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Inflation Index: 12 Days of Christmas, 2011

Written by Gary North on November 29, 2011

You have heard of the consumer price index. You may have heard of the median consumer price index. You may even have heard of the Big Mac price index. But have you heard of the 12 days of Christmas price index? It exists.

Every year about this time — in between Black Friday and Christmas Eve — it gets published.

As with the tune, this “basket of goods” never changes. Unpopular items don’t get removed. New ones don’t get added — century after century.

This year, prices are up by 4.4%. This is higher than either the CPI or median CPI indicates.

Note: these do not reflect either eBay prices or Craigslist prices.

Buying these items online can save you over 60%. But be careful. About 7% of employers will fire people this season for doing Christmas shopping online.

The partridge in a pear tree remains a good inflation hedge.

Hint: plant a pear tree early next spring if you live in a cool climate. This should remain an excellent inflation hedge.

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