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Preparation for Crisis:Networking Opportunities

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

Americans are sensing that business as usual is getting risky. They are looking for ways to reduce their risk in a financial crisis. So, “preparationism” is growing.

This has created local business opportunities. But, more important, the opportunity to create a local network of trusted people is growing.

One site announces:

Shows are popping up all over the place, new books are on the market regularly, and prepper blogs like this one are now a dime a dozen (I remember when this site was … unique … but now look at us … washed up … a mere sliver of our former unique glory … but anyway). The raging apocalyptic excitement taking the nation by storm coupled with this down economy gets my TEOTWAWKI business mind thinking – what ways are there to turn this craze into a profit making venture?

You can write a book. But he says it’s a lot of work. True. I speak from experience. Better to sell a service.

No, my mind gets turning around other business ideas, like … well, like the other day I was emailing with my homeboy at Weaponcraft in Maine. His business had expanded so far that it was no longer just his, he’d brought others in to assist out of necessity.

Firearms training is gaining in popularity, like this story about women increasingly becoming interested in shooting.

This is beginning to change politics.

The surge has been propelled by shifting politics and demographics that have made it easier and more acceptable than at any time in 75 years for Americans to buy and carry pistols. Post-9/11 fears also seem to be a factor, as has been the relentless pro-gun politicking of the National Rifle Association and marketing, particularly to women, by handgun manufacturers. Events like the Dec. 8 fatal shootings on the Virginia Tech University campus reinforce a feeling that the world is an unsafe place, even as violent U.S. crime rates fall.

Events like the VA Tech shooting will continue.

Take this Maine based company, for example – Snap Space Solutions. They turn shipping containers into housing. While not “technically” a prepper based business, it will certainly catch the eye of some preppers, as using shipping containers as SHTF housing is an often discussed topic in survival circles. Read from a recent news article on the business.

This tells me that there is a growing market here. But locally, “preppers” are still isolated. They need more contacts. That is why a site geared to skills in specific aspects of independent living can be good. I don’t mean “head for the hills” sites. These can attract crazies . . . and also government agents. I mean aspects of gardening or firearms safety.

Use your brain. Wrap a prepper-type theme in a conventional package.

Use WordPress.com to get started.

Later, set up your own separate site, using WordPress.org (free software) and a host like Hoistgator. Choose a URL with your town and state’s Post Office ID: CA, GA, AZ, etc. This way, search engines will find your site.

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3 thoughts on “Preparation for Crisis:Networking Opportunities

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  2. Keith Mathison says:

    Snap space is a super cool concept for mobile people. Traditional manufactured homes are too fragile to move more than once, in fact you can not get a loan on a manufactured home that has been more than one time. With Snap Space you can literally taken your house with you if you get relocated for any reason. It is truely a mobile home. Maybe in the future traditional manufactured home parks will be filled with these truely mobile units. I think they will need to improve the way they look before they get wide spread appeal.

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