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16 thoughts on ““Do Not Delete!” The IRS and Your Hard Disk Drive

  1. The supposedly freest nation on Earth wouldn't be enslaved to the government via an income tax. We shouldn't be threatened by a financial Gestapo. It's time to eradicate the income tax, and disband the draconian IRS. We got along without an income tax before 1913, except in times of war, and we should return to that in order to reign in the out of control spending government, and it's tyrannical ways.


    This is a total invasion of privacy by the federal government and sooner or later (sooner I Hope) someone will file suit against the
    IRS and OBUNNER against this invasion. I have been telling everyone for months that he is a closet muslim working with and for
    the Islam extremist all over the world to bring this country down to a ruin state for easy take over and the institution of Sharia Law.
    Your representatives and senators are to stupid to see what he is doing or they are in on his plan and going along with it because they will be lining their pockets to become even more of the elitist group who will be running this country and watching over the peasants working their asses of to keep it running.


    What ever you do in November of 2012 DO NOT vote for this man again or your going to be unable to change this country back to what it was before he was elected in 2008. He and his anti-capitalist crony's are the most dangerous enemy that this country has ever faces in our existence. If you do vote for him in 2012 you deserve exactly what your going to get, but just remember when your not standing after the revolution is over you will have no one to blame but yourself, unlike OBUNNER who will blame everyone including you whether your standing or not. This man need to be taken out of the picture right now and even if he is replaced with OBIDEN it would be good because at least OBIDEN is so stupid he can be controlled. Think about it folks you country is at stake, along with you children, grand children and anyone else you know who loves this country and their freedom that it offers.

  4. I doubt that RP could find a bimbo willing to take his money. He is not a hottie!

  5. I believe that email communication should be as private as one person speaking to another. Both of which are non of the government's business.

  6. reaqd this link to learn the TRUTH!!!.


    you will learn more truth in 1 hour than you did in 12 years of Publik School.

  7. Supertad108 says:

    Can anyone say tax reform?

  8. Hmmm , do I smell Obama in this ?

  9. I see this as a good thing. I'm sick and tired of Big Business and/or millionaires being able to hide assets and not have to pay their fair share of taxes, and then, me, and many other middle-classed tax payer, having to pick up the slack. High time SOMETHING was done to even things out.


    OMG censored again, Thanks Mr. Censor even though you know what I wrote was the truth.

  11. jim28threg. says:

    Well I'm sorry if the bad boys wish to search my pc they're welcome to it. I do absolutely no financial junk on this here thing -don't know how. I just look up garden stuff and gun stuff a little advice and e-mail relatives and friends . I've joined some groups but I don't order from these on line sites or donate mostly because the wife won't allow me to have any money – I'd spend it on ammo anyway. So this doesn't frighten this old fart even a little bit.

  12. FU IRS!!!!!

    You are all freakin' blood sucking leeches.

    You're time of downsizing is just around the corner.

    Soon, your headquarters will be the size of a broom closet.

    The time has come for massive tax reform that will make your department almost obsolete.

    A flat tax on all income earners will put your sorry asses on Preparation H and rid the USA of a large painful hemmoroid the taxpayers have dealt with for decades.

    Go f..k yourselves. Your feakin boss cheated on his taxes, you imbeciles!!!

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