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Budgeting: Mother of 8 Challenges Mother of None

Written by Gary North on December 9, 2011

Suze Orman is a lesbian. She has lots of advice on how expensive it is to raise children.

Here, a Christian mother of 8 instructs Ms. Orman on budgeting.

We both watched as you were in the middle of counseling a young couple, 29 and 30 years old, who wondered if they could afford to have the wife quit her job and have another baby. . . .

But we were absolutely dumbfounded when you told them that their expenses would go up $700-1000 each month due to necessary baby items, like “diapers and this and that”. (Diapers were the only actual expenses you came up with.)

Diapers? $700? A MONTH??? Really?

Ms. Orman has not shopped for diapers.

And neither do all the other baby related expenses all added up, even if we went hog wild and bought Pampers without a coupon.

You told the couple “sorry, you can’t afford it,” and there was “no way possible” for their plan to work.

No possible way? Really?

Suze, pardon me for saying so, but I don’t think you know what you are talking about here.

For years, I read a child in the USA costs $100,000+ to raise. But inflation has caught up. Now it costs $227,000. It’s utter nonsense, of course. It is so off-the-wall silly that nobody but a liberal could believe it. Liberals tell us that a poor mother in a ghetto with 5 children from 5 fathers needs welfare. They never say that the woman will need $1.3 million in welfare. This myth for people without numerical skills has been part of the liberal assault on the family. Liberals have believed this myth. They do not have 2 children per family — replacement rate. They have fewer. They will die out. This is good. (For a great book on this, see David Goldman’s Why Civilizations Die.)

In my youth, I saw the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. It was the story of the efficiency experts, the Gilbreths. Their work was based on cost-benefit analysis of remarkable precision. They understood this:

You see, families who are adding a second, third, or (insert freakishly high ordinal number here) child can actually re-use car seats, high chairs, baby beds, clothes, and all of the other stuff they spent way too much money on for the first kid.

Her consclusion is correct: “Babies take time. They take patience. And sacrifice. Lots of it. But not a lot of money.”

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7 thoughts on “Budgeting: Mother of 8 Challenges Mother of None

  1. Patriot Diva says:

    Good for her! Liberals push this kind of misinformation all the time. When my husband and I adopted we wondered how we could possibly afford all the things a baby needs while having to pay for adoption expenses. It all worked out. We were given a used crib and changing table for our first, and we borrowed a crib for our second baby. Consignment shops have nearly new baby clothes for sale. We clipped coupons. What the first baby outgrows, usually the second baby can wear at least if you have two of the same gender. They were worth it!

  2. From the list of 45 Communist goals that found their way down the
    halls of our great Capitol back in 1963. As you read this, 46 years later, you
    should be shocked by the events that have played themselves out.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural,
    Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
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    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

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    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
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    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington



  3. Ms Orman obviously doesn't know borst ! 1.3 million in taxpayer funds to support a welfare mother of 5 with five different fathers ? Something is wrong with that picture , Where are the 5 fathers contributing to the support of their children ? Ms Orman , stick to what you know .

  4. I've said it over and over, the society in which we live today is not "kid", or "old people", friendly… Someone should have told me that raising kids was such an expensive project. I could have benefited greatly from this information. I managed to raise mine, as a single mom, on $15,000 a year… and we had everything we needed (food, clothing, shelter) and much of what we wanted (TV, VCR, stereo, car, vacations every summer). This writer is right. Suzie Orman is full of beans and franks!!

  5. Ms. Orman usually gives good financial advise from what I have read and seen of her. However, she was obviously out of her element in advising a couple on the costs of raising a child. She should have admitted as much.

  6. a concerned citizen says:

    As an added benefit, these numbers give the state justification to "award" high child support to mothers after they leave their husbands, while "awarding" the fathers very little time with their children. I'm sure it's just coincidence that the state makes money off of child support … I mean, it borders on conspiratorial to think the state would provide incentive for the dissolution of the family in order to make a profit. At least it's all done in the best interest of the children. See Baskerville, Taken Into Custody.

  7. Bill Baerg says:

    Gary, could you also include a Facebook Share on this site. I would really have liked t share this with my facebook friends.