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Nailing Physicians in 2012 — and Forever

Written by Gary North on December 1, 2011

Are you on Medicare? Be sure you have a regular physician. They may stop taking new patients.

Congress is about to stick it to physicians: a 27% cut in Medicare payments, beginning January 1.

This is called squeezing the providers. It will make medicare patients liabilities.

There will be rationing at some point. Smart physicians will simply pull out of the system while they can.

This video shows what physicians soon will face. (It may take time to download.)


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One thought on “Nailing Physicians in 2012 — and Forever

  1. evermyrtle says:

    This one 27% cut can prevent many senior citizens from getting the medical care that we need and it leaves a gloating DC crowd. It is just beyond my comprehension the level of their responsibility for the American people.