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Ben Bernanke’s Secret Meeting: A Bombshell

Written by Gary North on December 15, 2011

Ben Bernanke met behind closed doors yesterday with Republican Senators. I never remember any Federal Reserve chairman meeting this way with members of one political party.

His remarks are not posted on the website of the Federal Reserve. This, too, is unheard of.

At the meeting, he assured the Senators that the Federal Reserve System would not bail out Europe.

Never before has any FED chairman made a political promise of this nature — and to just one political party’s representatives. He was speaking for the FED. But he cannot do this. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) votes on this. He has only one vote.

This tells me two things: (1) the crisis in Europe is moving toward a panic; (2) Bernanke knows that if the FED bails out Europe, Congress will move to restrict the FED’s authority.

There are two flash points here. He recognizes that the FED is under the gun. Congress will no longer tolerate using FED funds to bail out European banks. Never before has the FED been this much on the defensive.

MarketWatch did reveal this much: Tennessee Senator Bob Corker said: “”I think people walked away knowing he has no intentions whatsoever of furthering U.S. involvement in the crisis.”

Bernanke also told lawmakers that the U.S. economy can be hit if Europe starts to unravel, said Sen. Mike Johanns, a Republican from Nebraska. Sen. Richard Shelby, the Republican chairman of the Senate Banking committee, said that the Fed chairman spoke with some candor about the crisis. “The situation is bleak,” Shelby said.

What could the FED do? It does not own euros. At best, it can make dollars available. It has already announded this on November 30.That will hold down the price of the dollar. It will not bail out European banks.

Europe is now totally dependent on the European Central Bank. The head of the ECB is staying mute.

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17 thoughts on “Ben Bernanke’s Secret Meeting: A Bombshell

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  2. With Socialized Europe in suce bad trouble, why would America want to be anything like Europe ? Talk about setting a bad example on how to operate your country(s). There are those in our political system that are pushing US in the direction of Europe and not only are they dead wrong, they need to step down.

  3. jim28threg. says:

    Berny is as trustworthy as a coral snake. Sneaks up and bites you when you don't know he's there. If it's still breathing don't trust it -get away or beat it till the breathing stops and it's no longer a threat.

  4. Everybody had better start (if you haven't already) stock up on long-term storage of food, water, medications, etc. And don't forget to invest in a very precious metal:::lead. Very bad times are coming very soon. The Euro will collapse triggering a European depression and we will be right behind them. This coming world wide depression will make the 30's look like happy days!
    And don't forget to pray.

  5. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    In keeping with the Obama Administrations saying one thing and doing the opposite, Bernanke assuring Republican Senators that the Fed will not bail out Europe means that he has every intention of doing so. He is not to be believed.

  6. and we are supposed to believe him?

  7. Hmm! I trust him less now because this is a political move when you meet with one side only.
    Might be a good time to build up cash and bury it in a box. These morons are totally lost and they
    are in charge!

  8. The Party is over… Lights are closing down…Reality we have been sailing on the titanic is sinking in…. No more deck chairs to arrange. Life jackets are all gone, waters very cold… the last song is ending… Good luck everyone… See you in the new America on the Other Side. Best Wishes. L-


  10. The Federal Reserve Bank enforces globalist strategies to be key instrumentally, in their long term goal of dismantling the middle class concept, that has been preserved by evoking the first revolution against the Bank Of England, who intended to subject us to British serfdom, yes feudal states, like the entire world before the existence of the rebellious Americans.__It has been the Globalist, master plan to systematically dismantle the free state of America, by__ 1.) In 1907, JP Morgan bought up all the media of that time. 24 newspapers, so_ as to corral public opinion. Today, the three major networks are the _ continuum of this corralling of popular disposition. When JP Morgan died, _ 80% of his estate went back to the Rothschild's._2.) The re-establishment of the very thing that our forefathers, who revolted _ against the British over, the establishment of a fractional reserve central _ bank, which enslaves a nation through debt, and is owned by foreigners._ _3.) The destruction of our working middle class through the three pronged _ method of illegal immigrant workers(NAFTA), the destruction of our currency, _ and the purchasing of the majority of all our political representatives, with the _ good help of the media. The over regulation by government with ridiculous _ statutes and over taxation.__There is so much stuff besieging us that the above is just the tip of the iceberg, with regard to how the American people are being reduced to the quality of a fourth world nation._The American people had best wake up when it comes to voting in their reps. This is a diabolic and spiteful development. The government can very very easily trim the budget simply by closing down just a portion of the 900 ineffective military bases that we have policing imaginary enemies globally, when the real enemy is our economic responsibility, or lack of, that is. To you understand that on top of the military bases, we build schools and fire houses in the remotest Kush mountains, in all the provinces, in all the countries that we've been in, not ruling out Libya either._Americans have their backs to the wall, we need a change from the atypical paradigm that has besieged Washington since the inception of The Federal Reserve System, in 1913. Clearly, Ron Paul will be the Next President.__Simply and honestly,__Dr. Paul, and The American People who stand with him demand:_ _•_Prudent clarity and focus in your logic by, reducing the size of over bloated government, pork barrel lobbying politics, our global military presence (and the exorbitant billions of spending that go with it),_•_States rights, _•_The return of the gold and silver backed dollar, and the elimination of worthless printing of the present inflated fiat Federal Reserve Currency._•_Ending the illegal presence of the neither Federal , which there are no reserves, because they print currency out of thin air then bill the taxpayer for it, to END THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK !!!_•_Limited Central Government._•_Right to Privacy._•_Freedom of Speech._•_Free Will to Practice Chosen Religion._•_Safety of our Country._•_Limited involvement in foreign wars._•_Individual right to own guns._•_Unencumbered Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness._ _Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? The ownership of the 12 Central banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed:_1._Rothschild Bank of London. _2._Warburg Bank of Hamburg. _3._Rothschild Bank of Berlin._4._Lazard Brothers of Paris. _5._Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy._6._Goldman, Sachs of New York. _7._Warburg Bank of Amsterdam._8._Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.__By the way, get this, the FED actually owns part of the majority of these companies, e.g., it owns, %12 to %15, of Goldman Sachs._The Apocoliptical vision of a serpent devouring its own tail, comes to mind._

  11. We have no business bailing out Europe when we have our own crisis to worry about.

  12. Mayflower Decendent says:

    I DON'T BELIEVE HIM and neither should the Senators! He has lied through his teeth already and once a liar always a liar! He also said he wouldn't inflate the dollar but he did, he said he wouldn't print dollars willey nilley and he's done that too!


  13. Not Impressed says:

    Can Ben be trusted?

  14. Searching for YouTube videos on Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve, I found the quasi-autonomous controller of US money supply was described as “a Ponzi scheme that created bubble after bubble in the US economy and needs to be held accountable for its actions,” according to comments attributed to Eliot Spitzer, the former governor and attorney-general of New York.

In a discussion two years ago about the bank bailouts on MSNBCs Morning Meeting, host Dylan Ratigan described the process by which the Federal Reserve exchanged $13.9 trillion of bad bank debt for cash that it gave to the struggling banks.

Description of the YouTube feature was written by Daniel Tencer who said Spitzer — who built a reputation as the Sheriff of Wall Street for his zealous prosecutions of corporate crime as New York’s attorney-general and then resigned as the states governor over revelations he had paid for prostitutes — seemed to agree with Ratigan that the bank bailout amounts to Americas greatest theft and cover-up ever.

“Advocating in favor of a House bill to audit the Federal Reserve, Spitzer said: The Federal Reserve has benefited for decades from the notion that it is quasi-autonomous, its supposed to be independent. Let me tell you a dirty secret: The Fed has done an absolutely disastrous job since [former Fed Chairman] Paul Volcker left.

“The reality is the Fed has blown it. Time and time again, they blew it. Bubble after bubble, they failed to understand what they were doing to the economy.

“The most poignant example for me is the AIG bailout, where they gave tens of billions of dollars that went right through — conduit payments — to the investment banks that are now solvent. We [taxpayers] didn’t get stock in those banks, they didn’t ask what was going on — this begs and cries out for hard, tough examination.

“You look at the governing structure of the New York [Federal Reserve], it was run by the very banks that got the money. This is a Ponzi scheme, an inside job. It is outrageous, it is time for Congress to say enough of this. And to give them more power now is crazy.

“The Fed needs to be examined carefully,” Writer Tencer suggested.

“Spitzer resigned as governor of New York in March, 2008, after news reports stated he had paid for a $1,000-an-hour New York City call girl.

“At the time, Spitzer had been raising the alarm about sub-prime mortgages. In the wake of the economic meltdown triggered last fall by sub-prime loans, some observers have suggested that Spitzer may have been targeted by law enforcement because of his high-profile opposition to Wall Street financial policies.

“Investigative reporter Greg Palast wrote that federal agents revealing of Spitzers identity as a call-girl customer was no coincidence.

“Palast wrote that the principle of prosecutorial discretion is often used to keep the names of high-profile persons out of the media when they are tangentially linked to a criminal investigation. In the case of Spitzer, the Justice Department chose not to invoke prosecutorial discretion. Funny thing, this discretion. For example, Senator David Vitter, Republican of Louisiana, paid Washington DC prostitutes to put him in diapers (ewww!), yet the Senator was not exposed by the US prosecutors busting the pimp-ring that pampered him. Naming and shaming and ruining Spitzer rarely done in these cases – was made at the discretion of Bushs Justice Department.

“Spitzer recently told Bloomberg News that President Obama’s regulatory reforms of the financial sector are irrelevant because regulatory agencies have not been enforcing corporate laws to begin with.

“Regulatory agencies already had the power to do everything they needed to do, he said. They just affirmatively chose not to do it, according to Writer Daniel Tencer.

    Tags: Eliot Spitzer Ron Paul Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke Freedomwatch Napolitano NLE 09 End the Fed Roche Mike Shanklin HR1207 S604 Paulson Obama

  15. Prediction …. as the Euro collapses due to lack of funding from NO growth or Bailouts, http://www.moneynews.com/Headline/fed-bernanke-ba… , the private investors that can extract their funds and exchange them for dollars and transfer those funds into USA holdings will spark what is being called a 1930s Depression ERA Rally , http://www.moneynews.com/StreetTalk/Prechter-US-D… , then after this transfer of wealth consolidates into the Investment Firms of the USA , the Federal Reserve will then enforce its right under the 2005 bankruptcy Law, http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=198650 ,to Claim these assets to back their Derivatives holdings as the only holder of these 1.4 Quadrillion dollar asset class after the collapse of the Euro is complete , where these derivatives are now held , and this will be the final blow to the capital system seizing all private sector wealth , a declaration of Capitalism's final collapse . This will force the BRIC nations to reject dollar trades for their durable goods in the world markets , like they rejected Iceland's currency in 2008 , and the NDAA is now in place to deal with this Civil Unrest in the USA once this plays out .

  16. TheThinMan says:

    Someone on MarketWatch has blamed the Fed for causing the trouble in EU – what utter nonsense. Socialism and their Social Democracy and creating a welfare state caused the trouble and our Glorious Leader Barack Obama wants to take us there. (He and his Socialist Democrat allies in the Congress led by the Princess Pelosi and the Socialist Democrat MORMON Harry Reid.)

  17. This article was posted September 16, 2011. It is now January 11, 2012. And what is Dr. Bernanke doing? Bailing out Europe.

    Dr. Bernanke: "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"