BIG STUFF

  2. The Ill Gov has their heads so far up it.. they can't see common sense or daylight.

  3. Not surprising coming from the Communist state.gov of Ill. They love to make up them Laws, that choke and bind their peasants.

  4. So if I understand this I need to show ID to purchase a product to clean my toilet. But an illegal alien can come over here and vote and show now ID and no problem. Thanks for putting it into perspective.

  5. Wait a second, a person has to produce a photo ID to buy Drano, but in SC a law is banned that requires a photo ID to Vote. WE HAVE TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, AND NOW!

  6. Why aren't the democrats whining about this one??? After all, those poor people who can't get photo ID will be "disenfranchised" from buying drain cleaning products!!!!! OMG!!! What WILL we do??? Besides being stupid, just another rung in the ladder leading to communism which is being promoted by DC!!!! Our lives are becoming theirs….is anyone noticing?? Just about ten months until NOV 2012……better pay attention……

  7. Great. You need a government ID to buy Drano, but its discriminatory against the poor to require a government ID to vote!

  8. Sumerian Man says:

    Simple solution, don't but these products, they're dangerous, usually ineffective, and not earth friendly. Besides the local plummers could use the money and will completely clear the pipe manually for long term results.

  9. MrInterpid says:

    A photo I.D. is required to buy Drano but not to vote? I guess the democraps will be able to vote early and often but go home to plugged up drains.

  10. MrInterpid says:

    A photo I.D. is required to buy Drano but not required to vote? I guess the democrats will be able to vote early and ofter but have to go home to plugged up drains.

  11. Common Sense says:

    All this regulation, IS a real threat of our government by our government. Basically the precursor to becoming a communist country. If there is going to be a law, it should be that these types of products can only be purchased 1 at a time in a regular grocery store and anything in quantities requires some type of purchasing alternative that is then regulated by the government. What people do not realize is that our freedoms are being removed ever so slightly and things we used to enjoy "at will" now requires a permit. Before you realize it, you will be reporting on your own family, friends and acquaintances for things that use to be everyday occurrences. So this IS A BIG THING, and the old saying will be when guns are outlawed, only criminals will own guns, then WE ARE IN TROUBLE!