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Video: Corzine Brushes Aside a Process Server

Written by Gary North on December 16, 2011

Jon Corzine will spend the next five or ten years and a lot of his fortune paying lawyers. MF Global’s former clients will do their best to get him to pay for the losses imposed by MF Global, but it is unlikely that they will get anything. Still, they will impose great pain on this Goldman Sachs ex-CEO.

Goldman Sachs tossed him out in a coup in 1999. He ran for Senator, won, and did not run again. He ran for governor, won, ran again, and lost. Finally, the free market tossed him out: the MF Global collapse. Clients want whatever remains.

This imperious fabulously wealthy man has destroyed himself in full public view, but he acts as though he were still anything but a disgraced, over-leveraged, arrogant loser.

Watch him brush aside a process-server.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Corzine Brushes Aside a Process Server

  1. Donald Edw. Abel says:

    Can anyone arrange a for a hunting trip for this guy with Dick Cheney.

  2. you have just described a ture politician

  3. Corzine is a jerk and always was . He bankrupted NJ all the while becoming wealthy at NJ's expense . When I first heard that he had become governor there my first reaction was , Glad I left there long ago