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Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter

Written by Gary North on December 20, 2011

In June of 1976, I was Ron Paul’s speechwriter. Shortly after I joined his staff as his newsletter writer and economic analyst, I recommended that he do what I had been doing for a year: buy a Code-A-Phone telephone answering machine and make a weekly 3-minute recording for people in his districts to call. He could send the tape to his office in the district, where the machine would be set up at a local phone number. Residents could call it for free. He thought this was a good idea. So began his weekly speeches.

I wrote his first talk. He later told me that he did like reading a script written by anyone else, so he had decided to record his own. As far as I know, that was the last speech anyone ever wrote for him.

He used that machine for the next two-and-a-half years.  After his defeat in November 1976, he posted a weekly phone message. The weekly report became a tool for a comeback. In 1978, he defeated the man who had barely defeated him (268 votes) in 1976.

So, having been his only speechwriter, I will now offer my second speech that he will not deliver.

* * * * * * * * * * *

My Fellow Americans, as an earlier President from Texas used to say.

I would like to take this opportunity to say something that is both profound and memorable. The trouble is, only two inaugural addresses are remembered today, Lincoln’s second inaugural and John F. Kennedy’s only inaugural. Lincoln said these words: “With malice toward none and charity toward all.” Those are fine words. Kennedy said: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” I especially like the first sentence.

Given the fact that hardly anyone remembers an inauguration speech, the likelihood of my saying something both profound and memorable today is low. Therefore, I have decided to do something memorable instead.

[He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper that he has typed. He holds it down to the podium with his left hand. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pen.]

I have in front of me a piece of paper. I wrote it this morning. Let me read it to you.

Executive Order 13,601: An executive Order Revoking all Previous Executive Orders.

I, Ron Paul, do hereby declare null and void all previous Presidential executive orders.

Signed: Ron Paul, January 20, 2013.

The Constitution of the United States made no provision for executive orders. Congress never votes to create one, yet executive orders have the force of law. The Constitution says that all laws must be passed by a majority in both houses of Congress and then be signed by the President. Therefore, during my time as President, the government of the United States will be run exclusively by laws that were passed in accordance with the Constitution. I do not have the authority to repeal laws on my own. I do have the authority to repeal executive orders. I have just repealed 13,600 of them.

From this point on, you are not obligated to conform to rules and regulations issued under executive orders. Of course, the various executive departments of the United States government will do their best to ignore this, so you had better check with your lawyer.

Just in case someone is prosecuted under a now-defunct executive order, I will pardon anyone so convicted. I may have to spend the second half of my first term in office signing pardons, nine to five, but that would be a very good use of my time. I will come out of the oval office to give a few speeches and hold some press conferences, but you will know that I am doing useful work in my office. I am going to get my branch of the government off people’s backs. I say this with malice toward none and charity toward all.

I hope to have good relationship with the press. If some diligent reporter digs up some dirt on what some agency has done, legally or illegally, or in planning to do, he can ask me about it at a press conference. I’ll do what I can to fix it. Because the government is spying on the people, the least I can do is to cooperate with the press when the press spies on the government.

I will run my office with these rules:

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7 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address, Written by His First (and Only) Speechwriter

  1. Victor Barney says:

    "Those are fine words. Kennedy said: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” I especially like the first sentence." Now you KNOW WHY John F Kennedy was murdered don't you? Duh! America it's now too little too late! Watch! And it was my own generation of the 60's that placed the final nail on the coffin! Again, Ouch!

  2. So Be It I Say!
    The Only Choice is Ron Paul 2012! And all the support we can vote into the congress and senate to help Dr. Paul, to help us take back Our Country!
    Hello Family, Friends, Patriots & Acquaintance’s.
    Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country!
    If Not Now, When?
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!
    If Not You, Who?
    Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women, Join Us Here! http://www.wakeupamerica.com/constitutionalbelievers
    Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World!
    Mr. Harris
    aka Constitution Believer, Constitutional Believer, Constitutional Believers.
    Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  3. All executive orders void and null. What a fantastic wipeout of old golf playing and vacationing illegal immigrant communist/socialist/Marxist/Muslim Barry Soetoro Hitler oblamer. So long! Good riddance! You are going to be missed—but not much! The grief and aggrivation along with all your moronic statements ("the United States has 57 states"; "I apologize and bow to you Prime Minister from Japan"; "America is not a Christian nation", "You people don't even know what the Bible says. It sanctions slavery," etcetera ad nauseum etcetera . . . )
    Ron Paul, if you would, seriously, illegalize executive orders once in office, you and your speech writer need to keep it up!

  4. Daniel L. Skillman says:

    The more I investigate this man, the better I like him. That's unusual in that you normally find out things you don't approve of the more you learn about a politician.

  5. Sixth, I will continue to ignore & disagree with all intelligence reports that confirm the aggressive actions and the stated nuclear intent of Iran, including the threats from their leader to destroy Israel and the Great Satan..the USA. Other nations, including No. Korea, China, Russia..and now Egypt, Syria, Libya, Palestine can proceed with their peaceful programs! and plans. I'll rely on the UN to arbitrate any disagreements that may arise!!

  6. That is excellent. I believe Ron Paul has the courage to do this, but agree with the author that it is unlikely that he will have the opportunity to put this in to effect.
    I think he is a good man who pointed out the truth about the Fed and the coming economic debacle. However I think some of his other policy ideas are a bit far out there.

  7. VERY good speech! I truly hope Ron Paul gets the opportunity to use it. America NEEDS him,and I I can't believe more people don't yet realize this.