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Proposed U.N. Arms Treaty Against Handguns

Written by Gary North on December 14, 2011

Gun control advocates inside the United Nations are attempting to pass an international arms-control treaty. If the Senate ratifies it, the supply of guns will decline. Meanwhile, demand is rising.

Consider this report.

“We predict that a global Arms Trade Treaty will come into force late this year,” a report in the Jan. 2012 issue of the Dillon Blue Press by researchers Paul Gallant, Alan Chwick and Joanne D. Eisen claims.

What is the deadline? The final negotiating conference is scheduled for July 2 to July 27.

What is likely to be included in the treaty? First, small arms. The bureaucrats have targeted small arms.

What about ammunition? That may escape. Some estimates have this as 50-50.

What are its chances of passage in the USA? The National Rifle Association sass that 58 Senators say they will oppose ratification. This is good news. It only takes two-thirds to prevent it.

While this looks good, especially in an election year in the United Stares, we should be aware that this international movement is dedicated to control gun ownership in the USA. The USA is the #1 target. America has the largest number of gun owners on earth.

The more American families that own a rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun, the more dedicated the political forces in favor of Second Amendment liberties. Families should be trained in gun safety. Every member above the age of 10 should be capable of handling all three classes of weapons.

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