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$100,000 for a College Education That Fails You

Written by Gary North on December 2, 2011

James Altucher has written a great article on the 10 things he did not learn in college, but should have. I wish 4 million college-bound high school seniors would read it every year. (Over half never graduate.)

I have been writing about this for over 30 years. It’s nice to see a few people who have caught on.

It starts in public school kindergarten.

Altucher offers this list of things he never learned in college:

1. How to Program

2. How to Be Betrayed

3. Self-Sabotage

4. Dinner Parties

5. Networking

6. Politics

7. Failure

8. Sales

9. Negotiation

All are good thing to know about. These are crucial: #5, #8, and #10.

For full details, click the link.


Continue Reading on www.jamesaltucher.com

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3 thoughts on “$100,000 for a College Education That Fails You

  1. Victor Barney says:

    I had two wonderful things happen to me: A. First, I dropped out of High School after my freshman year and went to Henry Abbott Technical School and became trained as a Machinist. Next I joined the U.S. Air Force and built bombs in VietNam. When I got began to see things a lot differently than i did when I had enlisted! I then went to collage on the GI Bill and became a Behavior Analyst! In retrospect, the best school that I ever attended was Abbott Tech., where I attended with a lot of out of the mainstream boys, and Tech. didn't allow girls when I went there. But I learned about life in the street there, although I didn't like red lead and oil and didn't become a Machinist!

  2. Victor Barney says:

    B. After getting out of the service because I didn't want some idiot with time and grade over me telling me what to do, I suddenly came to realize that it was the same "game" in civil life, but the same rules were "unwritten" so to speak. After learning all that from the service, I learned how to play the "game" as they they and did quite well in life. So I do agree with this article, I did learn more about life and man's nature at Abbott Tech. more than I did in any graduate school! But the bottom line is, IF YOU DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF, NO EDUCATION CAN REALLY HELP YOU ANYHOW!

  3. Scott Todd says:

    How about basic economics- what works and what doesn't?