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Cameron Torpedoes the New World Order

Written by Gary North on December 12, 2011

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain, has torpedoed the next ratchet upward of the New World Order. By refusing to consent to a massive tax on all financial transactions by the European Union, he has sank the EU’s goal of revolution by treaty.

The NWO is outraged. All across Europe, the press is hammering Cameron.

Focus Magazine, a relatively staid publication, said: “British premier David Cameron looks more like a drowned rat than a British bulldog.

“David Cameron wanted to show himself at the EU summit as a strongman and say no to the new European contract. Now the feeling of suspicion is creeping over Britons themselves that this was not such a good idea.”

“David Cameron’s miscalculation,” said the Tages Anzeiger in Switzerland – a country neither in the eurozone or the EU.

“He has led his land into isolation.” The article is accompanied by a cartoon showing Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy about to glug champagne, staring haughtily across the Channel at the back of Mr Cameron as he stands with arms folded looking out across the Irish Sea.

All media reports speak of Britain “hindering” or “torpedoing” the EU in its own interests; namely, the financial sector in London which has long been considered a place with too many fat cats for the frugal Germans.

What did he do? He refused to surrender national sovereignty. The EU was about to accept a huge revision of the treaties that established the EU in the 1990s. No national referendum was going to be allowed. No formal change of the treaties would take place. But the governments of 27 nations were expected to centralize control over the budgets of every member nation.

To raise tax revenues, the EU planned to “tax the rich.”A “Robin Hood” tax on all financial transactions would be imposed.

Cameron said no deal. The largest financial market in Europe is in the City, the separate jurisdiction in the middle of London. This means that billions of dollars in taxes will get away from the Eurocrats. They are incensed. Nicholas Sarkozy was livid, according to this report.

“David Cameron made a proposal that seemed to us unacceptable, a protocol to the treaty that would have exonerated the United Kingdom from a great number of financial service regulations,” Sarkozy said shortly before dawn, after what he called a “difficult” dinner meeting had dragged through the night.

“We couldn’t accept this. We consider to the contrary that part of the troubles of the world come from the lack of regulation of financial services,” Sarkozy said. “If you want an opt-out clause to not be in the euro and ask to participate in all decisions of the euro … and even criticize it, this is not possible.”

Cameron defended his stance.

“What was on offer is not in Britain’s interest so I didn’t agree to it,” he told reporters in Brussels.

“We’re not in the euro and I’m glad we’re not in the euro,” he said. “We’re never going to join the euro and we’re never going to give up this kind of sovereignty that these countries are having to give up.”

Cameron’s stand persuaded leaders of three other nations to say no: Sweden, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The leaders of Sweden and the Czech Republic say this must be submitted to their voters. This will embarrass the leaders of the other 23 nations, who refuse to allow this.

This summit was supposed to be a slam dunk, a done deal. Cameron undid it.

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13 thoughts on “Cameron Torpedoes the New World Order

  1. Once again will a grateful world say that this was England's Finest Hour!

  2. Bravo, PM Cameron, for smelling a rat across the ocean. May you always have the interests of your national rights above the conglomerated will of the EU!

  3. Good for him. Someone is finally growing a backbone to stand up to the socialist. I wish we had some in the U.S.A. that would do the same.

  4. Good call David , I hope the USA has guts to stand tall and give a loud and resounding NO!

  5. I don't know how many of you know it, but the Democrats proposed the same "tax all financial transactions" here in the U.S. just last year. They called it the "Debt Free America Act" and it was introduced on February 23, 2010, as HR-4646. They wanted to tax every single transaction that takes place. For example, it you have a $1000 payroll check deposited into your checking account, they would take $10 of it. Then it you wrote a check later, let's say to pay a $200 utility bill, then they would get another $2. Then if you withdraw $500 to go Christmas shopping, they would get $5. They wanted to tax you coming and going every time a dollar moved. If the Democrats get back in control of Congress, and Obama is in office, you can bet this is coming to America.

  6. This is a test run for the worldwide New World Order. It should be obvious that it is an outright theft of nations' sovereignty without recourse. I applaud Cameron for protecting England.

  7. Good for Cameron! Obama would jump at the chance…

  8. Patriot Diva says:

    Just because the other nations of Europe were stupid enough to join the EU doesn't mean England has to. I say good for them!

  9. For one of the few times in his career David Cameron got it right. The British Isles & its people have never considered themselves to be part of Europe per se. It stood alone against Germany from May 1940 until the Japaense brought the U.S.A. into the War on December 7th 1941 & Hitler foolishly declared War on the U.S.A. .It is certainly not in British Interests to kow tow to France & Germany over issues of Sovereignty. Britain did not opt to join the Euiro currency, so why should it pay for the mistakes of its administrating masters The British electors have repteadily beeen promised a referendum or plebiscvite about both joining the E.U. and the Euro – which past British Politicians have ignored. I believe Britain contributes 9 Billion Pounds Sterling annually to the E.U. self appointed – non elected Government in Brussels – for which it gains very little except ridiculous regulations that are very little to do with either Britain's Industrial or Agricultural Interests.

  10. Mayflower Decendent says:

    Wow! I'm surprised and congratulate Mr. Cameron on standing up for Britians and their sovereignty! I wish it was the same with this country but we are being led into a sea of debt so they can join us to the NWO!

  11. Good for Cameron: good for the sovereignty of the UK, Sweden, Hungary and the Czechs. Down with the autocrats in Europe.
    This is a great day for democracy in Europe.

  12. It was important that the Union of European Socialist Republics ram this global tax through for their NWO masters BEFORE the "Union" self-destructs. Now, to work on eliminating that other tool of the rich NWO scum, the "United" Nations, and the socialist-democrap progressives here in the US, and their poster boy, the Kenyan.

  13. good for him, get rid of all those damn whinny liberals, socialists, and muslims….. the more that do this the less those
    little queers will get….. the only good muslim is a dead one… and one world rule only comes when God himself arrives
    until then it will never happen