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California’s Anti-Business Government Tightens the Screws

Written by Gary North on December 28, 2011

California’s finances are a disaster. Its government is dysfunctional. Yet it cannot stop passing new laws.

The legislature passed 750 bills last year, most of them set to become law on Jan. 1. …

Firearms: With some exceptions, it will be illegal to openly carry an unloaded handgun. Californians will still be able to obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

Child Prostitution: Increases fines and penalties for those seeking to procure the services of a minor for prostitution.

Alcohol: Prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages at self-service checkout stands.

Bullying: Requires schools to have a uniform process for dealing with bullying complaints. Goes into effect July 1.

It keeps getting worse.

As of January, employers will be banned from checking the credit of non-managerial employees and job applicants. There are some exceptions, including employees who handle confidential information.

Businesses will be required to provide new hires with additional, more detailed information about their pay and other matters, such as contact information for the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. …

And a new law boosts the penalty for misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor — a hot-button issue in California.

All in all, the new rules — whether state or federal — are not welcomed by many small business owners, especially if they add paperwork and scrutiny.

“Controls are important, but [regulators] made it impossible for us,” said Joanne Weinoe, owner of Golden State Magnetic & Penetrant Lab Inc. in Arleta. “At what point do they not realize we are the ones keeping everything going?”

Anyone who wants to start a business is facing a straight jacket. Yet business start-ups are the #1 source of jobs in the USA.

The federal government is following California’s lead.

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2 thoughts on “California’s Anti-Business Government Tightens the Screws

  1. The people's socialist regime of Brownifornia…

  2. I could never understand how a person can openly carry an un-loaded handgun. What a bunch of stupid bumpkins California has. Someone said that California is full of nuts and fruits and this is one reason to persuade me to think so, too.

    Maybe there is hope for CA now that they reversed their stand on this law. Concealed and loaded is ALWAYS the way to carry a handgun, unless of course you are a law enforcement officer.