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The Establishment Gets Nailed in This Cartoon Video

Written by Gary North on December 1, 2011

This goes after Obama, Occupy Wall Street, and all but one Republican candidate. Guess who.

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10 thoughts on “The Establishment Gets Nailed in This Cartoon Video

  1. Pretty Darned Funny… Actually it did not pick on either Gingrich or Romney.. Interestingly enough. Unless the guy to the left was one of them, I suspect it was Santorum.

  2. Peter & Paul says:

    They should really be proud. I hope their kids don't see the video !

  3. Bogus: no teleprompters!

  4. txconfederate says:

    I really don't see any difference in any of the candidates compared to obozo. But I do think Ron Paul is the only one that is the most Constitutional Conservative up there running.Yes he has his faults just as the rest of them do but at least he stands for the U.S.Constitution and obozo does not. RON PAUL 2012

  5. Not Impressed says:

    It looks like EVERYBODY that counts has the solution. PLEASE continue to ignore the truth. In that so stupid? People? Why? Oh, why? Some people just make me want to throw up.

  6. So what's so wrong about that cartoon video? Think someone is getting jittery somewhere there LOL!

  7. Ellen Schreyer says:

    This video causes me to lose my regard for the Tea Party Economist. This is over simplication in order to ridicule. These people are of presidential quality. Could you have come so far in the effort to be America's president? America needs to return to having respect for the Office of President and the people who are candidates.

  8. atleast it puts the truth out about ron paul,,,he is the answer but the sheeple will not wake up..

  9. blocked again

  10. Arthur Lloyd says:

    An excellent demonstration of fact and truth. Let's pray this penetrates the "Dumbed Down America Syndrome". Its been so long since an honest politician has run for office that it is much like not being able to see the wood for trees. Just keep Ron Paul in your prayers. For God and Country.