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Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Skirmish in Philadelphia

Written by Gary North on November 28, 2011

It had to come, and it has. A Tea Party coalition in Philadelphia has taken on the far-Left OWS movement. The OWS called for a boycott of retail establishments on Black Friday. The Tea Party group correctly identified the motivation of the OWS. It issued a press release.

A coalition of conservative groups, representing tens of thousands of citizens, has announced “BUYcott Black Friday” to draw attention to the need for Americans to help the U.S. economy, businesses, and the jobless by shopping on, traditionally, the busiest retail day of the year.

The call by Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America is in response to plans by members of the Occupy Wall Street movement to bring a halt to the American economy on “Black Friday” by boycotting malls and corporate stores (see Washington Post Article/Occupy Boycott).

“At a time when our economy is most fragile and ratings agencies are talking about another downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, it’s completely irresponsible for Occupy Wall Street to attempt to bring the U.S. economy to a halt on the busiest shopping day of the year,” says Liberate organizer, John Sullivan, spokesman for the Cherry Hill Area Tea Party.

A Black Friday protest is not new, Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America notes. Adbusters — the group that inspired the Occupy movement — has previously hosted “Buy Nothing Day” and advocated making no purchases on Black Friday.

“Occupy’s call for a boycott this time around could gain more traction because the group has a cadre of followers who want to make American businesses and employers the scapegoat for all the woes of the U.S. economy,” said Mr. Sullivan.

Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America was established in early October, at the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, to counter Occupy’s anti-free market and sometimes anarchistic message. . . .

Its mission is to inform the general public regarding the principles of limited government and the free enterprise system.

This is exactly what is needed across the USA. The Tea Party must publicly identify this deep division between it and the OWS, which is anti-free enterprise to the core.

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103 thoughts on “Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Skirmish in Philadelphia

  1. James Andrews says:

    The Tea Party is correct here. And the OWS movement still doesn't see that the real core of the problem is the crooked politians in D.C., and in many of our states, that are the most responsible for this-including a huge surplus of crooked lawyers in America as well.

  2. Platoon Sergeant Che says:

    Tea Party Patriots are determined to heal America.

    OWS appears determined to destroy America; with BHO

    tactics of " Fundamental transformation." To what?

  3. I happily participated in the BUYcott.

  4. It's time to get the OWS brats off the streets and back with their parents – if the parents want them?

  5. I still have not really heard anything about what these folks are trying to accomplish? I guess if your broke and unemployeed you just want everyone else to be miserable with you. It seems to me that this is 100% the opposite of what they started doing – get the rich has now turned to inconvienance everyone.

  6. Democrats r stupid.thanks bill clinton for sending all our jobs over seas(nafta)

  7. Delightful………….looks like it didn't work OWS. The American public spoke and they didn't agree with you. That particular goal (which you embraced with open arms) was the worst yet of a bad bunch of un-American ideas! Thank you America for seeing it for what it was, a stupid contrarian tantrum!

  8. Leave the OWS alone,as they are a perpetual reminder of this failed administration. Just be sure to interview as many OWS people, and play them on prime time news stations! These people are such a non-story but the media has to say something to get out the pro-Obama view,they don't realize how stupid they (the media) look and how stupid they(the protesters)are.

  9. Timothy G Reynolds says:

    Looks to me like the OWS movement fell on its face on "black friday". This fridays retail sales set a new record high. Score; Tea Party-1, OWS-0. Well done Tea Party, now tell OWS to take a bath and get a job.

  10. Looks like Liberate won. A 7% increase in sales is pretty good for business.

  11. From the first comment… no parent would want to claim them.. from the pictures I have seen of them…they look like most of them are stoned, or stupid..not sure which…. reminds me of the hippies of the 60's …. you see what has happened to them… put them in a concentration camp for 60 days..and then give them a job cleaning the interstate hiway system…. they belong on the chain gang…

  12. The Constitutional United States has endured over 200 years of change. The Socalist/Progressives have yet to clear 100 years sucessfully, any where, yet they insist on trying again.

  13. These OWS's people are nothing but ZERO loser's, who have no ambition, other than to disrupt anything they can. They need to go back home, gather their welfare checks, and start looking for a job on their own, instead of expecting everything to be given to them by the tax payers of America.

  14. To quote that great American: Richard J. Daley "Shoot To Kill."

  15. LOL…. Tha's the problem right there. They're parents might not want them mooching off them anymore either. I think the OWS brats should try taking a shower and then getting a job, and while they're at it how about paying some back to the taxpaying for paying the bills for them being able to party!

  16. Michael Honohan says:

    Absurb! OWS asked for a boycott for one day. You jerks could have gone and "saved the US economy" on Saturday. You so-called Patriots need to make up your mind. Ron Paul stands by OWS (no, not all their actions. Ron Paul has rightly indentified that OWS is mad because Wall Street gets the bailouts and the unlimited funds from the Federal Reserve while we get shafted. All America must stand up against the tyranny of the NWO and GATT.

    If you stand AGAINST

  17. 1minuteman says:

    the tea party which is the real grass roots organization just proved which one really loves america and wants it to succeed and we the one that obama hates. the feeling is mutual as you will see in 2012.

  18. Michael Honohan says:

    If you stand AGAINST OWS, then you stand with K Street and the NWO. If you are with the international banking cartels, then you are NOT an American. You are a Globalist whose interests are not for Country. Simply, you are guilty of treason against The People of the United States of America

  19. Michael Honohan says:

    And I guess it was OK for Wall Street to get bailout and a share of the trillion printed for them by the Federal Reserve. I suggest you turn of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and spend the time reading the Audit of the Federal Reserve. Perhaps if you were informed, you would join OWS and help educate those young people on liberty and sound money, but it does not sound like you believe in any of that!

  20. This whole situation is strange because the OWS people want to shut down the bankers, the profiteering corporations, and with this new boycot, the economic engine of purchasing, which the government for which they depend to support them, need all of these for taxes, to fund their support of the OWS people who blame their joblessness on bankers, corporations and now people pruchasing. If the OWS people are successful, how do they think the government will then be able to support them, takeover everything and assign people to work what they've taken over so as to provide funds to support these OWS people? These OWS people are doing nothing more than pushing Communism and Socialism to replace our Capitalistic Economy, the change Obama promised and wants, and is the reason Obama supports these OWS people, even despite them jeering him.

  21. Ray, you are so right. These idiots need to look for a job or go to the White House and do their occupying, or else to the senate/congress office buildings, that is where all the problems with the stimulus and the handouts to the banks, Freddie Mac and Fannie May originated. Or they could go occupy the lawn of george soros. These are the places where our problems start

  22. The OWS movement is clueless. If they were truly informed, they'd be camped out in front of Barney Frank's, Chris Dodds', AND the White House. Oh, and throw in Bill Clinton as well. They all wanted every American to own a home, whether they could afford one or not. Wall Street and American business are just the targets chosen by their phantom benefactor, George Soros, and his willing accomplices in the Press, who want to destroy our Free Enterprise system. Cheers to the Tea Party…… true patriots! Down with those hippie anarchists!

  23. Robert Boos says:

    You don't undersdtand the Occupy Wall Street Movement. it's not composed of high minded kids who want to improve the world. It's a pack of scurvy anarchists and left wingers who want to start a revolution so that they can kill the rich.

    These people are constantly on the prowl for a cause that will attract adherents and provide the numerical strength for a counter culture movement to advance their hateful agenda. Ironically, the rich unintentionally abet these radical groups by abusing their power to get the government to pass favorable tax and regulatory legislation and allow violators of the remaining laws to avoid prosecution.

    Because the actions of the rich and the right in general have created two economies, one composed of the poor and the middle class and the other composed of the rich, the radicals' message falls on receptive ears. Because the poor and middle class are numerically vastly superior, all that they need for action is a charismatic leader. When that happens, the rich

    eventually lose the fight and get slaughtered or leave the country.

  24. It's time the OWS people(?) give up their cell phones, fast food, fancy sneakers, etc., and move to an island of their own – no stores, no TV, build your own house, etc, etc. How about Misery Island off the coast of Northern New England. What a prime spot!

  25. To OWS: get rid of your weed, learn how to crap in a toilet (not on the sidewalk), shower with soap, and get a job. If you want "stuff", work for it like everyone else does. Nobody owes you anything.

  26. These people are just a bunch of freeloaders. They want to be given what we have worked hard to achieve. I worked starting in my junior year in High school, all through my college years, and at age 69, I am still working part time. SPOILED BRATS.

  27. Mr Obama thanks OWS and cheers them on. "The organizer" is still organizing. It seems they are worknig for him.

  28. The Occupy Brats are just that…brats! As stated earlier, they are nothing but a freeloading leech. I am about to loose my job at the end of the year because the small store I work for is closing its doors. Jobs are hard enough to find down here and its getting worse. If I don't get another job soon, I will have to move. After spending 20 years in this town it saddens me to see this place going to where it has.

    No Obama 2012!!

  29. Jim Delaney says:

    Headline a tad misleading. There has been no skirmish with OWS. In any event, kudos to the Tea Party in Philly for speaking up and distancing themselves and other Tea Partiers from the OWS thugs and low-lifes.

  30. Adbusters is a socialist (at best) front for a captilist hating communist. It seeks to destroy capitalism as it is now and replace it with a Soviet style economy!

    How did that work out for the Soviets??

  31. My thought is, The young have been indoctrinated by the public schools, fast food/junk food, LOUD music EMP's than open them up, more pliable, for manipulation to drugs, humanistic/communist thinking. This has been going on for the last 60 years.

    I do believe there is an ungodly world enemy, trying to destroy us, and are trying to do it through our young.

  32. It's time for the OWS people to give up all of their capitalist goodies (cell phones, fast food, fancy sneakers, etc.) and get a place of their own, away from the stores and businesses that offend them so.

  33. OWS = Odd Weird Sh**heads.

  34. Weak parents who gave them everything and didn't teach the value of getting up off their butts to get a job, and learn the values of being a contributing part of society. Parents who allowed them to sit in front of video games, playing 24/7, didn't bring them to the table for meals, enforce boundaries, etc. Our society has allowed this to happen, because parents were too afraid of their kids, too afraid of government telling them how to raise their kids.

  35. This is their idea of liberating America, they want to take from the rich & give to the poor. It doesn't matter to them that the rich alrady donate the most to just about every charity, they are still not satisfied & want even more for being born here in America. I* wonder just what they think is a fair share of the people that are successful to pay as a percentage of their money?

    this is so the welfare checks go up even more

  36. I concur wholeheartedly. SPOILED BRATS, who don't like the idea of having to work for anything. Time for them to be closed down and moved along. Time for them to grow up and take responsibility for their lives and be productive members of society.

  37. The groups that make up the ows crowd are not just the spoiled brats who do not want to work hard/save/build their lives as all of us TAX PAYERS have all our lives. In this grab bag of miscreants are the marxists who want to destory our economy, the anarchists who just want to destroy anything and anyone they currently dislike, the unions who agree with the marxists……..and then there are the just plain old freeloader who want total govt support from cradle to grave and couldn't care who gives it to them just as long as they don't have to work for it in any way. They are the lazy bums and plantation blacks.

  38. These pee-party brats of OWS ought to occupy an employment office – after taking a bath and haircut, and learning a useful skill.

    Bums have more pride.

    obama delenda est

  39. Ooops!!! I'd have to say that the lame attempt by OWS got steamrolled big time! A 20% increase in revenue over Black Friday 2010…WOW!

  40. Terry Elliott says:

    These "occupiers" aren't just a bunch of spoiled brats, they are what Lenin called "useful idiots". Haven't you noticed that this is a global effort? This is the global socialist movement in full swing, well financed by the likes of Geo won't somebody whack him Soros & other billionaires worldwide. Obama'a fingerprints are all over this as well & is apolitical move to try to salvage his reelection, God forbid !

  41. I agree with the previous comments,but we cannot ignore the true motive behind the occupy movement. We have a president who is determined to bring about a one world government supported by the bilderbegers and G.Soros.There is an element in the world that would like nothing less the the complete destruction of our constitution and of our rights and freedoms.

    The liberals are simply following the direction of the present administration because the think they stand to benefit most by the downfall of this country.

    What the homosexuals,the perverts and all those who are looking for the government to take care of them fail to relalize is that when this new world order is estblished they will be the first victims to either be jailed or exterminated.

    These people want to control our every movement. Wake up people get your head out of the clouds and look at what is actually happening in this world. We have in our possesion the greatest gaurantee of your freedoms your choice to pursue your dreams and your right to liberty. It's called the Constitution of the United States. Read it Vote Obama,Reid, Pelosie and all liberals out of office. Let's clean house.

  42. Spoiled brats? Spoiled drugies, and criminals. I bet more than half of them have records of arrest. These are wanna be hippies, and wannabes are worst than those who are. It comes down to getting rid of Obama.

  43. OWS are nothing but a bunch of America hating fools who think they will be treated better, i.e. get more free stuff, from a socialist government. This is the big problem our education system has created. Parents who let their children run wild without supervision or showing an ounce of caring is another problem and only adds fuel to the fire. We must continue fighting for America and our own rights in order to save this country.

  44. Richard holmes says:

    Put the ows pukes in prison with their parents. They deserve each other. We don't need tem.

  45. TruthWFree says:

    Boy, you sound like me. I worked in a gas station pumping gas, greasing cars and changing oil. Then I went on to the big money doing 72 hours a week in a cotton gin. Before all that, I picked cotten as a 12 to 14 year old kid so work is no stranger to me. These people have been spoiled by too much and it's starting to come to an end. I've been there through tough times and I can handle them again. I expect they are a coming.

  46. Call them brats and freeloaders. It is true but name-calling sure won't bring them to reason. I'm not sure anything can. They are the V (for Viagra)-generation, spawned by self-indulgent parents either too old or too young to deal with the responsibilities of training unwanted children. They kids are untrained, uneducated (in spite of scholarships and on-campus tents), and undisciplined. Compare to post WWII children where fathers were dead or could not deal with rearing kids because of PTS. By all appearances, the OWS and the '60's ragamuffin hippies look the same. Two decades of "sexual enhancements drugs" IS a factor that has been overlooked. The OWS children are contrasted by Tea Party adults.

  47. Of course they don't want to go to work –

    they might have to take a bath.

  48. Wow, if "OWS" were really the "99%", overall Black Friday sales wouldn't have gone up 7% ($11.4 Billion) over last year and Apple wouldn't be reporting a 26% increase over last year. Take that you "Odorous Worthless Scum".

  49. The TeaParty has failed the USA. They come out to protest OWS, but never showed any sense of support or compasson. That is plain out division and no where near Patriotic.

  50. The Occupy Wall Street protesters have got it wrong. The problem is not Wall Street. It is the Insurance Companies that are taking all the money and giving nothing back except a couple sheets of paper stating what they will not cover. Even the government mandates that we pay for insurance, Health insurance, Car insurance, Workman’s compensation insurance, Home insurance and on and on. I’d have plenty of money if I could cancel all the insurance policies I am forced to have.

  51. ha ha ha Boy, did you ever give away your age and location. Wasn't hard to figger out. And, yes, you have something to brag about. You didn't go out there and say, "I won't work unless I'm the boss." These brats with degrees in sand box, basket weaving,

  52. Tea Party = common sense

    OWS = ignorance and corruption

    The Tea Party knows how to fix the problem, because they know what is the cause of the problem. The Occupy people are blindly following the very people who caused the problem. Soros funded OWS, Obama supports it, and Communist and ex Obama Zar Van Jones started the movement with a website. Nuff said

  53. You should proof read your dribble before sending it into cyber space. It is a refection of your ability to communicate, or lack thereof. And that chip on your shoulder sounds much like your dribble. YOU may wish to sit on your collective butts in front of the Fed instead of barfing up clap trap crap from the 1960's. And, you may wish to turn OF…off your tv period, and get a life. Just get one of your own…not someone elses'. Not too many folks such as myself wish to contribute to your spongebob mentality. Work, shut your mouth and bow your humble head. Or…..move to Europe where you will find many likeminded souls without the desire or backbone to care for themselves. Brother can you spare a dime. NO. earn one.

  54. If wallstreet received a bailout as you suggested, who's fault is that? It is NOT the fault of Wallstreet, it is the fault of this government. Put the blame where it belongs. Our kids are being brainwashed by our government to believe in what? Capitalism is what makes America run. We have corruption in our government right now that is doing everything in its power to stop America's growth. Put your glasses on and read between the lines.

  55. Once OWS stops occupying Wall Street and starts Occupying the White House and the Capitol and demanding accountability/ responsibility for the legislative actions which caused everything in the first place, they will have no credibility.

  56. I have questions: who is responsible for organizing the Very First OWS, and who is really behind the OWS?

  57. Well said, how can anyone else not see the facts that continue to be in front us 100% of time even without media help. Cronies, lobbyists, socialist unions, and Career politicians (WE NEED TERM LIMITS) coninue to prove itself the major factor of all that is wrong with the perversions of America. It starts with us. Let us individually end our own perversions we hang on too, stop our states from falling into perversion (DO YOU HEAR THIS CALIFORNIA!) and make sure we are repentant to GOD and watch the prosperity once again be the norm. Or in the words of John Adams, ….."Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any others" -John Adams

  58. The liberals lost again as they usually do when they go against freedom. Last Friday was a record selling day , and thats the game.

  59. james you don't get it. they see but it doesn't matter. they are the you owe me they are the freebes they are the i want what you got. an if this goes our way what will they do. what HAVE TO GO TO WORK ARE YOU CRAZZY. HELL NO NOT THAT.

  60. NewYawkahBroad says:

    They want attention and they got it. They don't actually have a plan.

    They're all spoiled upper-middle class mouth breathers.

    They want hand-outs and they got those, too, because many Americans are stupid.

    The good news is people are tired of their rhetoric and now they're just OWS: Over-Whelmingly Stupid!

  61. skeptimaniac says:

    It be obvious dat you ain't be no'in what we be about. Mosta us be edjumacated academbicles who onlyest want what it be we be deserving. Every body be down wit if'n you be wantin that check in the mail every month you gots to be voten for Obama. Obama is runnin his country like all dem like me dat maxes out his plastic within the first month then changes his phone number. Obama has promised me big money every month and all he be expecting from me is my vote.

  62. d.k.dexter says:

    yea take all the rich peoples money,it wont cover the debt,the rest of the jobs will be gone,and nobody to pay the taxes to support all the programs on which they rely on,smart thinking.NOT!

  63. Ed Rodriguez says:

    If you want to piss off the Liberals and Shithead Obama just keep buying and buy from small stores as well as large retailers. There are Americans depending on those of you who can afford to spend and purchase items in order to keep their jobs. It doesn't have to be large or expensive items just so the small business owners can cover their expenses and keep employees working. We visit small shopping malls and B&B's when we travel and buy things from folks trying to stay above water. In 2012 we can bring back the American economy by voting all the assholes out of office. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  64. I would like to know what kind of parent brought up such idiots?

  65. Robert H. Goetz, Sr. says:

    My Wife and I spent $300+on a new Leather Recliner and intend to buy another. If this pisses off the OWS punks, it's worth it! LOL…. Rob in Chicago

  66. grandmaliberty says:

    Seems to me there is a third party movement trying to steal tea party thunder… Be careful.. I saw a piece on tv that there is a group trying to start a third party before 2012… Now is not the time…. ABO has got to be the catch phrase for this election… if you throw a third party in the mix, I am afraid it is going to be four more years of Obama and the end of America as we know it…..

  67. grandmaliberty says:

    come on administrators… what are you afraid of… my remarks are always conservative in nature… or is that a problem now…

  68. ows=dumbas$es

  69. Rich Buckley says:

    OWS seeks currency and banking reforms which nearly 77 % of the general public also sense is required. Returning the ownership of our currency to the people can be done while still serving private interests.
    It is an error of tragic proportions not work to build bridges with the non-violent core of OWS and its main economic message for currency and banking reforms. Our colonists owned their own currency and prospered, we can do it again. Even mainstream religions acknowledge the need to change the money changers. Pass The Love.  

  70. mel lissner says:

    Dean, I too am a senior and I have a history like yours and am still working. Spoiled brats is a term for children while these low lifes, most of whom have college education, add nothing constructive to society. If these were my children I would consider my life a failure.
    You know why we have an immmigration problem? This, the USA is the land of opportunity.
    Maybe you and I should go into business and offer all the OWS people a low cost trip to the country of their picking. We could sell T's and Sweats with "I'm going to Egypt (or Iran, or Venezuela, or Cuba etc.). Then when they want to return we can charge the big bucks. lol

  71. And to think that our own president urged the OWS on. It shows that he wants America to fail business and the Capitalist system. Any speech that he mutters about improving the economy and jobs is a total lie. I can't even stand to watch any of his appearances on T.V. because he lies so much!

  72. When our own president urges on the OWS, you know that he wants America to fail. Everything he's doing is to destroy our Capitalist system and instill socialism. He doesn't want anyone to have jobs, unless it's in the government and he can control everything!

  73. BO wants to de stroy our nation, that's why he backs the OWS!

  74. Bob: A picture is, if anything, more powerful than a thousand arguments. The OWS folks betray their own condition… possibly BOTH stoned AND stupid! Hippies in the 60's had more sense than these nut cases. At least the hippies stuck to one theme – stay stoned and stay stupid. OWS is a supposedly political movement that can't decide which to advocate… down with the rich, down with the government, down with the economy, or down with the U.S.A. They discredit themselves everywhere they go. I agree with Swampdog, above… since the mainstream media insists on actually promoting the OWS "cause" (which one is up for grabs!), the MSM discredits itself and its own stupid propaganda.

    Maybe 60 days in a concentration camp MIGHT do OWS folks a bit of good… it would get them sober, as long as no drugs or booze got in. A chain gang? No… that would cost taxpayer money for another government (stupid) program. However, those of them who are unemployed and are already on public assistance of some sort should be given as many garbage jobs as possible to pay back those of us who are subsidizing their delinquency. Tim says they should get a bath and get a job. Maybe their unwashed condition is one reason why they're unemployed! The concentration camp experience should include daily rotating hot & cold showers – that would have the dual purpose of cleaning them up and discouraging their delinquency!

    Seriously – OWS is both politically and socially dangerous, and it's time local authorities cracked down on them rather than wasting time criticizing the TEA Party. OUR publicity should include constant comparisons between OWS and TEA Party gatherings – including a summary of the cost to the community (taxpayers!) of clean-ups after the gatherings. The truth would quickly become obvious.

  75. Lee Baldwin says:

    the OWS movement can't possibly 'see' the problem of crooked politicians because IT IS THE CROOKED POLITICIANS THAT ARE PROMOTING THE OWS. ~KNOW THIS. Act on it during the next elections. It IS the Harrison J. Bounel aka Barrack Obama aka Barry Soetoro Show that incites the OWS. Nancy the Pelosi does the same thing. The democRATS are behind the OWS. the democRATS care less about "We the People" except when they have thier sticky little cloven hoofs out for a hand-out.

  76. Lee Baldwin says:

    If you do not post what we comment on, why bother? I used no profanity, yet I get censored. Next I will block your e-mails as I believe this "Patriot Update" just might be a look into Harrison J. Bounel aka Barry Soetoro's campaign ideals.

  77. Yes Lois, this is the culprit, the education starting with Kindergarten. The schools, educators and the scholastic books being used to teach our students must be investigated and returned to the states not the federal government !!!!!

  78. Not Impressed says:

    The headline article equates Tea Party with consumerism. Don't you think so? I hope you realize how backward this is. But, apparently a lot of people are accepting it at face value. THAT is not good. If you don't know what I mean, I hope you will at least TRY to think about what is REALLY going on here.

  79. Bob S
    you are absolutely right. OWS brats are the whelps of the re-cycled Hippies from the 60's. After all, many of them are being taught by the likes of Bill Ayers etc. The way to break up a OWS crowd is not with pepper spray (they are immune) but with a bar of soap.

  80. Marxism is.

  81. TroopsR4Paul says:

    Don't forget the bankers who bought those crooked politicians, and who rotate in and out of high government positions of administrations of both parties and often stay in them when administrations change.

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  83. Do you really think anybody is going to listen to those dirty fleabaggers? I think most people would go shopping just to antagonize them. OWS = Obama's Willing Stooges

  84. hey hey ho ho….. Obama's got to go……….

  85. You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually one thing which I believe I would by no means understand. It sort of feels too complicated and extremely extensive for me. I am looking ahead on your next put up, I will try to get the hang of it!

  86. lonetrader says:

    Let me get this straight. The OWS is composed mostly of college students. They are protesting wealth. Why do you go to college? To obtain more wealth. So they are protesting the thing they want to be. Wealthy. Hmmm. They are really confused.

  87. A person necessarily lend a hand to make significantly articles I would state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual submit extraordinary. Great task!

  88. You Tea Party people confronted OWS? How by putting out an ad? Not very brave of you. Robert Boos, the rich will never leave the country. Where are they gonna go? Haiti? Europe? Israel? Asia? Saudi Arabia? No they do not have the guts or moxie to do it, those countries do not like your and their kind and the same goes for the Tea Party members who parade around in Captain America costumes and spout patriotism. Confront OWS you cowards and stop talking about Reaganomics, the man is dead. If the rich and Tea Party members were true Americans, they would volunteer and fight in Afghanistan. Your days will come and you can go back and hide in your holes, while us true-blooded Americans will fight the enemy on their own grounds.

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  95. RichBuckley says:

    No No No. OWS and The Tea Party are not conflicting opposites. That is just the panic and fear needed to keep you in chaos.

    Both movements realize they both have far more to gain by finding common ground and share much in the way of common ground already.

    I follow The Tea Party (and often help promote them) and I follow OWS (and often help promote them too) both very closely.

    All the key features of The Tea Party Economist are also supported by OWS. Shrink the State. End the Fed. Balance the budget. Make a profit. Leave an inheritance….. and we can also add other elements of common ground: (1) Corporate Person-hood issues (2) Currency and Banking revisions.

    Every time you hear that we must "fight and oppose" you are being lead by fear and hate not love and knowledge.

  96. …. Continuing from earlier post…..

    OWS and The Tea Party even tend to support the same candidate for office and it's not Pres. Obama. What matters to both groups is the convincing belief the candidate will dedicate and if necessary sacrifice himself in an unrelenting application on his will for 4 years to tame the beast we have created.

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