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Blago’s Cost to Illinois: Over $14 Billion

Written by Gary North on December 12, 2011

This video is great. It reports on an estimate made of the Illinois government’s unnecessary spending by convicted ex-governor Rod Blagojevich: $14.4 billion. He received a sentence of 14 years in prison: about one year for each billion dollars.

The story is about his corruption, but what is interesting is that most of the costs were imposed by bonds: $10 billion. Fact: voters voted for these bonds. The report never mentions this.

Another study concludes that 3 Illinois politicians or their cronies have been convicted each month for 40 years. (The study should have gone back 100 years.)

Blago was a big spender. He ran huge deficits. The TV report calls this corruption, which it was. It was welfare-state crony capitalism, which is also known as Keynesianism.

He was not convicted for his Keynesianism. He was convicted for having tried to sell a political office. The “outrage” was that he got caught doing the sort of thing that politicians have done for a century. The offices are always for sale. Votes are always for sale. What was illegal is that Blago asked for payment in advance. This is illegal.

The welfare state politics is a popular way to buy votes. It is the almost universally approved politics of the modern world. It is morally corrupt. The corruption begins with the corruption in the hearts of the voters.

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5 thoughts on “Blago’s Cost to Illinois: Over $14 Billion

  1. If the truth were known, every politician in DC & every state would most likely be jailed for all the corruption. What is disgusting is if I do the very same thing they do each & every day & most get away with it, I would be in jail for it. This guy is just the tip of the iceberg & he is the fall guy for the big guy on top, Bloggy goes to jail while the top dog is still out & about doing his dirty works. What a country

  2. Chicago politics are just plain corrupt anyway one looks at it. I am glad that Illinois lost a crap load of money defending this crook. Maybe the crooked voters will vote a straight politician into office next time around. Well, maybe not! Once crooked, always crooked!

  3. If Obama loses the 2012 election, both Blago and Rezko, as well as other corrupt imprisoned Black Panthers, union members, and other trash will get their "get out of jail free" pardons. When you remember the list of crooks Clinton pardoned, you can rest assured Obama's will be larger and more "illustrious". Pardoning the worst of the worst shouldn't be allowed. Especially with Oama's list of incarcerated friends, we don't need this type of people roaming our streets and terrorizing us.

  4. Awe , how sad . To bad his buddy Obama and company won't be there to keep him company

  5. jim28threg. says:

    America has had a problem with corruption from the first bstrd that set his/her eye on another and realized he /she could take advantage of someone else. Setting their own selfish needs and wants ahead of even their own family. Must be democrats they seem to be well known for their perversions.