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A New World Order Coup in Europe Is Coming

Written by Gary North on November 28, 2011

You have to read between the lines of articles relating to the crisis in Europe. The central fact is this: the 60-year experiment of the New World Order to consolidate Europe into the United States of Europe is in deep trouble. This consolidation has been central to all European politics ever since 1951. The attempt began as early as 1919: the League of Nations. But the NWO has now overplayed its hand.

The crisis of the euro is in fact the crisis of the NWO’s grand experiment, which is stage one of a broader plan to integrate Europe, Asia, and North America into a one-world government.

The Bank of America has issued a report warning that the eurozone could fall apart. The euro could die.

The report hastens to add that the bank does not expect this. This is where we must read between the lines. A Fox News article adds this: “The brokerage said it now sees just three outcomes for the euro zone: fiscal integration, a limited liability partnership and a breakup, which is not its baseline scenario.”

Two of the three choices involve a new round of political centralization. But the treaties that created the European Union in the 1990s do not allow this without the voters’ consent. But the NWO knows that the voters will oppose this. Europe faces strong nationalist movements today that did not exist in the 1990s, when the treaties were voted on by the public.

So, this means that there will be a coup d’etat in Europe, and soon. The NWO will create a new political order without any public ratification.

The NWO keeps pointing to the dire consequences of a breaking apart of the eurozone, the monetary union. Yet this is a real possibility. The system is visibly tottering toward collapse. The report follows the NWO’s Party Line on the breakdown of the eurozone.

“Any break-up or withdrawal from the [euro zone] would unlikely be orderly. There would be large shocks to all currencies involved,” BofA Merrill Lynch foreign exchange strategists Richard Cochinos and David Gray wrote in the note.

If the euro broke apart, it would likely entail a full dissolution with all countries returning to their original currency or a partial union with only some nations exiting — the more likely outcome, BofA said.

But will this happen? The authors say no. “We should stress that a breakup of the [euro zone] is not our base case.”

This means that the authors believe that one of the two other options is likely. This means hat a coup is imminent. It will not be called a coup, but that is what it will be: an unconstitutional restructuring of Europe’s political order.

The NWO has pushed for this. We know the old line: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” The crisis is here. The NWO has no intention of wasting it.

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27 thoughts on “A New World Order Coup in Europe Is Coming

  1. David in MA says:

    Sort-a a parallel to obozo's "fundamentally changing of America" don't ya think?

    Now we know the future of such a foolish endevor, it will fall apart just like the EU and all other socialist systems.

  2. First of all I am dead set against a NWO. Furthermore why would I want a government residing over all that cannot maintain fiscal responsibilities such as keeping the debt status in check. If we, (the American People), vote against this then that will be final and I don't care who or what is trying to force it on us, period!

  3. The NWO freaks have a sinster goal of implementing a secular, Godless, socialistic world government upon the gullible masses of planet earth. Their Satanic agenda can be revealed by googling "UN Plan 21".

  4. The EU is in trouble? Making the new world order harder to pull off, this won't make the spooky dude happy.

  5. EyesWideOpen says:

    What we need to find out about anyone up for election is what organizations they are affiliated with. Free Masonry is the common denominator in the groups that are pushing the One World Agenda: The Illuminati (yes, it still exists), Masons, Shriners, Rotary Club International, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, Council of Foreign Affairs, Bilderberger Institute, Labor Unions, Vatican, and the National Conferences of many Protestant religions! To see a list of the people that belong to these groups just enter “the worlds’ richest people” into your search bar on the internet. These people know that in order to get the citizens of the countries of the world to accept this One World System that they must first crush the economies of each country so that we will accept this system rather than starve to death. But know that anyone that is not part of their group will become enslaved! Just look at what is happening today, open your eyes and see the truth! We must return to living by what the Bible really says – it is the Word of God and is to be taken literally!

    This would eliminate Gingrich, Perry and Romney!


    We are tired of all these shenanigans about a currency that should never have been developed, especially uniting such diverse countries.

    Give us back europe, each country with its culture, currency and most of all freedom.

    Right now, the EUSSR is a strait-jacket and too many people do not even realise what has happened. Control by unelcted commissars and so-called presidents of this and that. Mostly failed politicians in their own countries who love the money trough they are dipping their noses into. Look at the outrageous salaries and expenses they give themselves from the billions given by individual countries. Sign on for the day, then leave to enjoy the day? Anyone see Daniel Hannan an honest MEP talking to an EMPTY CHAMBER?


  7. George Tolhurst says:

    When the League of Nations failed due to our more intelligent Senate at the time. The newly formed Council of Foreign Realations created the United Nations whose charter was written by Algier Hiss (convicted communist)

    Every sense the CFR has used the U.N. as a world police force with the backing of the CFR and funded mostly by U.S. tax dollars. The CFR is your secret goverment that has controlled all Presidnets and most Presidental Candidates for the past 70+ years. Its members consist of the vast majority of cabinet secretaries, under secretaries, politicans like Clinton, McCain, Gingrich etc. etc., top leaders of all 4 branchs of the military. Top heads of the media, Hollywood. big business and non profits. That is just for starters. The CFR has around 4000 known menbers and located in the Pratt House in N.Y.C. Ron Paul is not controlled by them and the CFR fears his election.

    The CFR's goal is to create a New World Goverment with complete control with the U.N. as its world police.

  8. Richard holmes says:

    Let the euro die and all the scum that wants the nwo. They both are trash.

  9. Well, you can bet Soros, the Rothschilds, and the Rockerfellers will, TAAA—DAHHHH, come to the rescue of the Euro. What's in it for them? Well, how about total control of Europe and a mass of pesants to put into labor groups. If you control the money AND the government, you control the masses. Now, does the Fed Reserve come to mind??

  10. ARMAND E. PROULX says:


  11. Daniel Lee Troost says:

    I am glad that you are on our side, I have been warning people for years about the One World Order & One World Church, George Soros, OBAMA’s, both George H. Bush & George W. Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Masons, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers Inst., Muslims, Labor Unions, CFA, serveral members of Congress & Senate and Rick Warren. This is why I am going to write-in the “Lord Jesus Christ of the BIBLE” as the candidate for President of the United States of America in the next election in November of 2012 and get all the rest of the people to do the same thing. So Obama and the rest of the Republicans will lose to the “Lord Jesus Christ of the BIBLE” for the office of President in 2012.

  12. Edies fadder says:

    What we have here is a bunch of greedy narcicistic SOB`s that have more money than GOD allows They are hooked on a power trip the likes we have never seen WE MUST STOP theese S O B`s NOW

  13. You are so right. I know Gingrich and Perry have been to meeting with the Bilderberger. Now who to consider I cannot say, I only hope God will lead us to where we need to be. We must stand tall with all our hearts to end this as Satan is at the wheel.

  14. You are correct. Why people cannot see this I do not know. I am just a ordinary person and "I get it". It is a game for the rich they have all the money so what else is there to do???? Destroy the fiber of American amd then all of the countries will fight to be the leader of the "New Word Order" and be destroyed.

  15. I bet there were at least a few Chinese thinking the same thing as Mao was marching down the road. And they wonder why we cling to God and our Guns so passionately!

  16. There is a great John Wayne movie filmed after WWII re the Communist attempted take-over of Hawaii. That was the beginning of America's NWO. At that time, their intension were to infiltrate the Unions and our Education bodies with a long-term objective of taking-over our state and federal governments. There ultimate objective was the establishment of the "Elite Class" to control American Wealth. They become rich and we get the bread lines and that is where we are at today. Our 1st NWO, president johnson ("The Great Society"), who was able to begin the destruction of AT&T which carter finished (We lost the greatest Physic Lab in the World. If it had not existed, there would be no Computers, no Cell Phones, no NASA, no Led Lights, etc., etc.). johnson also removed Social Security & Medicare from their independent funds into the general fund so Corruptocrats could sphyon it off. clintons (One World) attempted to kill off Microsoft and failed but his 1999 Financial Bill & 2000 Financial Bill destroyed the Mortgage and Financial Communities while Gov funded Unions destroyed Manufacturing. clinton also sold our IBM and Stealth Figther/Bomber tech to China and organized & funded vote frauders, "ACORNS", who stated they had "frauded 4,000,000 votes" during the 2008 election) and obamas organized the computer hacker, "Public Allies", and they controlled the 2007 primaries and the 2008 elections. obama & pelosi Stim-U-Less package funded the ACORNS to the tune of $4.9 Billion and funded storm troopers SEIU, commie buddies CPUSA, USA haters ACLU, anti-American mexican LA RAZ, communist lead UAW-CIO, etc, etc. to the tune of a billion or so each and paid back George Soros his $5 Billion campaign contribution and many other $ million campaign contributions. Who do you think will win the next election??

  17. Note that the EU's Lisbon Treaty was implemented by the EU gov't even though it was voted down by some of the countries.

    Why is George Soros and the other traitors to various nations NOT IN PRISON?

  18. Don: I also strongly oppose the idea of a NWO, but it's been pushed thru our back-door for many years and the Republicans are just as responsible for this as the Democrats. Globalists have been trying since the U.S.A. was established to bring us under control of foreign powers, and those powers have become increasingly hostile and increasingly powerful. If a "coup" takes place, it will likely be world-wide – and we will NOT be allowed to vote for or against a NWO. Likewise, our government will not OPPOSE a NWO gobbling up our economy, our culture and our nation. Opposition will end up coming in the form of physical, possibly armed, resistance – and we can only hope there are enough armed patriots left to do the resisting. This is not a good thing to contemplate. A much better solution would be for U.S. citizens to take back control of their own government, under their own Constitution, and get their own economy under control. Pray that there are patriots left to get organized and get the job done before a "coup" takes place.

  19. Not Impressed says:

    This is DOOM and GLOOM at its worst. Where is the solution? What positive ideas or suggestion does Gary North have to offer? It looks to me like the stooges and crooks are in charge. They must be removed by popular action. EDUCATE. EDUCATE. EDUCATE. Show us the way out of this mess.

  20. Marxism is now officially the New World Order, at least for America.

  21. TroopsR4Paul says:

    Try "Agenda 21" for better search results.

  22. TroopsR4Paul says:

    Hannan is awesome, as is Nigel Farage.

  23. TroopsR4Paul says:

    A lot of people are trying to prevent the coup here and are taking different approaches.

    There is the 10th Amendment Center. Oathkeepers is an organization for active and retired military and law enforcement who reaffirm their oath to support and defend the Constitution and specify certain orders (actions against American citizens) with which they will not comply.

    Sheriffs are our first line of defense against federal personnel. A sheriff can order a federal representative to leave the State if the fed is acting in violation of the Constitution. Richard Mack is a sheriff who has written a book and speaks to other Sheriffs about their powers and responsibilities to the citizens they protect. So it's important to know your sheriff and where s/he stands.

    States have enacted laws concerning how they will respond if the US makes its sovereignty subordinate to another body, such as the North American Union (like the EU, consisting of Canada, the US and Mexico) under the Security and Prosperity Partnership. States have written letters to the President (Bush) decrying his signing onto treaties unilaterally. A number of members of Congress similarly reminded the President (Bush) that he was not free to commit the US to treaties without Congress ratifying them.

    Locally, people are deciding to run for office. Short of that, they are getting involved in politics and doing research into their candidates and actively supporting the (re)election of candidates they trust.

    It is no accident that the words "We The People" stand out so much on the Constitution. That emphasis was put on those words on purpose. WE established the government. We ARE the government.

    In the Declaration of Independence, We The People declared, "… whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [the truths we hold to be self-evident] , it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government …"


    "… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. …"

    Liberty Council, American Center for Law and Justice, and a ton more organizations are doing or focusing on whatever aspects they feel are most important or where they feel they can do the most good.

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