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Food Police: “Bleach This Organic Food!”

Written by Gary North on December 19, 2011

An organic farm in Nevada had scheduled a picnic for guests. But the owner did not meet local regulations. The Southern Nevada Health Department contacted the farm to say that the event had not been approved through channels. It needed a special use permit. The owners jumped through the hoops.

Not good enough! An inspector showed up and told them to destroy the food. It was not fit for human consumption. The chef was told to bleach it.

The woman was recorded on video. She did not allow this, but some of it got out.

Cell phones are your Constitutional right to use when filming an agent of the government in a public place or invading your home. If you are told to stop, do not stop. (If the agent points a weapon at you, stop.) It is best if a dozen people have their cell phones out. There is nothing like a video to strike fear into the heart of a bureaucrat. If it gets on YouTube, it will embarrass his boss. Here is the video.

The chef did what he was told. But he recalled that he had the phone number of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF). He called and spoke to a lawyer. The lawyer said to ask the agent for a court order. He did. The agent had none.

He ordered her off his property. She screamed that she would call the police, which she did.

The police showed up. They admitted that they had nothing to enforce.

The chef then improvised. He served a new meal.

The event reminded attendees that there is a war on between the government regulatory system and small businesses, especially businesses that produce non-licensed products.

Businessmen need legal back-up.

They also need cell phones with video capability. A video system is also a good idea.

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2 thoughts on “Food Police: “Bleach This Organic Food!”

  1. A clear example of far too many people on the government payroll. When they have time to go after somethng as ridiculous as this they have far too much time on their hands. Again, again, and again: Reduce the government by about one third and American will blossom again.

  2. Who would follow any of this nonsense, throw their butt out of there and then sue them personally. Film their nonsense, post it, sue them, ridicule them and tell them to leave you alone. We do not have to put up with this nonsense.