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Michigan Mother Gets Her Daughter Back from State

Written by Gary North on December 16, 2011

In Michigan, a woman decided not to administer a drug to her daughter. Her physician approved of her decision. Child Protective Services did not. CPS bureaucrats intervened. They sent a SWAT team to her house and took her child away from her.

She went to court. Eight months later, a judge said she had done nothing wrong. He ordered the CPS to return her daughter.

In case you missed the story, Child Protective Services (CPS) in Michigan sent a SWAT team and tank to Godboldo’s Detroit home back in April after the mother refused to keep giving her 13-year-old daughter Risperdal (risperidone), a dangerous schizophrenia drug that had been causing her daughter to experience severe adverse reactions. Godboldo’s doctor had recommended that she discontinue use of the drug, but CPS felt otherwise, and decided to launch a full-scale terrorist raid on the woman’s home, where they proceeded to illegally kidnap her daughter (http://www.naturalnews.com/032090_M…).

For months, these domestic terrorists held Godboldo’s daughter, Ariana, in captivity at a CPS facility in Northville, Mich., until finally, after a long and grueling court battle, it was determined that Godboldo’s choice in taking her daughter off the dangerous drug was fully legal. In fact, when she first began administering Risperdal to Ariana, it was plainly stated in the consent document she signed that Ariana was free to “stop taking it at any time” (http://www.naturalnews.com/032191_C…).

She had to take this case before two courts. Both courts said she was in the right.

“Thank you for just doing your job and following the law,” said a weeping Godboldo the morning after the rulings affirmed her God-given right to choose what is best for her daughter. But the state is apparently not finished trying to terrorize Godboldo. According to reports, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is actually appealing the decision, alleging that it had every right to raid Godboldo’s home and kidnap her daughter.

Horror stories like this one make it clear that a family needs financial reserves to fight the state. The family also needs public interest law firms that will take on a case like this.

This sort of thing will bankrupt most families. A lawyer costs $200 per hour.

The bureaucrats can impose great pain on anyone who gets in their way. Win or lose, the parents lose. The ordeal is agony for them, imposing it makes bureaucrats feel self-righteous.

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11 thoughts on “Michigan Mother Gets Her Daughter Back from State

  1. barbpatton says:

    This is truly disgraceful and is obvious to those who have a brain that this Government is firmly entrenched in making your decisions for you and furthermore to make your life miserable. For the life of me I cannot understand how it actually got into the hands of the CPS gestapo… Oh well.

  2. THe powers that be dont fear the people any more . Look at Washington . SHEEPLE — Remember PATRIC HENRY

  3. Gestapo tactics! Soon things like this will be happening on a routine basis, like the 200# boy that was "legally kidnapped" because he's overweight. Obama's out to terrorize the parents, stigmatize the children, and destroy families to get us all in line with his NWO socialist tactics, The parent, not the government, is supposed to be the child's caregiver, and if they're not abusing the child, they should be able make the best decision for their childred as responsible parents have beeen doing for centuries. He thinks he owns everyone and everything (like he's God). Obama needs to go, ASAP.


  5. CPS is always doing the wrong thing. The children that are always in danger especially around Trenton, never get saved.Its the ones that do nothing wrong that lose their child. AND have to pay to get them back! I am fuming

  6. I used to be proud to be an American. Now, I am living in a country I don't even recognize !

  7. Protect yourself proactively, Parental Rights Org
    P.O. Box 1090 Purcellville, VA 20134 * (540)-751-1200 * info@parentalrights.org

  8. She must sue them get the best of the best lawyers, and sue the ignorant jerks that think they are GOD, whom are making these rediculus decisions. they are abusing their authority and not only must be sued personally (each one) and sue the state
    too. We must take the power away from people that abuse it. Actually the LAW should do that. If someone is NOT held accountable for what they do in an authoritive position, they will deinitely lose their way. EVERYONE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR ACTIONS. IGNORANCE CAN NOT Be AN EXCUSE !!!!!!

  9. jim28threg. says:

    Guess where the worst criminals are housed.

  10. jim28threg. says:

    First I don't believe there is any lawyer worth $200 per hour no matter what the case involves-yes of course I'd try to pay it if I had to but they're simply not worth that much. Most of them did study and all that stuff to make a living and help people at the same time but we're flooded with attorneys and the majority seem to be raping the public much like the politicians.
    I also have personally experienced abuses by children services and some – not all – need to definitely be prosecuted. Like the group this article was about. They should be charge with the kidnapping and abuse of authority up to and including the local prosecutor.

  11. so how does one prosecute those in government for such outrageous and illegal actions as this?? they're certainly not going to prosecute themselves?
    Are they above the law?